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Crush Confession

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I want to confess to something here as a femanon.

I steal right socks from my female co-worker. Only right socks and occasionally panties. Eventually cycling them out. She's convinced she just misplaces her clothes. I sniff them until her scent is gone. We shop for clothes together and do other girl-things.

I've ingested some of her hair and spit without her knowing as well. I know the body can take years to remove hair from the internal organs, so she will be with me for a long time. I've also done the same for some things I've cooked for her.

We occasionally share clothes, and I masturbate in her clothes to her dirty-stolen-things. I've done so many things it isn't even funny. One time when she was sick and pretty much unconscious, I sucked on her dirty toes and sniffed her body all over. She's a heavy sleeper and was on some 'Quill so entirely out like a rock. I wish I had had the guts to do more then that.

I love her. No one else in the world means anything to me. I want to tell her I love her but because I became weak and fell to my fetishes...well now I can never tell her. If she knew, there would never be any love.

TLDR: I have a fetish-driven lesbian crush on my co-worker of 6 years and I can't confess my love because I'd lose her due to said fetishes and invasion of her personal space.

I'm confessing here to release my guilt to the world.