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Should I?
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High res photos posted by patrician VIP posters

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This is a thread where we post high res pictures and to get rid of X thumbnail threads
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i live in a room in the basement.
i dont have too much of my own.
no friends, no house, no peace of mind
i cant even claim my cell phone.

the days getting shorter and shorter.
at night, to work i must go.
i watch as my family grows distant.
we've all gotta reap what we sow.

my father's a hardworking man.
before dawn, to work he will go.
he's always provided for us
but we know he can't do too much more.

my sister tried out to be drum major.
a shame that i didn't even know.
she didn't get the position,
but she had the courage to go.

my other sister's in college now.
i wish i could write her a verse.
but we haven't spoken since she left.
comparing her car to a hearse.

my mother, such a sweet woman.
for a while she couldn't have known
of the anger and hatred that brewed in the pit,
but really the hurt was my own.

i live in a room in the basement.
the best things in life you dont own.
all mine just seem to tarnish
just look at the trouble i've grown.
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Bongo lady general
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I miss this faggot
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