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Moving Out of Parent's House

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Greetings /vip/!
1st time poster on this particular subject, mainly looking for any general tips on moving out on my own. I'm 20.
And yes, I've thought it through.
ANYTHING is appreciated.
Mainly looking for just any tips like food and budgeting. I have a decent budget for all my bills and savings going, but I'll keep my post short to have More options open.

Pic semi-related, confused and concerned as fuck.
Thanks in advance!
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Can someone please explain the point of this board to me?
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The true redpill
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I just had major surgery on my hip. The weird thing was I was in the post-op room for like 2 hours afterwards, I have no memory of that besides getting to a wheelchair and getting wheeled out to the car. I don't remember much of the car ride home either, it took like an hour, but I remember being surprised thinking it only took like 5 minutes.

The anesthesiologist was a woman, and didn't strike me as being particularly smart.

This shit happen to anyone else?
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I was wondering how many people come here. How often do you visit? How long have you been here? I only remembered this board existed a couple months ago and check back about once a week.
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Anime of the year
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