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The game release date is Feb 4th. Anyone else interested?
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How about a Java/J2ME Thread?
Any games you remember playing a lot?
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Monster Mountain. Anyone remember?

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I remember playing this game in high school and the art style looked really amazing. It shutdown sometime in 2016-2017 but on its Google Play page, a sequel in development was mentioned but nothing has come up since and the developer also hasn’t been heard from in years. Does anyone else remember this or know what happened to it?


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recommend some good porn games that you play over and over
for me its monster girl dreams and simbro
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What do you guys think of Honkai Impact 3rd?
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Cookie Run Games: The Hidden Truth of the City

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Cookie shenanigans roll on. Here's all that's new:

>Dark Mode to be coming for Kingdom. Harder versions of previous levels, perhaps?
>New Cookie in Puzzle World in 3 days
>Cookiemals revealed in Ovenbreak, with Churro Cookie soon on the way
>New Treasure: Darkwind Quiver
>25 days until new mode, Story Run is finished
>17 days until Ancient Gift Shop closes
>Never forget COONY

Have you been enjoying or enduring the latest addition of Ovenbreak? Still holding on strong to Kingdom, or did the outage provide to well a breath of fresh air? Are you more hype for newcomers in Ovenbreak or Kingdom? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Fate/GO NA Thread

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How's the Prisma Illya re-run going for you? Did you roll for the prisma Illya or Miyu? Reminder that this is your last chance to get Kuro for free, so be sure to clear the event!
Also, saving for someone in particular this year?
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2021 Releases

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What are you looking forward to?
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