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Dumping some artwork

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Feel free to dump your own original art...

I will probably end up taking it and doing my own edits on it and re-uploading it in this bread.
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Fix your shit

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On iPhone when you scroll past the ads it stops your music players because the ads plays sound even though there is not sound

Please fix hiroshima
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Does it piss anyone else off when they see a thread they saw appear on /r/4chan? It just confirms to me that redditors are lurking and posting in 4chan. It's like, please fuck off you degenerate fucks. Your website sucks hobo balls and should stay in the deep dark abyss of cuck hell, far far away from our website before you eat away at what little sense of community remains. They understand nothing of 4chan culture and it pisses me the FUCK off. Like at least make an effort to be a community of thoughts and opinions instead of spouting the same repetitive meme bullshit which your website promotes.
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I think it's safe to use 'kek' has replaced 'lol'. No one uses 'lol' anymore. Also, when's the last time you heard someone post 'rofl' or 'lmao'?

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Trump thread.
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Let's say that there was a button you could press that would grant you the answer to any question. You can press it however many times you like, but there's a 5% chance that it will destroy the world if you do.

Would you still press it, and if you would, how many times?
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If you could turn invisible and/or bulletproof, what kind of depraved shit would you do? Would you fight crime, become a crime lord or just have fun doing depraved shit?
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Our brain is designed to adapt its cortical networks to the environment in which it lives (e.g., to master the local language). A socially interactive environment that stimulates curiosity and exploration enhances the development of an effective brain. Thus, excessive childhood involvement with electronic media that limit social interaction could hinder the development of a brain's social systems. Conversely, denying a child easy and extensive exploration of electronic technology helps to create an electronically hampered adult in an increasingly electronic culture. Surfing on TV, video, the Internet, and anything else that's electronic is the screenagers version of how to drive a car by first successfully mastering a tricycle/wagon/bicycle.
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>bought a 4chan pass
>paranoid anons will find out
>have started waiting a minute in between posts for no reason
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name one reason why /pol/ shouldn't be exterminated for being pure cancer.