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How do we deal with /pol/ seeping out of their containment board?
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would you a futanari girl?
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I want to rewatch DBZ but I'm thinking of watching it dubbed and with filler intact.

Bad idea?
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Squid Area

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Episode 1 - Tentacle Grape

You are a squid. In a few short moments, you will come into existence in a strange and mysterious world, with enough puzzles and treasures to make you squirm with glee. But first...

>Name, please?
(Quest will advance on a first post, first served basis.)
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Here's your Very Important Pizza, sir.

That'll be $28.95 plus tip.
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>ice caps have all melted
>we are all under water
>ran out of all oil
>earth it so warm people literally catch on fire
>mass starvation everywhere
>we are all dying rn

wtf and here you sit posting in this stupid thread while we are all fucking dead

thanks a lot drompf
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Lesbian here.

Just a reminder that we are taking over. The fact is women have NEVER been attracted to men: we needed them for protection, economic support and procreation, and sex is what we traded for those things (or they just raped us).

But now? First-world men have been totally domesticated, so no need to worry about violence. We're taking over the work force too, so we can provide for ourselves. And medical science has made procreative sex totally unnecessary; we can just buy the sperm (with our superior earnings) and have it cleanly injected without getting within ten feet of a penis.

Women are naturally more attracted to other women. Who wouldn't be? We're beautiful, soft and smooth and curvy, basically the opposite of hairy oafish ape-like men. And we know how to please each other like no man ever could. Lesbian sex can last for hours.

Every day more and more "straight" girls are being turned. The world of the future is where a small number of strong men act as our designated studs and the rest of you losers are eunuchs designated for manual labor exclusively. Deal with it.
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who old /VIPPER/ here?
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