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4chan clan name: /VGM/
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Any Skullgirls Mobile players lurking around?
I find it a fair a game. Plus after Mike Z fuckery, it would nice to see new players for this cursed game.
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Shironeko Project

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Who will good boy Lect end up with? Werner? Chiara? Linea? Harem?


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How's the Zero Rerun event going for you?
Saving for someone in special?
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are there any games out there that aren't for dopamine fiends?
this means
>no multiplayer
>no roguelikes/gacha/lootbox mechanics
>not arcade style
>not based on achievements
>actually enjoyable gameplay
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Re:Stage Prism Step

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Please play Re:Stage
It's an idol rhythm game with art by famous eroge artist Izumi Tsubasu featuring middle school girls with plenty of teenage angst/romance and surprisingly large breasts
It has great songs, voiced stories, and stylized gameplay, AND it got rid of stamina system years ago so you can play it for hours if you want to.

Also it's currently doing a collab with Machikado Mazoku for some reason, probably because of VA connections
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Is here anyone that does not like Among Us?
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Lynchads... Is it over?

Metal Slug Attack

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Yoshino is so perfect
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When was the last time nip made a good game? Its all gook and chink games now. How come nip is falling behind now?
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