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Subterfuge bro, where are you?

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A few days ago, someone posted about this game. I downloaded it and had a blast.

I'm just sad, it's such an underrated game and it has a small community. Wish more players would jump in. So I thought I should start this thread to hopefully make you try it out. First game might be annoying. But I'd recommend playing the puzzles first, and then use your first game to learn as much as possible

Bandori just hit 20 million players worldwide

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Why havent you taken the bandpill?
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Which is your favourite SAO mobage? I like AR the best desu

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Can we get a Jurrasic World Alive thread going? I recently came back after having no phone for a little over a month, and I'm loving the raids and battle system overhaul.

Also, post favorites for fighting or design. I'm starting with this Spino, but the whole Spino family is kino.
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Get in here fellow clashers!
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Idola Phantasy Star Saga

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Global comes out later today, you guys gonna try it?
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king's raid

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ITT: Mobile games that aren't rhythm games but should have been.

Asphalt 9

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>mcdonalds wifi turk in 1st
>rams me into slower route
>he teleports back into faster route
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