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Post decks, hopes for the next set/patch, and salt over losing to the same meta deck for the fifth time in a row. Also maybe post rooms, if you want to meme it up with other anons.
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby

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ゲーム「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー」のApp Storeで予約注文およびGoogle Playでの事前登録を2021年2月10日(水)から開始しました!



AppleとAppleのロゴは、米国およびその他の国で登録されたApple Inc.の商標です。
Google Play および Google Play ロゴは、Google LLC の商標です。

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Is it worth playing Pokemon Go if your not interested in walking everyday?

Is it possible to progress just sitting at home?
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Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

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>tfw no Valentine's witch
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AFK Arena

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Are you guys enjoying the pvp event?

Personally I like that a gacha game designed a balanced pvp mode where it literally doesn't matter if you're a whale or absolutely new. It's all skill. And luck.

Also remember to do the 20 battles for a free Talene copy.
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Here's a thread for something no one plays anymore: The Japanese server for Princess connect.

Anyone else still playing this? JP server has been giving out free daily 10-rolls along with other campaigns, goodies and free shit.
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D4DJ Groovy Mix

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Enjoy the chocolate from our DJs
>English Spring 2021
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Brave Nine

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For the 5 people that still play this, there's now a Kiseki crossover event on March 11.
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Specter from Arknights
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Destiny Child

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