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T H E Coomer Game

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In regards to fanservice oriented games, what's the best out there today or in development? Not good enough with some shit rates or censored global release, but a wholesale good gacha? If you don't think it exists say the closest ya think we got.

I think Destiny Child's gameplay is it's biggest flaw, Last Origin is gay ever since they fucked the translation patch, and fanza games have a language barrier so they don't have a base here.
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Girls Frontline

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Shattered Connexion Event on November 24. Good luck everyone!

Other notes: Continuum Turbulence added to the campaign tab
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why do people obsessed with gacha games? which part of it is fun?
i tried Azur Lane and i lost interest in it after playing it for maybe 3 weeks

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

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Sequel when?

Crash Fever

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Haven't seen a thread about this game so far.
How long have you been playing it? any hatchers you've been rolling?
favorite girl?
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Is Angry Birds still popular?

SEEC games

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english translation of tsumugu logic is out for those unaware.

anyone else here playing (reading) these games?

Gurren Lagann Collab coming to Iron Saga

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There are also many other mecha related collabs that will be released in the future, even Ultraman that isn't exactly a mecha. Anyone else playing it?
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