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does anyone have a picture of Hitler doing nothing? I've read in many sources that he performed it incorrectly.
I'd like to compare his technique of doing nothing to my own, to ensure that after I die people won't say "Anon did nothing wrong"
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Mokou thread
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You can only post the best girl from their respective series in this thread

Anime, vidya, European politics, it don't matter. It just has to be best girl material.
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posting to get rid of 404'd images
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Very Intelligent People Thread

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Anyone else here a genius?

Just a few minutes ago, I was googling something and the top result was a wikia article. I click on it, and after opening the article, a second later it redirects me to a "you can't browse this site with an adblock, faggot" message.

So I google "wikia ublock" (uBlock Origin being the name of my adblocking addon of choice), find a forum thread where people discuss that issue, and one of the posts offers a solution, a line you paste into your addon filters. So I did that, opened the wikia article again, and this time it loaded properly.

I'm so smart I sometimes frighten myself.
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Someone needed to start the conversation

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I feel like I'm living in a vacuum.

for many a day etc

Please just listen to this story.

>walking to church on Sunday
>something is in the bushes
>you go to investigate
>a man jumps out of the bushes wearing chain mail and armed with a spear
>it's Varg Vikernes
>he says "time to meet your god, christian scum"

What do?

secret answer:
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what's with the word "comfy"?

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this is literally a tendie tier word and yet everyone here says it. what's wrong with saying "comfortable"? why do you have to sound like a small child and say comfy
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Why aren't you using arch linux?
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