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Is WOW real?

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World of Warcraft is actually real life.

Watch out for the horde!!!!

/vip/ daily lectionary

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Since /vip/ is a Christian board let's read the entire Bible this year (the KJV version, of course.)

Today, 1/1/2021, we start with Matthew 1, then Genesis 1, 2, and 3.

For context, the book of Matthew presents Jesus as the messiah and savior of all of humanity and the beginning serves as a transition from the Old Testament to the New.

Genesis is a book of beginnings that introduces central themes of the Bible, such as creation and redemption.

Catch up for tomorrow's chapters, and God bless.
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[This post requires 4chan Pass to view]
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Wrong Turn

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"Wrong Turn" the country
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check my since4pass /vip/
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How do you renew a pass without using shitty bitcoins? I'm not getting into that garbage
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/vip/ers = /biz/lets

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Aren't you?
Since you need crypto to even purchase a pass.

Devlog & My Random Images

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Continuing on from >>93796 (which will probably disappear in not that long time, maybe some website archives /vip/, I don't really know, and I don't really care). Starting out, this gnarly art depicting the violent arcade beat-em-up Splatterhouse, because I think it's cool as fuck still.
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/ck/ jannies

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Is there any recourse against the /ck/ jannies for always globally banning me even for the smallest things? I'll make a single post that they're annoyed with and they'll report it for spamming/flooding because other people have made similar posts in the past. Honestly makes me not wanna renew my 4chan pass
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Video game reality

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Is the reality we are living in actually some type of video game?
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