Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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Why do people say mean things to me?
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Should I buy a new pass or renew my current one?
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Hiro losing customers

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Besides the fancy green clover and a slow board there is not much into giving shekels away. With the new captcha system it just says fuck you to the existing pass users. Should hiro do something special with this board? or give more quirks and features for thr
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Why is CNN such trash?

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Squiggle Area

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We now return to /vip/'s own poorly-illustrated quest, Squiggle Area: Episode 2!

Last time, our intrepid hero had successfully penetrated the base of the world's largest mountain, and was granted access into the further catacombs by a mummy guardian. What happens next? You decide!

(Read up on the previous threads here:
Episode 1 - >>67142
Episode 2 - >>70406)
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How are you VIPs doing? Feel free to post your cutest of anime girls.
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