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Soul Knight Thread

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Who do you mainly play?
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Mobile Games that are similar to Soulsborne?

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newfag in the board. im looking for a mobile game that's souls like

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B100X General - Runewords win the game edition

>B100X is a auto dungeon crawler with deep rpg elements and a crafting system similar in depth to early versions of path of exile. It was made by the same dev as buriedbornes "Nessy". It can be an idle game, however strategizing your build in order to further progress is where you'll spend the majority of your active time. The game also has a waifu with jiggle physics if you're into that.


Engrish guide made by Dev:
Favorite build? Furthest you've gotten?


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I'm a writer and I write on a platform using episode. I also use the forums for art assets and help with code. I Use the episode forums for art assets and help with code. But I later got banned from the forums because of month old drama I had already apologized for (I basically shared backgrounds without crediting the artist) and Because they like to abuse the report button. If you can help me get back at them, even in a small way

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So, anyone play Looney Tunes World of Mayhem?
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what does /vmg/ think about epic seven?

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Dragalia Lost

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Did you roll DYLily? How far are you into the game? Have you beaten LVolk? Looking forward to the story? How are your festivities going?
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Cookie Run Games: Put these shoes on, clown

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Hello Cookie Runners! We've made it over the hurdle. Onto new content at long last. The latest news is as follows:

>Ovenbreak provides a ton of new content, a circus update headlining
>Ice Juggler Cookie along with Spectacular Sundae Cup and a circus game event arrive soon!
>Banana Cookie makes her glorious return
>Friendly Run returns, along with Treasures Galore
>A new mentoring event! Lend players rank 30 and under your cookies and get them addicted to your favorite!
>New costumes for Grapefruit, Werewolf and Cinnamon!
>Daily Quest revamp - Daily, Weekly, Monthly along with exchanging points for rewards!
>Land's End map rotation
>In Kingdom, Cream Puff Cookie arrives, along with inevitable new events!
>I'd be more accurate if it wasn't under maintenance! Again!
>Guilds arriving in Kingdom! Stuff yours full of idlers living off the new shiny thing and inevitably kick them!
>Season reset, along with Kingdom Pass
>In Puzzle World, the Lunar Festival event ends, along with a new cookie presented very soon!

Ovenbreak is the shining star of this OP. Are you excited for Banana? What do you think of Ice Juggler? Is this update the breath of fresh air you were looking for? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Identity V

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Let's keep talking the alternative to Dead By Daylight known as IDV.
It's got an official PC port with cross-progression in case you didn't know.
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1st time mobile gamer, what is the best dragon quest game? which is worth my money?