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Call Of Duty Mobile Thread
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I'm always thought mobile games were trash but this game is based as fuck
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Romancing Saga: Re; Universe

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Hanging out with the cool gang Edition.
Byunei Banner SOON™ boys, rev up those jewels and pray to RNGesus that you won't have to pity.
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Azur Lane

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>Best Girl is a crossover event ship
Why is this allowed?
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Magicami MGCM

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Previous thread: >>194623

Last thread died. So here's a new one. Dead week. Nothing interesting to discuss. Just some average banners and a collab event. Also Lilly is best girl. El Psy Kongroo.
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Metal Slug Attack

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Yoshino is so fucking sexy
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Brawlstars thread.
The last recent one was 404'd, don't fill this one up with club bickering...
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Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

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Why dont i see this game discussed here?
Because its tied to a bad ip?
Because the gameplay is boring?
The best character is coming next week and there is a new free banner if you want to try the game out now would be the best time.
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Disney Sorcerer's Arena

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Basica Fate GO but Disney.

I only started playing because I saw Horned King was in it. Grindy game but in an hour I leveled up enough to unlock most modes without feeling like spending any money. 3d models are surprisingly sexy.

I lowered the guild level to 1 but I don't think you can even do the guild dungeon until level 10. Just need some bros to grind my dungeon.