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This isn't you, right /vip/?
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Do you watch TV? And I mean television broadcasts on a TV screen, nothing else.
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if you are thinking you need to STOP

you need to DO SOMETHING
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To know how to act politically, you must first understand the truth about the reality we inhabit. The following should form the foundation of your body of knowledge pertaining to that which is: Consciousness is the fifth dimension. The reason why we will never find the fifth dimension is because it is the realm of abstraction in our minds. It is a mistake to look at the finger pointing at the moon. The fifth dimension is chasing its own tail. We may inhabit the fourth dimension, but we are fifth dimensional beings. The spirit of God lives in us. If you are well read enough, you will see how this simple realisation ties Taoism, Gnosticism, Buddhism and many more esoteric traditions together (as well as modern physics).
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Do you have an enemy, /vip/? Who is it? Tell me about them.
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My greatest achievement recently, besides building my own computer, is making a folder of anime girls with gas masks. Shall I post more?
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i just bought my 4chan Gold Membership to stick it to the google man

now i can finally block all google's shit once and for all

(pic related, it's google getting owned by me just now)
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What's a picture that scares you?
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Does /vip/ enjoy PC gaming?
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