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Dear Gooks and Sodomite 'Administrators',

I just renewed my pass after 2 years of not giving a shit, and I see it's still set at some fucking nigger 20 dollahs. What is wrong with you all?

I propose the following:

Set it at a base of $20.
And then leave it open to pay a higher amount if we feel like it, and can afford to.

I would've paid $100 for the privilege of a year's boundless shitposting on /k/ and /pol/, but nope... [shekels decelerating] it's $20 [please sah].

Learn to be more economically (((creative))).
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I completely forgot this board existed

Someone post something interesting
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Cinderella Girls thread - Mio Honda's birthday edition.
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what do I type again, to show off my clover?
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What is the worst region in Ontario, and why is it Toronto?
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i buyed a pass !
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/vdrg/ - VIP Danganronpa General

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Pay 20 dollars to shitpost about Danganronpa please
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how the fuck do I blankpost?
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