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Tomimi from Arknights
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Onmyoji the Card game

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Does anybody else play this? It's a fresh break from existing card game formats.
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Shironeko Project

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Who will good boy Lect end up with? Werner? Chiara? Linea? Harem?
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mobile games suggestions

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How about a thread for mobile games suggestions?
No gacha because there's alredy thread for that
Say what you're looking for or suggest games according to what others are looking for
Bonus points for:
No pay to win
No intrusive ads
No unrestricted pvp
pls give me something decent, my pc died just before christmas
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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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We're on board for a certain scientific collaboration! Will you try to pull for the new characters?
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby
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Dragon Ball Legends

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/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw
Friend code: k2f3dd3e

Now that most of the hype characters are through, it’s difficult to predict what comes next. Who are you excited for?
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Can someone suggest sone good mobile rpg?
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Brawlstars thread.
The last recent one was 404'd, don't fill this one up with club bickering...
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Mario Kart Tour

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With the 3D World port on the horizon, and the current Cat Tour set to end a few days before it releases, one can only wonder if Cat Tour Part 2 with Cat Mario/Cat Luigi/Meowser/Cat Toadette or Valentine's Day
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