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Draw tits on Murdoch chan. What are you waiting for?
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I need advice /vip/

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Hey /vip/ I have a good relationship with my gf lasted 6 years. I want this to be my one and only relationship. I love her and I think she loves me back.

We never broke up, we never fought for serious. But, we bought eachother some expensive gifts every anniversary and every birthday

Last year, the relationship started to go down the shitter. We used to call eachother every night and speak for 2 or 3 hours.

Here's the deal, she's been into JoJo fandoms and she found some "friend" who she wanted to know his culture.
(he messaged her first) She likes his posts and shit and I told her to stop. We argued for a bit and I wasn't able to redpill her about the normie niggers on jewbook.

>I don't want you to be involved in my choices, you did this in the past before.

So, this is my first relationship and I don't know what to do.
What do?
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How do I permanently make it so 'since4pass' is put into the options field? is it a browser thing?
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i don't know man I'm just making this thread because I know it'll here for several years. a feeling so complicated
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So what are the perks of having 4chan pass aside from not having to do captchas?

My experience seems to be negative, being banned 2x now within a month compared to never before buying the pass. It seems the mods keep tabs on me more now that I have it. Or maybe because I just post more?
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Reaction Images

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Hello /vip/ i love you and wish to share my reaction images with you so that you may use them to spread joy. Please help contribute so we call all be friends, alright?

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>This 4chan Pass is currently in use by another IP
What the fuck is the point of allowing us to utilize one pass across multiple devices if it means getting cockblocked by this shit constantly?
I'd rather do the fucking captchas than get indefinitely locked out of posting on my PC because I made ONE reply using my phone 6 fucking hours ago.
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