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Should people with 4chan passes be allowed to see poster IDs on all boards? It would be a great incentive to buy/renew a 4chan pass.
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I think I might get someone a 4chan pass for Christmas. What does /vip/ think of this idea?
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I was watching Malcolm in the Middle having a good old laugh for nostalgias sake, but then noticed its Jewishness. 3 of the characters are Jewish, 12.5% of the Krelboyne class is Jewish (Jews are only 3% of the population). Meanwhile there are no Asians, Mexicans, or other minorities that are a greater percentage in the show. Within the first episodes, one of the kids talks about his kosher lunch. Cynthia hurts Malcolm with some “Israeli self defense” moves. Malcolm’s grandma is implied to be a Jew from Russia in a pogrom (and also very stingy) I only became paranoid when the “Lois gives birth” episode tried to scare off grandma because she was racist. The heavily “promote diversity” message got to my suspicions, and I looked it up: ONE THIRD of the writers are Jewish. Why do Jews promote diversity, while keeping their own lineage pure? I noticed a lot of Malcolm in the Middle episodes have some sort of heartwarming or wholesome ending / message, but then asked myself, “wait a minute, why do I think the ending is virtuous? Who set these morals?” Then I realized it was the Jews who are deciding the opinions of popular media, influencing the opinion of the world. If you read the Torah, you find out a lot of its values are far different from what they promote to the “outside community”. In conclusion, I am scared of Jews now.

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What has /vip/ been listening to recently? fags this way:
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If you aren't a skelly bro yet.

You don't deserve to be on VIP<div class="like-perk-cnt"><img alt="" src="//"></div>;
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textboard bricks gang rise up<div class="like-perk-cnt"><img alt="" width="60" height="60" src="//"></div>;

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