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i need a haircut and i live away from home whilst at uni. i dont like new people/situations so i'm just going to wait another month until I'm home at Christmas to get it cut by the person who normally does it

do i have autism
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if dubs north kora is best korea
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Prophecy from 100 years ago

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This man was mentioned by a guest on infowars recently, and some may find it interesting to look into: Siener Nicolaas van Rensburg

He predicted the rise and death of Nelson Mandela, and the presidency of Hussein Obama.

And predicted that the end times would begin when dark-skinned refugees started pouring into Europe at the time a white man with unique wig-like hair replaces a black man as president in the U.S.


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Income from home, autism style

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Any autist supporting yourself entirely with a home-based income, starting from scratch? Please share ideas and recommended resources.

Severe Aspergers making it difficult for me to do even WAH tech support jobs. Zero money for things like 'Go back to college or invest in real estate.'

Already spent all the profits I made in cryptos. Wish I'd bought a mining machine when I had the $. Don't want to become a utube entertainer or a government handout recipient.

Might be able to write a self-published book, but couldn't expect to make a living from that.
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anyone here want to chat about anything?
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Why does pee have such a distinctive sound?

Like the sound of urination is ubiquitous in all creatures to do so.
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drunk thread
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Holy fuck at dem tiddies.

More like Thiccstrasza, am I right?
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This is Ventuswill, a dragon from the videogame, Rune Facty 4.

Say hello to her, /vip/!
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