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Mods, can pass users since 2012 get gold clovers? Please? They deserve it
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You know, this is a really bland board.

No culture, no history, no population.
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As this generation winds down and we prepare for the next wave of consoles it becomes clear that Bloodborne is the greatest game of its generation. A true masterpiece the kind of game that rarely appears. We were all lucky to be able to witness such a miraculous release.

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I think I might get someone a 4chan pass for Christmas. What does /vip/ think of this idea?
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4chan pass doesn't automatically carry over to 4channel

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Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!
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Happy Valentines day on this year of our lord Cthulu 2019. I love you /vip/

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Took a bunch of supplements that's supposed to boost libido and help correct ED.
Now I'm feeling floaty. Kind of like when you smoke a cigarette for the first time.
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On webm, webp, heif, and SWF...

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It’s been on the mind recently, especially with Hiro beta testing that mobile layout recently.

I hate webm, I hate webp. Yes it’s true, if you’re not on iShit, seeing files in browser is a non-issue. The problem though is that aside for being a PITA with even some more popular browsers, webm support at a HARDWARE level is still not there. VP8/9 hardware decoders will never reach a saturation level near H.264 and H.265/HEVC. Why did Moot enable webm in the first place? I say, get rid of it and simply replace it with H.264/H.265. It’s more efficient, most ever major OS supports it at the native level, the hardware is more prevalent, and HEVC is efficient enough to be used as a gif alternative. That and it would help battery life and CPU woes.

As for supporting newer standards, why can’t we use heif yet? Again, supported natively with most major OSes (Windows 10 can get free support via Store), and more efficient than jpeg.

And what about SWF? 1 more year until it is no longer supported on modern browsers by adobe. Keep /f/ open until then, but replace it with /mov/ afterwards so HEVC with SOUND less than 10MB can be supported.

This way, the files are efficient, smaller, and accessible with more devices. And before some of you go “but h.26x isn’t fully open source”, keep in mind it’s fine to use for non-commercial purposes, which applies to everything posted by us anyways.

TL;DR Fuck webm, add heif and HEVC support.