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Is there a mobile game that has a satisfying progression system and good gameplay? Almost everything I try feels so samey and shallow

Snes emulator

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Best snes emulator for android? Currently using snes9x ex+, but there's a bit of input lag from my controller, an 8-bit do sn30 pro +
I've tried setting the frame rate to auto detect, etc., but i still get input lag
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Genshin Impact

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>iphone is released
>iphone gets 5X the benchmark score of same year android flagships
>iphone performs 2X worse in real usage to same year android flagships
Why is this?
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Crash Fever

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Haven't seen a thread about this game so far.
How long have you been playing it? any hatchers you've been rolling?
favorite girl?
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Are you guys ready?
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Granblue Fantasy

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Still alive.
Granblue Fantasy aka Hagblue Fantasy for boomerscomfy thread for beginners and trivial discussions.
Keep it civil.

March of the Valiant
Fire Bosses
October 14th - 22nd

Proving Grounds
Light Bosses
October 22nd - 28th

New Story Event
October 28th - November 5th
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World Witches: United Front

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Game just came out in JP and everyone's favorite pantsless flying witches are back in action. Anyone else playing? Waiting for English release?
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Animal Restaurant

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post your garden

Rhythm Mobile Games

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Let's discuss rhythm mobile games and post perfect combos.
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