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Interesting pictures

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Just gonna post my favorite interesting photographs and shit. Post some too if you want.
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Why did you buy a 4chan pass?
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Buy chainlink
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Why do people say mean things to me?
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Should loli be allowed on 4chan or not?

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How much dumb shit are you throwing away money on every month?

>patreon/creator donations
>lootcrate type shit
>video streaming
>video game subscriptions/micro purchases
free space:
>amazon prime
bonus points:
>auto-ship reoccurring orders (eg coffee, etc)
>actual print-media subscriptions

You are covered in ticks, my fellow paypigs
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Aaaah, refreshing! A toast to /vip/, and cheers to very important posters everywhere!
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꧁꧂ٲٲ[[[[[0]]]]]ٲٲܓ(@[email protected]

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12345 <span class="sjis"> just making a test[/spoiler]
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