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How about a Java/J2ME Thread?
Any games you remember playing a lot?

Star Ocean Anamnesis

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Figured it'd be alright to continue the very slow gravy train with a second thread.
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AFK Arena

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Mommy edition
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post your best team

Upcoming Mobages

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I finally got a phone that's actually capable of playing video games. What are some must plays? doesn't matter whether or not it's a gacha
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It's back

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>Be me
>Bored as fuck
>Decide to open the playstore
>Shitty recomendation pops up
>Sonic game
>"eh, let's see how much I last playing this crap"
>Tutorial starts
>"Beyond The Speed of" plays
>The game looks great and it's fun
>It's a 2D endless runner with really good visuals and top tier music composed by Tomoya Ohtani
>The game has an insane roaster of characters and companions that you can equip
>Events every month
>FF 1 year
>Game closes
>FF 2019
>Some random ass nigga decided to make his own server for the game
>It actually works
>FF 2020
>Game is 90% functional and downloadable for both Android and iOS, they are even working on a new app version for the game (They somehow managed to reverse engineer the whole shit)
>Future of the game looks great

Pic related

Their project is named "Sonic Runners Revival" for those who are interested.

Augmented Reality by Apple

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>next gen UI
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Anyone here played “Slash & Girl”? It’s a fun runner game with a DFC you can dress up as the protagonist.

Subterfuge bro, where are you?

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A few days ago, someone posted about this game. I downloaded it and had a blast.

I'm just sad, it's such an underrated game and it has a small community. Wish more players would jump in. So I thought I should start this thread to hopefully make you try it out. First game might be annoying. But I'd recommend playing the puzzles first, and then use your first game to learn as much as possible