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you can draw?

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Post your favourite tank/AFV
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its going to happen
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>tfw literally only bought a pass so I could shitpost on /vip/
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cutir..... emloo ?
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my brother just bought a 200$ keyboard and it didn't work
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Smash 5 roster

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Sakurai browses here because he knows who has the money to buy his games. If you wish hard enough for a character to appear in smash and posting him or her here, it will unavoidably happen given that he has been known to according favors to people from /vip/. Too bad I don't have the archive posts of the several polls who enabled him to include Cloud and Bayonetta in the game, which originated from here in the most part.

Post your wishes and make your bets, Hiro will be sure to transfer that information to Sakurai.
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Switched over to Firefox from Chrome
What's the best 4chan enhancement extension?
I've been using 4chanX, also wondering which specifically is good.
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