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Re:Stage Prism Step

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Please play Re:Stage
It's an idol rhythm game with art by famous eroge artist Izumi Tsubasu featuring middle school girls with plenty of teenage angst/romance and surprisingly large breasts
It has great songs, voiced stories, and stylized gameplay, AND it got rid of stamina system years ago so you can play it for hours if you want to.

Also it's currently doing a collab with Machikado Mazoku for some reason, probably because of VA connections
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Last game you uninstalled

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Sorry GFL, I didn't have time to grind
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Why gacha games always feature 30 different currencies and mats for doing god knows what?
I cant imagine that starting the game and seeing/obtaining tens of different resources is good for a first impression, when its so confusing at first.

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Anyone else play dragon ball legends? Do you still like the game?

If you want to have a friendly match or co-op run, add me: k2f3dd3e
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Dragon Quest of the Stars

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Please play this dying game.
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St. Louis thread? St. Louis thread.

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Comfy thread to discuss our favourite bote St. Louis!

I love her bros.
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Revue Starlight

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Yes still alive. How are you liking the crossover event with BangDream?

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How long do you all think Pokemon Masters will last? It is not really popular given the size of the mainstream Pokemon fanbase, and with Magia record shutting down it makes me wonder if this game will meet the same fate in the near future.
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