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Does /vmg/ play anything that isn't gacha trash?

If so, what?
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How do you solve rerollers in gacha games?
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Rhythm Mobile Games

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Let's discuss rhythm mobile games and post perfect combos.
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Lucklet is such a ridiculous term

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Does the average gacha player not know how probability works
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WWE Champions

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Post teams. Who else got Adam Cole?

Monster Hunter Stories

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I got an iPad recently and I've been wanting to play this for a while. I figure I might as well buy it here instead of 3DS. How does it work with a touch screen? Should I use a gamepad? Overall thought's on Stories?

Among Us

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Why'd this game pick up popularity recently?
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Behold the butt of an <Angel>

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>browse all 80 or so games on the Android Play store
>they're all copy-pastes of the same 3 or 4 games with pay 2 win shit in every single fucking one of them
are there any phone games that arent scams?
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State of Survival

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>hottest girl ever
>cant get her

get in here sos simps