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Someone seems very affected by a pass user he's been trying to shit talk ever since he made this reply

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> Weeaboo East vs West threads stay up

>Constant Viziepop/Anti Viziepop spamming stays up

>Despite allowing Muppets and presumably other puppet threads, threads about The Dark Crystal are nuked on sight

>/co/ Tag Team nomination threads recently getting deleted despite discussion and tournaments being allowed before

Does /co/ have the worst performing janitors out of all boards? Name and explain even worse janitor jobs if you think otherwise.

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<span class="sjis">"EWSTNFUegfnaig WGDRwasga a GAG BBOBOBbobobob WG Wgr RJYREATJYYRJSG GggggggrrrrRRRRAAAAA SnNSOFSDgsdgoasgnan jngfsnjgjk EEEEPEPEPEPeeepeeepp"[/spoiler]
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auwgawugawug auwg auwg AUWGAUWGAUWGauwgauwgagwuauwhg
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Are you there, Lain?
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I heard they're testing a new "post edit" feature on /vip/. Has anyone figured out how to do it yet?

[edit] Nevermind, figured it out! Thanks!
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