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So, whats your opinion of Assad?
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Bitching about neo4chan

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4chan has gone steadily downhill since 2007 when it went mainstream thanks to Project Chanology. "General" threads, autistic janitors, and the culture of people who label things as being shitposting / "reddit spacing" are partially to blame

Also the mods nuking world4ch and even tinychan are partially to blame for removing serious discussion threads on the site. A lot of the problems they try to solve with "general threads" / heavy janitoring / etc etc were solved with the presence of alternative boards that were specially designed for sharing text over sharing images and videos

ITT bitch about neo4chan
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Hi Merem!
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Does anyone want to discuss cryptocurrencies?

There's so much shilling and shitposting on /biz/ that having a barrier to entry might inspire a better discussion.
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What's your favorite bird?
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/v/ is the worst board on 4chan
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New threads require a subject or comment.

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What's your current wallpaper?
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