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Guardian Tales

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Cookie Run

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New updates
>Pillow fight event round 2: You can beat that smug little bitch Popcorn Cookie with a soft fluffy pillow.
>The slumber party costume set has released alongside a major buff for Blackberry Cookie.
>Onion Cookie has made it to Puzzle World, with a strong chance for her to be in OvenBreak too.
Now here's a question: What's the best skin in the game and why?
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Dokkan Battle

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Will he ever be surprassed? Or will he remain the best card in the game like in the CHADnime?
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Genshin Impact

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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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Are you going to roll for Clock or wait for Mayuri?
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romancing saga reuniverse

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>no new thread
lets fix that
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How's the Zero Rerun event going for you?
Saving for someone in special?
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Teppen Thread

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We're one month out from a big turning point in the game, since in October we're getting a new Set, a new Hero, a balance patch, and the first time a set will rotate out of Standard. Until then, post those:
>Main Decks
>Meme Decks
>Hopes for the October update
>Cards you're glad/sad are rotating out
>What characters/IPs you want them to add from Capcom's catalog
>Rooms so we can play each other
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what other pixelated games exist on android, I only know please dont touch anything and the sandbox, could you please post more?
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Brawl stars thread
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