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What is your favorite Pokemon?
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Does anyone still use the acronym "LOL" unironically?
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!socks.6tZ. (18 replies)

Socks Thread

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discuss socks
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This is a slow board.
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How do I blank post
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Google are building an AI that will end human consciousness

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Anyone else wishing for a season 4?
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if you read this from right to left you get a neat little story.
first you got little jimmy comin up all questiony. and then /v/fag comes along and posts about a console. sonic was not going to have any of that mess so he put on the full police costume complete with vibrator to arrest everyone in that thread. what sonic didn't know is that he was wanted on many planets and has a high bounty on his head. i mean really, he just goes around fighting robots and tearing holes in time. this is where spike comes in. lets all hope he doesnt get distracted by the lady legs to the left, or there wont be any fight scene for the couch potato dog to watch.