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Have a picture of teenage jeffrey dahmer next to a snow bong

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This might sound weird but what's a normal amount to fuck your gf? I've been doing her 3 times a day and she seems insatiable...we go hard too.
Is there a healthy amount of sex and is there such a thing as too much? It's really cutting into my productivity desu.
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/vip/ image limit bipass

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I'm making this thread so that I can crosslink an image to a thread that has reached image limit.
>pic related

I encourage you all to do the same ITT, as it will show our dominance and superiority over non-pass users. Also as a friendly reminder if you ever want to post a webm with sound on 4chan, go check the /wsg/ catalog for the "Post webms with sound for other boards" thread.

A thread died for this thread, >>66161
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Greetings /vip/!

I am Ben, the Therapy Bear. Tell me your problems and I probably won't maul you or steal your salmon.
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so what do you guys do all day?
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Squid Area

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Episode 1 - Tentacle Grape

You are a squid. In a few short moments, you will come into existence in a strange and mysterious world, with enough puzzles and treasures to make you squirm with glee. But first...

>Name, please?
(Quest will advance on a first post, first served basis.)
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>28° Celsius on the second day of autumn
>in Canada
Somebody kill me. It's so fucking hot.
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test thread