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Hey guys im about to ride a train to pick up some film for my 35mm camera. If you guys share the hobby, where do yall get your film at?
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This is the current state of [s4s]

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"anime girl board"
Asking my fellow elites; how do we save [s4s] from the [a/jp] invasion?
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What are some good names for boys? Girls?

I personally like the names Booker and Autumn, respectively.
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Everyday Carry Thread

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So what does /vip/ leave the house with everyday?
>Inb4 a bible and some magnums
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>tfw you make a new post on a busy board and you frantically refresh but nobody replies because your meme is terrible
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Give me one single reason, just one, why cryptocurrency isn't a scam. Just one.
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Check out my podcast. It features religion, conspiracy theories and philosophy all from the brain of a foolish ape.
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