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Boobs or butts?
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h-hey /vip/, d-d-do you like my sweater f-for the w-winter when we crunchyroll and chill?
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I LOVE YOU TEAM MINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Squiggle Area

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We now return to /vip/'s own poorly-illustrated quest, Squiggle Area: Episode 2!

Last time, our intrepid hero had successfully penetrated the base of the world's largest mountain, and was granted access into the further catacombs by a mummy guardian. What happens next? You decide!

(Read up on the previous threads here:
Episode 1 - >>67142
Episode 2 - >>70406)
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here’s an accurate representation of what all /pol/ goers and /b/tards look like
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Dealing with Tragedy

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Okay recently got a pass. Past year I've dealt with a lot of shit hitting the fan. Had an Aneurysm in my Aorta that nearly killed me and left me wheelchair bound. My mother died via a car crash due to being exasperated from being with me in the hospital. It was a head on collision and she was obliterated. This can be a pity party thread or something more philosophical just talk about grief you've dealt with.
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Work fucked me

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Hey guys, any of yall in spring break for Uni?
My Uni is 300 miles away from home and my friends, but i couldn't get off work for the break. Any of yall in the same shitty, boring boat?
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Who else is VIP because of mobile data? I can never post from mobile and I finally cracked and got a pass. Dunno how I feel about it yet.....