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/tv/ Mods Out Of Control

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What the fuck is going on with the mods over in /tv/?

Half the threads get randomly deleted out of the blue with no apparent rhyme or reason, sometimes after they’ve already had 100+ posts made to them.

If someone makes an inappropriate post then delete the post and if a thread wildly off-topic then delete it before it becomes an active discussion but there seems to be no sense in what is deleted and what’s allowed to remain, with perfectly normal threads getting zapped out of existence while absolutely retarded shit threads remain up.

Get your fucking shit together!

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12345 <span class="sjis"> just making a test[/spoiler]
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So the 4chan pass I bought is no longer even usable on /vip/, I have to buy a separate 4channel pass
gg, but I am not buying another pass nor will I be renewing my current pass
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Will there every be "loyalty" rewards for people who bought the pass for several years in a row? Random example, like having the since4pass badge with more extra like cosmetic stuff?
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