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4chan pass user since ....

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How do I get it to show how long I've been a 4chan pass user? I've had one since 2015 if not sooner, maybe 2014.
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How was your summer?
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Testing Average Lifetime of /vip/ Thread.
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Attention, /vip/, attention. I have an announcement to make.

I - yes, me - am a conservative.

Thank you for your time.
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Do you guys use "since4pass" outside of /vip/?

Me, yes. But 90% on boards with flags. I am from a third world country so I use the pass to not appear as poor. But not only because of that, but also because posters from my country are very very few (maybe 2 or 3 others max), and I am 90% sure that people from my country would never buy a pass. So I'm distincted from them without having to use a name or a trip and without having to avatarfag.
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Anybody else having problems with captcha lately?
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>tfw I have a dream about being with a cute girl
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