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How did the Genshin Impact devs get away with making savage black tribesmen the main fodder enemies in their game? Do people just give the Chinese a pass for portraying niggers this way?
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We discuss about one the lewdest gacha no porn in the market
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Previous thread: >>182160
There has been a great amount of new mobages that started off with copious amounts of drama in mid-2020. This will be a thread documenting them and feel free to join if you know some juicy stuff too.
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can't believe Mario is evil now. Also any idea what this might be from? Under the impression its a bootleg gacha or something.

Unknown Future (黑潮之上)

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Unknown Future (黑潮之上) is a new Chinese mobage from NetEase that combines card battling with party based combat that includes the option of auto combat and includes some nifty anti-frustration features.

NeatEase are being so accommodating that they even posted a English registration guide on the TapTap global page!


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>biggest update in the game's history
>no /vmg/ thread
SuperTribes thread
what's your favorite tribe?
have you played in the 900 tiles map?
you do play on crazy right?
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shut the fuck up you fat nerds show me your best dragon in DragonVale


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The "Meowza! Happy Illusion" Transient Summons is open, and the Prologue (Parts 1, 2, and 3) of the event story is now available!
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I stopped playing FGO regularly around when shinjuku came out, but i have all of the major support casters. Is it worth getting back into it?

king's raid

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