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Do you tip?
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so i know i'm probably the last person to think of this, but has anybody else ever thought the reason for the furry boom in the last few years, or at least a large contributing factor was the overwhelming popularity of neopets with young children in its hayday? like, i see some of these things and the first thing that pops to mind is "wow, i didn't know they were still making new neopets." just a thought.
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If you were a girl, what kind of boy do you think you would be attracted to?
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>I'm the only virgin left on 4chan
Guess I'm going to be a wizard in a few years
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For the first time ever, I've only been banned from a single board.
I just thought that was interesting and I should share it with you all.
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Just built a PC. What are some essential software to have installed? Doesn't matter if it's geared to a particular profession or not. Free or paid doesn't matter either, just looking for suggestions. Thanks.
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>Just bought a pass

Why did I wait so long? I forgot what no-captcha posting felt like.
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What is this banner in reference to?
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