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Alice Gear Aegis

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is also available on pc! If your phone can't run it give it a shot on your computer
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Capcom delisting mobile games

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I was looking up random websites when I found out Capcom is taking off several of their games off the App Store and Google Play. The games that are getting delisted are:
>1942 MOBILE
All of the games getting delisted are shitty Java ports, so hopefully Capcom can replace them with better ports.

I also wound up in Capcom's JP website and found two more games getting delisted:
>デビル メイ クライ 4 リフレイン (DMC4 refrain)
>モンスターハンターポータブル 2nd G for iOS (MH Portable 2 G)


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Obscure games that only you know about.
>Niss War
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Boardwipe the pay to wins

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I play this app game called state of survival I was in a normal alliance playing with friends in a server called 556. Without paying for any boost or or anything we worked ourselves up to top ten then catastrophe they started selling a bunch of new champions and gear then as it happened a bunch of rich people at once entered the server buy maxed out building, buying troops and buying expensive gear. Now they rule the server. and other players tried to buy to keep up but we are slowly getting pushed out now we are top 26th alliance.

My Devine justice plan:
The new rich people who joined the server are these overly religious Christian Korean peeps.

-Add the app state of survival.
-join state 556
-build until you can join an allience
-look for alliance Italy and Friends.
-come in and ask for terra
Change your image to you with a pasta strainer on your head.
I will change mine to the church of flying speghetti monster, monster and when we are all at lv. 30 we destroy everything. But leave the Italians they were nice to me.

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Gachacucks are mentally ill
>hurt durr I'm f2p
Even worse, you're spending time of your life playing kusoge
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Azur Lane

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>Best Girl is a crossover event ship
Why is this allowed?
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Can I get some card game recommendations? That aren't:


Preferably not too p2win.
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