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>go to bed last night
>have this wild dream where I'm flying over a landscape
>somehow I'm actually feeling the wind against my whole body while also being aware that I'm dreaming
>make myself do the Superman pose to try and fly better
>decide I want to land when a beach suddenly pops up
>can feel the soft impact of the sand as I land
>start talking to the people on the beach, their entire features changing to what I will it to be
>just as I'm having a lot of fun my alarm clock goes off
Is this that lucid dreaming that I've seen some anons talk about? How can I go on with my regular life knowing that what I had experienced has made me more happy in the last 10 years than anything else? It felt so real.
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happy morning /vip/!
the sun is coming up
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stuff n things

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Guess who just wasted 20 fucking dollars?
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Monaco, your time is up!

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Narcissistic men 'leaders', your time is up!
Especially in Monaco, but also in America and all over the world, press people are suppressed and punished by speaking up the truth aboutthe extreme violence, the serious abuse, the heavy injustice and the severe corruption of their government! We, press people are humiliated publicly, severely beaten, all our jobs are constantly taken from us, we get constantly illegally arrested and severely bullied, especially in Monaco, if we don t shut up, we get threatened and intentionally defamed constantly, and we get constantly insulted and physically attacked by Monaco's arrogant and brutal police force, by the order of Monaco's government, only because we hold the men in brutal power to account of their severe ongoing horrendous crimes! We, press people and women, we will not put a blind eye to your wrong doing, we will not turn away from your ongoing cruel secrets and lies, no matter how hard you try to punish us, and no matter how hard you try to cover up your horrendous brutal crimes! 'Leaders' who punish and destroy intentionally the existence of their citizens because thecitizens speak the truth, are just bad 'leaders', they are not leaders but egocentric tyrants, sad bullies and evil dictators! People, speak up and safeguard the truth and fight against this evil abuse of power by men! When brutally powerful men use their position to bully and abuse women violently, strong women get up and fight, to fight for their own rights and to protect others, and the whole world will know about it every single time! Narcissistic dictators, repressive regimes, your days are over! Your time is up! Stay strong, women, always speak the truth and stand up for it, always show your teeth and fight, and don't let these brutal dictators intimidate you! You are not alone!
United we stand against all violence, corruption and injustice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN5HV79_8B8
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Mfw my first 4chan pass post is not a greentext
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Make /vip/ more active.

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