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where were you when MIA! won the stanley cup by herself on behalf of the capitals?

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you haven't forgotten, right /vip/?

High Handed Moderators

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It’s 3:30 in the morning and the mods/janitors over on /tv/ just deleted a thread about the riots in France over gas prices.

Now sure, it was an off-topic thread but there was nothing not-safe-for-work about it and… it’s 3-fucking-30 in the morning! Who gives a shit?

Meanwhile, shit thread after shit thread is allowed to remain up because it’s distantly tv related in the most obscure way.

So I’ve got to ask, what’s worse for a board; an occasional off-topic but otherwise calm and actually interesting thread, or a never ending stream of completely useless shit threads literally about nothing at all, consisting exclusively of recycled memes and flat out retarded comments?

I’m not suggest the mods/janitors shouldn’t do their jobs, just that a bit of leeway ought to be factored in.

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My gf left me.

She never actually stopped seeing her ex. One night she even said she wanted him to fuck her right in front of me.

I haven't left my house in 5 weeks after that

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>go to, a good, christian, advertiser friendly website
>see this
HMMMMMM, this seems suspicious. You wouldn't happen to have any relation to that nasty "four chan" image board that I've heard so much about, now would you?

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Welcome to GOOD 4CHANNEL
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Why is moderation so ban-happy after the split?
I got a 24 hour ban while I was sleeping for:
Replying to off-topic garbage.
I don't even know what it was for.
Are advertisers so important that they will put everyone in a thread in time out?

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Got 4chanX to work on 4channel, got pass to work on 4channel, just testing to see if making a new thread will put it into the thread watcher.

For those of you looking for a fix:
>Disable 4chanX
>Create a new script
>Replace all instances of "4chan" with "4channel"
>Disable the new 4channelX script
>Go into 4chan native settings and disable the native extension
>Re-enable 4chanX and 4channelX

>For getting your pass to work on 4channel, just log in here:
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