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I renewed my pass.
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Daily reminder that Pet Shop Boys is the official band of /vip/
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Our brain is designed to adapt its cortical networks to the environment in which it lives (e.g., to master the local language). A socially interactive environment that stimulates curiosity and exploration enhances the development of an effective brain. Thus, excessive childhood involvement with electronic media that limit social interaction could hinder the development of a brain's social systems. Conversely, denying a child easy and extensive exploration of electronic technology helps to create an electronically hampered adult in an increasingly electronic culture. Surfing on TV, video, the Internet, and anything else that's electronic is the screenagers version of how to drive a car by first successfully mastering a tricycle/wagon/bicycle.
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Is this post important?
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Finally finished watching Perfect Blue
So what's the official interpretation? Girl misses her innocence? Girl feels the pressure of entertainment industry? Compared to the studio's other films, this didn't feel as solid as Paprika or Tokyo Godfathers.
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hiroyuki is being blackmailed by the japanese loli prostitutes he frequently cums inside of and needs money fast. He offers to sell 4chan LLC to you. Your rich uncle just died and left you a fortune.

What's the first thing you do with ownership over 4chan?

inb4 "make a rich uncle just died roll for steam game" thread on /b/
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What have you been playing recently, /vip/?

I for one just finished up Super Mario World for the first time. It was good! I only got 85 exits, but I beat the Star Road in it's entirety and I had a lot of fun doing it.
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