Dokkan Battle

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SDBH Crossover saga
The Overlord of Slaughter! STR transforming Bojack arrives soon!
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Live A Hero:

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You did prepare to do absolutely fuck all this week, right anon?
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AFK Arena

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Only the most perfect multirole characters are allowed in here.
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Cookie Run: Ca(K)e Pop Christmas

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So this is the Christmas update. The rise of an idol.

Anyways, better hurry up and get those limited time skins before they disappear in a couple days. Details of the new update are tomorrow.

How do you feel about the Christmas update being Idol based?
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Guardian Tales

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This is Oghma, your cyborg Gnome for tonight. Say something nice to him.
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What is the WarioWare of mobile?

Gurren Lagann Collab coming to Iron Saga

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There are also many other mecha related collabs that will be released in the future, even Ultraman that isn't exactly a mecha. Anyone else playing it?
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Dragon Ball Legends

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Jiren and UI Omen Goku confirmed for Black Friday, are you ready?
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4chan clan name: /VGM/
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Did you summon for Freyja or Triandra?
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