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Obey Me!

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Another day, another event starting soon--another event shafting Asmo'. Why must they hate AsmChadeus? At least he has Belphegor to keep him company in this one.

How'd your time in Wedding Event go? Get dem cards? I'm a shitter who didn't get everything, thanks for asking.

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Eve echoes thread

Anyone playing this amazing game?

Just hit a jackpot; scout anomaly spawned and granted me $150m
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Project QT

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How the Hell do I get more Energy for leveling up? I do the daily missions but now they take assloads to level up girls at my current Rank(57).
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When was the last time nip made a good game? Its all gook and chink games now. How come nip is falling behind now?
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Destiny Child : Defense War

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So, Destiny Child : Defense War is out today on the Play Store.
Does someone here play this too ?
It's a random tower defense game like Random Dice (excatly the same game, except it has a destiny child skin).
It's quite easy when you're not a retard even though some bosses punish you heavily sometimes. I think i will play it for a little while

Game download :

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Anyone play Princess Connect?
They're giving out 70 free rolls and rerunning the Re:Zero collab with Emilia, Rem and Ram so it seems like a good time to start.
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Soul of Eden

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Does anyone from /vmg/ play this fun RTS mobage? Any /vmg/ guilds?
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