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Clash of clans coc thread

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Get in here fellow clashers!
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Joseimuke are games (or any media) targeted at women, ranging from Otome to BL. What are you playing right now?

Blackstar: Theater Starless is celebrating its first anniversary and Twisted wonderland is starting to give free ten rolls on birthdays, might be a good time to start either. Helios is still giving a free 4* hero selection ticket.
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Ready to get Thisbe in my team.
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Clash Royale

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Are there any competitive clashers in here?
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I want to fug this bunny
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Soul of Eden

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This game just released and it's fun. Anyone else playing it?
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Another Eden

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Currently: Waiting on Big Tiddie Elf Wind Zone

Save for: The Zone banner Zonelets and Future lunatic units like Viktor and Chiruriru

How is your light grinding going /vmg/?
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Rockman X DiVE

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Reroll guide:
>pick a server (whatever, but server 3 AXL or server 4 VILE are recommended)
>skip stage 1-1
>clear stage 1-2
>level up your first weapon
>claim everything in your mail box
>go to "CAPSULE" and start rolling
>use "transfer account" to save that account if you get good shits
>if not, log out and repeat from step 1 (do not clear cache)

PVE tips:
>get Cinnamon
>upgrade her to 3 star

PVP tips:
>get the Sting Chameleon chip
>get the Explosive Blower
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No Summoners War thread? Let's fix that
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