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Learn Japanese!!!

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Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese for the sake of consuming Japanese content?
There is a million reasons to do this. You not only gain much wider access to Japanese content, not in the slightest reliant on translators, you also end up gaining a far deeper and more fulfilling understanding of the Japanese things you are already consuming (like Anime). Beyond that you gain an immense feeling of satisfaction due to having achieved something meaningful and a sense of superiority to EOPs who can't even hope to begin to understand Japanese media and the true essence of it.

Well I'm here to tell you that it is fucking easy. You don't need text books or classes. Simply some reading up on methods and effort at the beginning which will lead to the foundation that lets you learn entirely from input. That's right after finishing the initial steps you simply need to consume Japanese to make progress and achieve fluency. Can it be any easier than that? If you are consuming Japanese shit anyway, at least make it contribute towards learning a new language. Combine this with Anki and in 2-3 years you will be far beyond JLPT N1 level capable of reading whatever you want and even surpassing native Japanese people in terms of kanji reading ability.

Sound to good to be try? Just try it. Doesn't matter how old or stupid you are. I'm going to post the ultimate Japanese guide with this post. Simply try to follow the steps and report back. If you have any questions I will be here to answer them. Good luck.