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How's the Zero Rerun event going for you?
Saving for someone in special?
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Live A Hero:

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You did prepare to do absolutely fuck all this week, right anon?
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Shining Beyond

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Game just came out for global, here's hoping it won't be another kusoge.
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Romancing Saga: Re; Universe

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Last one went the way of the dodo.

Enjoy the event!
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cuora from arknights
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It's officially out and starting with a nice Halloween gacha! Are you playing? Do you find the characters hot?
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Azur Lane

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Why are we so dead? Is everyone tired from the craziness of the last event?
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Clash Royale

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Are there any competitive clashers in here?
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What are some other mobage with romance/affection/marriage mechanics?

The death of Samurai

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What happened to Japan? They used to dominate mobile game industry. Now mobile games that im looking forward to are chinks made. Is it the lack of innovation? Complacency? Human Resources?