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/vip/ is going to be safe from the virus because no one posts here anyway. Feels good being able to live another day.
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This board is useless

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For a pay to post board, /vip/ is pretty fucking useless? Why use this if you can just use /qa/ for free, or any other board for that matter?
Here’s an idea, what if instead of just having another off topic board as compensation for getting a pass, how about getting boards with actual topics?
Like imagine if instead of /vip/, you got /fur/ or /e-celeb/. Hiro would make bank
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Why did you buy a 4chan pass?
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Which one are you, /vip/?
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Merry Christmas, /vip/!!!!
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i don't know man I'm just making this thread because I know it'll here for several years. a feeling so complicated
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Religion board

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>No Religion board
c'mon we need one
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