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Can anyone help me with this game I've been trying to find for ages? Here are some of the characteristics:
>It was on either the SNES or GBA (I can't remember which, but I know for a fact it was one of those two)
>Japan only
>It was a platformer
>The main character was a cartoon figure in the vague shape of a bird as pictured
>I'm pretty sure the main character was the mascot for some kind of Japanese TV station
>I think the goal of the game was to rescue your family? I seem to remember other bird-shapes in the game
Anyone recognize it? I've been looking for this game for half a decade
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Rate my sister, /vip/.
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SUPER NEW FAG HERE.. what kinda shit is posted here anyway??
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Wah~! What are we gonna do on the bed?
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Trump thread.
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This is 4chan, post /rare/ pepes.
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(You) can do it!