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Help Needed

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Hey all,

Could you please help me report this group on Facebook?


They're spamming people and shamelessly stealing content from another group and page.

Please help me reporting the group for spam.

Many thanks to all that can help!

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Is Dokkan Batte worth playing if I want to collect cute DB girls?
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How about a Java/J2ME Thread?
Any games you remember playing a lot?
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Any good android games without microtransactions and pay to win?Paid or not
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Beat Angel Escalayer Heroines

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『超昂大戦 エスカレーションヒロインズ』




Infinity Conflict

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Just got released in English. The Honkai Impact wannabe
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Metal Slug Attack

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Yoshino is so perfect
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Alright, so I'm in a bit of a pickle. I haven't touched Arknights for a few months, maybe since June. I just went to check up on it now and noticed that it says the client is out of date. Sure, I go and update the game but I see the official update announcement on the Playstore that an upcoming update will require guests to bind their accounts to third party accounts and reinstall the game. The issue is I have a guest only account and missed this deadline completely. I don't want to reinstall the game because I'm afraid I'll lose all my data (RNGesus loves me, I've rolled ten 6* in a month without dropping a penny), but Google is no help in figuring out if uninstalling deletes guest data because all results show shitters trying to break the rolling system. So I came here in the hopes some kind fellow could help a brotha out.
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Genshin impact

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Why do people say that this combat is good?
I mean I'm glad this game runs on everything including phones but the combat feels subpar in reality to me. It's mmo level like FFXIV.

Why is this game good? I'm trying to like it because its getting so much attention but its not clicking and its not addicting me. I have to make an effort to play it.
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7DS Grand Cross

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Are you pulling for this collab event?

Also, we are getting the new Halloween Gowther as well... Fingers crossed they are in the same banner otherwise gg no re.
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