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Finding a hater

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I had this man who I believe to be Muslim, because of he was actually shouting Allah Akbar in the streets of Canada, tell me he would "kill me and my family" and that "Canada will be their's" simply for asking a labourer to not block the road. I apparently am not allowed to talk to men since I am a woman.

I'd really like to find this asshole and get his ass deported back to where ever he came from. We do not want extremists in our country, especially ones who do not respect the law or the country's legal citizens.

All I have is his picture and the street, city and province as well as the direction he was walking.
He was walking North on Machar street in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Any idea on how to find him? This asshole thinks it's okay to threaten young, disabled, Canadian women. Sorry, I'm not racist but this guy was serious and it was beyond disgusting hearing him yell this in Canada.
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>the /v/irgin can't even talk about relevant industry events without getting banned
>the chad /pol/ack has complete freedom of speech, superior iq and higher average posting age due to discussing many more mature subjects
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/xgt/ - Xiki General Thread

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The future is now!

>What is Xiki?
Xiki is an open source tool that makes your command line friendlier and more powerful. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this video

Xiki: Can your shell console do this?

Consider looking at this project:
>XikiHub: The Social Command Line
>Run commands like a boss. Learn to program. Social. Helpful. Flexible. The way the command line should be.

>Official webpage

>Xiki: one developer’s quest to turbocharge the command line interface

[code:lit]curl -L https://xiki.com/install_xsh -o ~/install_xsh; bash ~/install_xsh[/code:lit]
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we are the 4chan elite
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Does anyone else just feel BETTER in autumn? The air is brisk, the sky is pleasant, the greenery is changing, the world becomes comfy. I love this season.
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ding dong the witch is dead

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>A tumblr tier gaming forum which spewed sjw filth down the soul of the western videogame industry is going down overnight due to the owner getting Weinstein'd.

>What is neogaf? A heavily moderated gaming forum which became a hivemind of leftist scum. It also gained influence in the video game industry.
>One of the biggest site drivers to HillaryClinton.com during 2016 elections.
>The owner of the site is Tyler Malka aka Evilore. He is known to have done revenge porn in the past with evidence of harassment which surfaced around 2012-2013, somehow it was ignored and business went on as usual.
>Today a women accuses him of sexual harassment.

https://twitter.com/Manly_Chicken/status/921139492140077056 (embed) (embed)

>Evilore is now getting slammed.
>Most of the mods/admins have stepped down, many banned. Forum is imploding.
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>Anon mentions his boyfriend