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Cookie Run: A delicious new year

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The first update of 2021 is here, and it's a hotel theme with chess aesthetics and references to The Shining. Here's what's new:

>Chess Choco Cookie, the first ever 2 in 1 character
>New treasure: Enchanted Broom
>New rare costumes for Pistachio and Yoga Cookies, new epic costume for Mala Sauce Cookie, and two new super-epic costumes for Alchemist and Vampire Cookies
>New Survival Run event, where you try to be the last one standing out of 64
>Revamped Cookie Trial menu to include a new overworld and trial related titles
>New Land's End Season with 2 new maps
>Coming soon: Vampire Cookie buff, Magic Candy, and Trial, and Earl Grey Cookie as a playable character

How do you feel about the new game in the series coming soon? Will it outshine CookieWars in terms of being supported by the devs?