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Creating a team for the 4CCC

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So now that we've been alive for a few months and have some form of board culture, I was thinking we should join the 4C Cup.

>What is the 4CCup?
Lazy answer:

Short answer:
It's virtual dive grass by in Pro Evolution Soccer.

>What does managing mean?
Easy! It's just making sets for players to be played by a manager or a board of committees.

>What do we need to do?
A: Take 23 memes and give them sets for a soccer team.
B: Create a Team Logo
C: Create Team Colors
D: Agree on Goal Horns
Optional: Ask for Custom Models of the Memes.

>What's in it for us?
Memes, and Attention. A chance to hang out with other boards and flaunt that we have a team. Also if we win cups, and win games, we'll be remembered.

>Where do we start?
I'm leaving this up to a vote that'll close on Monday. If you want a Team on Monday, then we'll continue to create our divegrass team.