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>tfw I ERP with someone for years on end then suddenly break it off when they reveal they aren't white IRL
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/r9k/ is no longer fun, it just pisses me off. All I see is
>All women are roastie whores
>Normies get out
>Vocaroo threads filled with guys orbiting the females

I like this board, can I have a hug my /vip/ brothers :^(
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Attention, /vip/, attention. I have an announcement to make.

I - yes, me - am a conservative.

Thank you for your time.
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When was the last time 4chan made you smile?
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I was wondering if anyone knows where you can pure helium or nitrogen tanks to use with an exit bag.

I've been looking on Amazon and all the tanks are diluted with oxygen. It seems like it's getting harder and harder to find pure tanks.

Thank you.
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So hey

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Do you guys ever say or do anything whenever you want to quickly dismiss an embarrassing thought or memory?

I've caught myself blurting out "cock-a-roach" and "nutmeg" and "XV-88 BATTLE SUIT" or occasionally making a face and some clicking noises.
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>blatantly break a rule
>only get a warning

is this pass privilege?
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Does loli have a future in this world?
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