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Destiny Child

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Cookie Run Games: Put these shoes on, clown

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Hello Cookie Runners! We've made it over the hurdle. Onto new content at long last. The latest news is as follows:

>Ovenbreak provides a ton of new content, a circus update headlining
>Ice Juggler Cookie along with Spectacular Sundae Cup and a circus game event arrive soon!
>Banana Cookie makes her glorious return
>Friendly Run returns, along with Treasures Galore
>A new mentoring event! Lend players rank 30 and under your cookies and get them addicted to your favorite!
>New costumes for Grapefruit, Werewolf and Cinnamon!
>Daily Quest revamp - Daily, Weekly, Monthly along with exchanging points for rewards!
>Land's End map rotation
>In Kingdom, Cream Puff Cookie arrives, along with inevitable new events!
>I'd be more accurate if it wasn't under maintenance! Again!
>Guilds arriving in Kingdom! Stuff yours full of idlers living off the new shiny thing and inevitably kick them!
>Season reset, along with Kingdom Pass
>In Puzzle World, the Lunar Festival event ends, along with a new cookie presented very soon!

Ovenbreak is the shining star of this OP. Are you excited for Banana? What do you think of Ice Juggler? Is this update the breath of fresh air you were looking for? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Which ending did you get first? alter ego thread
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Marvel mobile games

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Let's have a thread for all Marvel games: Future Fight, Contest of Champions, Strike Force, Puzzle Quest, etc.
There seems to be a lot of symbiote stuff going on, with Knull and Scream getting added to MFF, Red Goblin being added into CoC, and Anti-Venom and Scream being added to Strike Force.
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby

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ゲーム「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー」のApp Storeで予約注文およびGoogle Playでの事前登録を2021年2月10日(水)から開始しました!



AppleとAppleのロゴは、米国およびその他の国で登録されたApple Inc.の商標です。
Google Play および Google Play ロゴは、Google LLC の商標です。

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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Who are you supporting for the A Hero Rises VG? The winner will be given for free, and the top four will be on a banner
Who would be your ideal top four?
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Identity V

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Let's keep talking the alternative to Dead By Daylight known as IDV.
It's got an official PC port with cross-progression in case you didn't know.
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AFK Arena

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Are you guys enjoying the pvp event?

Personally I like that a gacha game designed a balanced pvp mode where it literally doesn't matter if you're a whale or absolutely new. It's all skill. And luck.

Also remember to do the 20 battles for a free Talene copy.
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Princess Connect! Re: Dive EN

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King of Fighters All Star

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