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Be honest with me guys
did you guys like the merge boards?
and do you want some of them to stay?
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How do you add spoiler images and spoiler text ?
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Landscape Thread

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Dumping some landscapes and starry skies. Feel free to contribute.
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>Hatching-tide Easter Event Info

>Callback Campaign

>Patch 3.56 Notes

>Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXII and XXXIII

>Fanfest interview with Yoshi:

>New info on class changes for 4.0

>Resources, Guides, Free Companies and Linkshells
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I have never been here before, what are the rules and what do I post?

This is kind of neat to be in a secret club.
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Under 20 General

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Fellow '98 and '99ers - what's going on? What are you thinking about? Let's talk to each other.

>What do you like to do?
>Where do you live?
>What boards do you frequent?
>What do you think of the world at large?
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This board belongs to shoebill-chan now.
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Why are porn ads so aggressive and ostentatious?

Pop-unders, over the top sexual acts right in the ad, and really ugly, gaudy graphics.

I never like visiting porn sites on my phone because I think I'm going to get slammed with countless ads that won't play nice with a phone interface.
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