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Genshin Impact

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World Flipper

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Do people even play this game anymore?It had a huge controversy at launch and I haven't heard anything about it since.
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Dokkan Battle
JP got Vegeta edition
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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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Clock thread
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ITT: Dokkan cards that are based and cool
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FGO bros....

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We second...what happened
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Fate Grand Order

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>log in every day
>do every weekly missions
>raise servant bond level
>comes out to about 24~30 saint quartz per month
>that's enough for 1 (One) tenfold summon per month

>no spark system
>worst gacha rates in the industry
>some of the worst gameplay and lack of QoL features in the industry
>wildly inconsistent art
Is FGO some kind of experiment from the japanese government to see how many mentally ill subhumans they can turn into gambling addicts?
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>warship girls
>airplane girls
>gun girls
>magical girls
>robot girls
>animal girls
>boys who look like girls

anon. this is not normal. this is what they call "perversion"

please get some help.
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Eve Echoes Thread

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Eve Echoes is a new mobile game based on Eve Online, let's discuss.
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