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>sharts and farts at the same time
What did I *prarp* by that?

NOTE: this thread is addressed ONLY to the female users of this board.
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This limit should be increased (or removed entirely) with 4chan pass!
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/r9k/ is no longer fun, it just pisses me off. All I see is
>All women are roastie whores
>Normies get out
>Vocaroo threads filled with guys orbiting the females

I like this board, can I have a hug my /vip/ brothers :^(
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Tell me, /vip/ - is it better to live by your morals and miss out on things you might enjoy to become a more disciplined and wise person, or is a life of hedonistic pleasure and short-term happiness preferable, at the cost of becoming the monster you hate? Because I've been struggling with this question all summer and it's really taking a toll on me.
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This isn't you, right /vip/?
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What have you done with your life?
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I hate myself and I want to die
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