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This Pass Is Already In Use By Another IP.

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So I’m happily posting away on 4chan when suddenly I get an error message that MY 4chan pass is being used by another IP?!

When I went to sign back in I got this error message:

“This Pass is already in use by another IP. Please wait 08 minutes and re-authorize by visiting this page again to change IPs.”

How the hell is the 4chan pass _I paid for_ being used by another IP?! Sent off an email but haven’t heard anything back yet.

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<span class="sjis"> Tell me about your girlfriend![/spoiler]
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>Your 4chan Pass (Token: BOOMBOOMER85) is due to expire in less than 7 days, on 10/02/18.
>To avoid any interruption, we recommend renewing your Pass now. Renewing your Pass will add 12
additional months to your current expiration date.

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Merry Christmas, /vip/!!!!
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I drew Australia on my phone; I hope you like it


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