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>ordered some headphones from Amazon on April 1st with two-day shipping
>Amazon guarantees they'll be here by tonight at 8pm (it's 2:46pm currently)
>postal service tracking says they'll be here by tomorrow
If those fucking headphones don't show up by tonight, I'm going to be very cross. Two-day shipping doesn't mean five-day shipping. I have a lot of stuff I want to listen to.
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I've never bothered with learning how to spoiler code. Hopefully you guise wont mind if I test it here.

pls work
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Only post ITT if you are an oldfag
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Where other websites do you frequent, besides 4chan?
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Can we talk about the dying state of 4chan?

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Look at these post numbers. Fewer than 40,000 posts in a 12-hour period on a holiday weekend. Back during the shitposting glory days, 4chan would average at least 800,000 per day, or 400,000 in that same period.

What's changed? Did mods finally kill the site?
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ITT: We discuss our favorite hobby or hobbies that we find interesting.

Ignore flaming assblasted shitposters.

Just kick back and share fun shit.

I will start. Redneck tinkerer. All of the goofy lawn mower monstrocities and fun shit cobbled together. My lifelong goal is pretty much just a few hundred acres of junk and a shop to play in.

So what say you anons? What do you like to do?
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Collect VIP pepes

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This thread is for very important Brits. What's for breakie today lads?
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hey guys check out this magic trick