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>be me
>sick of doing captchas
>figure I’ll buy a pass
>also be no coiner
>have to set up wallet
>have to buy coin
>takes 7 days for money to clear
>takes hours for transaction to go through and get my pass
Why does gookmoot do this to us? Does he hate money?

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/vip/ should have a unique board culture
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Can we get some new mods for pol?

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Almost every thread on /pol/ is off-topic or just bait. The board has gone to shit the last several years. The mods allow posting of actual pornography and yet my threads get deleted and get banned for posting actual political content. Please fix this

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How do you feel about armpits?
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Does he still visit you?
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Present your gold cards lads!
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It's Too Easy

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Nobody hears the ticking clock more loudly than Joe Biden. All these shills, and their "It's Over" pronouncements wish to invoke reaction, and that's all.
But, in a Democracy, the voter's vote is the only power he has. When it is molested, the Democracy crumbles.
Too many MSM censors, too many doubt-weary and dysphoric souls wandering about...
But, the bridge between a cheated populace, and justice, by any means, necessary, is going to be built. And, the actual winner's name shall emerge.

>What has Joe to fear?
If he protests, what is it, exactly, which he is protesting?
>The Dominion Program means re-elections must be held.
>Observers must be permitted to observe.
>Laws must not be broken this time.
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