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Just spent over a month trying to renew my pass

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Fuck crypto and fuck you hiroshimoot, let me pay for it like fucking normal
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>he can't post more than two sentences at most
>he will never make thoughtful, well-paced posts or notable copypastas
>he can't make any original content ever, even a shitty MSpaint drawing
>he will never make the newest image macro or reaction image; he can only spam pre-existing memes, often the most low quality, try hard and shitty ones
>he can't ever have multiple tabs open at once
>he makes excuses he can't "post comfortably from anywhere" without a phone
>he has apparently never heard of laptops
>he will never browse imageboards at their peak optimum
>he will always be low-quality
>he will always be underaged-majority
>he will always be the cancer killing every thread
>he will always be a phoneposter
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Who /yanggang/ here?
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4chan pass bans

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Is anyone else pissed off at how bans transfer to the pass as well? For example, if you get banned at home, then get into 4chan on another one (say, your college's library's computer) and log into your pass, you'll be banned there too.
It just sounds like shitty practice that punishes you for buying the pass. And of course this is done to avoid ban evading, but let's be real here, everyone evades the shitty 3 day bans you get for petty garbage, what is the point of cracking down exclusively on the paying customers?
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You know, this is a really bland board.

No culture, no history, no population.
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Does /vip/ play Monster Hunter?
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I can't into memecoins, so this is my last day in /vip/.
I'll miss you bros.
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