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How do we fix /vip/? This board used to be so much better in 2016.
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Sup /vip/
I started working out again and I plan on hitting 6 pack for this summer.
My question however is the following; If I become hot, will I be able to get the girl of my dreams?
To be honest my perfect type of girl is a geeky girl next door type who is on the cute side rather than the hot side and enjoys science and shit.

Literally like Nepgear from the Neptunia series.
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This is the 61000th post on /vip/.
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/auts/ + /asmr/

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What's your current favorite board?

>/pol/ was good during the election now it's shit
>/r9k/ was good many years ago but now it's all attention whoring
>/fit/ was good a few years ago and now it's /r9k/ and lookism
>I'm not weeb enough to browse /a/ or /jp/ more than a few times a week
At the moment /ck/ is my favorite but it's bretty slow desu
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You chose the best girl, right /vip/?
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post your smuggest anime girls
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Landscape Thread

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Dumping some landscapes and starry skies. Feel free to contribute.
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Post your 4chan filters
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Figured I'd post this here since I don't see any other way to talk about the state of the boards and get it noticed other than on here without being overflooded with shitposts and deleted in half an hour.

ever since the election a lot of /pol/ has spilled over to other boards, and politics related shitposting has become rampant on many boards.

One of the worst infected is /v/, which recently had all discussion of the new Wolfenstein that was just announced destroyed because it had black characters.

Can politics discussion just be banned entirely outside of /pol/, similar to how ponies were banned entirely outside of /mlp/? I just want to be able to talk about video games again.
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