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Bleach Brave Souls

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Ninny for EOM!
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The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

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New Sachiko SSR!
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Game Pass Ultimate is out for Android in 22 countries.
Are you playing?
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Racing games with waifus

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What racing games does /vmg/ play with waifus?

Picrel looked dope af, but was delisted before I could try it.
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Which mobile gatcha games are the most fun? Like which ones are actual games and not just watching a screen and tapping abilities? I liked Honkai because it's just Bayonetta but its a bit too confusing for me with the currencies and extra systems. What else makes for a good dopamine rush?
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AFK Arena

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tfw no friends no pearls
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Virtual/Augmented Reality Games on Mobile

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Does anybody play any V/AR games on mobile besides Pokemon Go+?
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Among us discord server

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Hey idk if everyone in here is weebs or not but we just started a discord server for among us and y’all can join, it’s more fun to play with dedicated people than randos so join up senpai