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Why did Trump win?
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What exactly is wrong with being exclusionary? Why is it that nearly every facet of modern life is being tailored to be inclusive?
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post your desktop
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>Last reply 2 hours 32 minutes ago
Why the fuck is this board so slow
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Official /vip/ Anime Thread

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This thread is for discussing currently airing anime. /vip/ is a slow board so expect it to carry over into the next season as well as the current one.

That having been said, what are you watching /vip/? I've been enjoying Demi-chan but I also started watching Kemono Friends and it's surprisingly good. Next season I'm really looking forward to that new PA Works show.
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i have masturbated four times today for a total of six hours.
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Well after 8 years of coming to this hole, I finally purchased a pass. Totally worth it.
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le millenom girl
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