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Touhou Lost Word

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Dying to see Yuyumom
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Dokkan Battle

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Dazzling Life Force saga
>Extreme Z-Battle for LR PHY Bardock
>EZArea stages for INT Captain Ginyu, PHY Goku, TEQ Zarbon & Dodoria, and INT Krillin/Vegeta.
>Explosive Chain Battle on 9/27
Dokkan Battle wiki:
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Call of Duty Mobile

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How's Undead Siege

Clan: /VGM/

We're looking for grinders for Clan Wars, BR mains are needed. Reaching Legendary this season.
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Last Origin

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Global coming soon. For real this time, honest.
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Brave Nine

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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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Nep knows (You) very well...
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Is someone playing Iron Saga? What you think about this game? Also will it die soon?
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Is mobile the future of all gaming?

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I also tested it out on my shiny new S21+, and it works pretty well.

Live A Hero:

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Did you fall for the bait banner?
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