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Do you feel like mods on 4chan are more lenient on 4chan pass members? Like slightly off-topic posts? Eh, no big deal. Straight up porn on NSFW boards? Banned. you know what I mean? Like small shit maybe they kinda disregard it but anything bigger than that you're getting banned.

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you haven't forgotten, right /vip/?
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>be me
>sick of doing captchas
>figure I’ll buy a pass
>also be no coiner
>have to set up wallet
>have to buy coin
>takes 7 days for money to clear
>takes hours for transaction to go through and get my pass
Why does gookmoot do this to us? Does he hate money?
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<span class="sjis">"EWSTNFUegfnaig WGDRwasga a GAG BBOBOBbobobob WG Wgr RJYREATJYYRJSG GggggggrrrrRRRRAAAAA SnNSOFSDgsdgoasgnan jngfsnjgjk EEEEPEPEPEPeeepeeepp"[/spoiler]
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Did you renew?
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