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Magicami MGCM

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Previous thread: >>194623

Last thread died. So here's a new one. Dead week. Nothing interesting to discuss. Just some average banners and a collab event. Also Lilly is best girl. El Psy Kongroo.
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Battle Cats

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Why aren't you playing it already?
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Why is Ganyu so heavily regarded? Every time they've announced a new banner since launch everyone seems to say "I'm saving for Ganyu." And now her banner is coming up so the moment of truth has arrived. Is she supposed to be the next broken OP character or what? Or do people just want her because they like the character? I didn't play the beta so I don't know anything about the gameplay of the unreleased characters.

But I was looking at my gems and realized that I'll easily have enough for a 5 star by the time her banner starts, so I was thinking of trying for her. If I don't get her I still end up with one of the other available 5 stars, all of whom I want, so I figure the only reason not to try is if Ganyu herself isn't worth it. Keeping in mind I have no intention of getting any constellations, what's the verdict?
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Nier Reincarnation

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Game is finally out, anyone here planning on playing it?
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Wild Rift

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Can't find any thread on mobile lol Wild Rift, noone here playing this shit?

It's kind of fun, if yes what champs are you playing?

For me Akali and Lee Sin are the most fun, also Evelynn, she's kinda broken
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Mobile Game Addiction

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I've spent more than $40k on fucking WWE Champions so far and I just can't stop. I had to declare fucking bankruptcy because of this game. How do I stop? Should I play a different game?

King of Fighters: All Star

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How are your SS rolls going?
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Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

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Am I the only who is excited to play this game?

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I just found out that apparently they added Himiko to FGO. Not only is she really cute with the greatest voice actor of all time, but I always really liked Himiko as a historical figure and wondered if she would ever be in this franchise. One of the advantages of playing on NA is that as a free player I can find out about a character and then save quartz for two years until she is on NA, so I am thinking of doing that. I have two servants I want in 2021 so I've also got that to do in the meantime. So, good idea? What do you think of her gameplay wise? Kit looks good to me since I like Buster servants.
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Live A Hero

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You did roll for the tiger slut, right anon?
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