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How were you introduced to 4chan?

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>late 2008ish
>watching youtube poops or something
>learn they're being taken down by viacom because of copyright
>drawn into world of internet activism
>come across stories about raids conducted by imageboards and stuff
>tries to look for the 7chan /i/nvasion board
>hang around that site in general for several months
>hints from posts there and reading ED leads me to learn of the original motherland
>by 2009 I am hanging around here

I think it was until 2011 I learned that this site had a purpose beyond raiding and lulzy stories, and thus dipped into the other boards.
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how the fuck do I blankpost?
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Cinderella Girls thread - Mio Honda's birthday edition.
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0 facts inside
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Play checkers with me /vip/
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Two weeks have passed since our petition thread here >>67411

Here it is finally.

Everyone please read and sign this please. These changes will help to not only make our board more fun, but will also help us stand out from the other boards. It will give us more freedom and make this board an even more unique place.

If you would like to support this petition, please sign in the blue area.

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