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Well goodbye /vip/, my pass is about to expire and I dont want to buy crypto. It's been real, probably wont even post much on 4chan since the captcha is a fuckin nuisance.

thanks hiro, I really appreciate not being able to financially support you.
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you haven't forgotten, right /vip/?
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Happy Birthday 4chan and goodbye /vip/, for now

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Last day with my paypig pass. Won't be buying an other one because fuck memecoins and fuck Paypal for being faggots.
Hope to come back one day.
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This will be my last post on /vip/, for I can no longer purchase a pass with my credit card. I refuse to use these "cryptocurrency" shenanigans, and instead, I shall abstain from a captcha-free life. Goodbye.


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Just wanted to let my fellow /vip/s know that this is the best girl in the video game League of Legends


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what are you most optimistic about?
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>its october 1st already
fuck, ive wasted the year