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Is Angry Birds still popular?

SEEC games

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english translation of tsumugu logic is out for those unaware.

anyone else here playing (reading) these games?

Gurren Lagann Collab coming to Iron Saga

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There are also many other mecha related collabs that will be released in the future, even Ultraman that isn't exactly a mecha. Anyone else playing it?
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I have a few questions. First off, is it better to do one 10-pull or ten 1-pulls? In all the other games I played, the 10 pull is usually the obvious choice, but I've been hearing some people say that since you get a guaranteed 4 star every 10 pulls, the single pulls are better. As far as I can see there's not actually any bonus or savings for pulling 10 at once. Is the 10-pull button just there to trick people who have experience from other games?

My other question is about actually getting Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate. I see I can get some from trading Masterless Stardust. That's a good idea, right? All the other stuff you can trade for seems obtainable from playing normally. Also, am I correct that the main way of obtaining IF/AF is through trading Primogems? There's no alternative option or better deal short of spending real money?
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>every one of their big money earners (Granblue, Priconne, Shadowverse, Cinderella Girls) has seen declining revenue in 2020
>every one of their new releases has either bombed spectacularly (Dragalia, World Flipper) or is stuck in development hell (Uma Musume, Project Awakening)
>their efforts to expand beyond the mobile market have been mediocre at best (AbemaTV, Granblue Versus)
How is Cygames going to turn around their sinking ship at this rate?
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Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

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This is the last week to roll best girl.
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Star Ocean Anamnesis

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Figured it'd be alright to continue the very slow gravy train with a second thread.
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FIFA Mobile: Harvest Fest

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Anyone playing this? I have a small League that you can join if you want, just gotta be active.
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I just found out that apparently they added Himiko to FGO. Not only is she really cute with the greatest voice actor of all time, but I always really liked Himiko as a historical figure and wondered if she would ever be in this franchise. One of the advantages of playing on NA is that as a free player I can find out about a character and then save quartz for two years until she is on NA, so I am thinking of doing that. I have two servants I want in 2021 so I've also got that to do in the meantime. So, good idea? What do you think of her gameplay wise? Kit looks good to me since I like Buster servants.
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Punishing Gray Raven

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How does /vmg/ feel about Punishing Gay Raven?
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