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War of The Visions: FFBE

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As far as crossover units go, should the game keep to FF games set in traditional fantasy settings or will they get fan favorites from VII and XIII trilogy.
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Best mobile ports?

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I got SoTN for 50 cents is it a good port?
Also thinking of buying:
>Romancing SaGa 3
>The World Ends With You
>Chrono Trigger

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Post your installed games.

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Any Skullgirls Mobile players lurking around?
I find it a fair a game. Plus after Mike Z fuckery, it would nice to see new players for this cursed game.
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Cytus/Rhythm Game thread

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Cytus 2 is an excellent sequel and one of the most fun rhythm games I've played in recent memory, other than maybe beat saber. Really cool stylistically, sometimes I just stay on character select switching between characters to hear the theme change.

The only thing that put me off at first is waaayyy too much text to read but its actually totally fine to skim through and you wont miss anything important.

Looking like mobile is probably the best medium for rhythm going forward. What are some other mobile rhythm games you love?

RAID: Shadow Legends

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Let out your rage here :)
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Lynchads... Is it over?
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