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>be me
>10 years old wanting to go to vidya store
>dad takes me there
>my dad is a disgusting person, whenever he farts, he just does it, he doesn't just respectfully hold it in until hes not near anyone
>game store is very very small, only 1 room which is only like 30 feet big
>me looking for game
>dad then decides to silently fart nonstop
>it fucking reeks
>one side of the store smells like burning shit
>I walk to other side
>he fucking follows me and explodes on the other side
>the entire goddamn building is fart infested
>cashier can smell it but doesnt say anything
>I can see the suffering and in the cashiers eyes looking at me
>i tried to hold my breath looking for the game
>I eventually couldn't find the game
>we leave empty handed
Do any of you guys have stories like this?