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/int/craft is a high class Minecraft server for sophisticated anonymous posters, like you. Themed after 18th Century history, /int/craft features a beautiful custom map of North America and Europe, custom modeled weapons and firearms for period accurate combat, and a wholly new system for managing nations, territories, and warfare.

The server launches Friday, 5/22 at 6pm EST. Who will you be? Will you vie for dominance of the Old World, fighting or leading a continental power in a quest for dominance? Or will you set sail for the New World, aiming to conquer and control untapped resources and virgin clay? The choice is yours.

Official Resources:
Test Server IP:
Province Map (WIP):
Nodes Guide (Nation Management): https://nodes.onions/

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what if no one thinks we're very important?
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When will /pol/ get the /mlp/ treatment with a targeted report button?
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Stop turning this board into a /qa/ shithole!
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ANON-20 archive thread

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store your green posts in here
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Post obscure internet crap

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I don't care how obscure, just share something cool or interesting.
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