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There has been a great amount of new mobages that started off with copious amounts of drama in mid-2020. This will be a thread documenting them and feel free to join if you know some juicy stuff too.
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Which is your favourite SAO mobage? I like AR the best desu
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Genshin Impact

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Dokkan Battle

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Will he ever be surprassed? Or will he remain the best card in the game like in the CHADnime?
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How is your doctor Eliza hunting going?
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St. Louis thread? St. Louis thread.

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Comfy thread to discuss our favourite bote St. Louis!

I love her bros.
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Azur Lane

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Any advice for a new comer? Gear drops seem to be a big issue for me at the moment.
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King of Fighters: All-Stars

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Video taping of why Lady Maxima happened

Previous Thread: >>51000

>Stream ruby codes

BETTEROFFBLUE (20x souls selector)
THEMOSTMIGHTIEST (30x capsules selector)
BORNTOWELD (500 rubies)
HALFWAYTO2K (300 rubies)
15HUNDREDSTRONG (500 rubies)
GEARUPFORFALL - 20 Item tickets
2KALLDAY (500 rubies)
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How's the Zero Rerun event going for you?
Saving for someone in special?
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Bleach Brave Souls

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>Compilation of useful links, guides, and tips

Reminder that Bankai Shuhei ignores melee resistance so he can help in this weeks GQ if you're struggling and you'll be able to use him again when melee arrancar GQ comes back.
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