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AFK Arena

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Best Girl Edition
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Destiny Child

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The mobile game Princess Connect! Re:Dive has soft launched on android as of now.

It's an autobattler with no gameplay where you collect cute girls. Everything is voiced, has tons of animated cutscenes and the main draw of the game is collecting your favorite girls, reading their stories, the main story and the events.
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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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The WQ Event is over, now we're waiting for more Mana butt in the upcoming event. Also it's time rejoice for the revival of /dalg/!
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Arknights thread
offer everything to W
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Guardian Tales

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You wouldn't a werereindeer.
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Dokkan Battle

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Happy New Year Celebration Part 2 saga
The Majesty of the Mighty! LR Full Power Jiren finally arrives!
Dokkan Battle Wiki:
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Last Origin

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Asanagi's in, we're closer to global with each passing day.
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It's New Year's, which means your favorite cute boy-collecting kusoge is trying to steal your money once again. How's that going, /vmg/?
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