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what are you most pessimistic about?

/vdrg/ - VIP Danganronpa General

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Pay 20 dollars to shitpost about Danganronpa please
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As American as apple pie.
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New wave of janitors are incoming.

How do you ensure that free speech and shitposting on 4chan is protected (/b/ e.g.)
How do you ensure that discord trannies or other biased idiots are not trying to infiltrate 4chan?
How do you ensure that janitors are not causing any damage by silencing people (deleting perfectly good posts/threads)

Is there any safety measures against that? Do you check janitors for their work?
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What's deader than /vip/ right now?

I was shitposting last night

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pretty edgy shet, having fun you know.

then i was logged out of 4chan pass

tried to keep logging in, getting authenticated but also was randomly getting logged out and having to CAPTCHA

is this 4chan telling me to chill out? lul.
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what happened to this board
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