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Dragon Quest of the Stars

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Please play this dying game.
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St. Louis thread? St. Louis thread.

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Comfy thread to discuss our favourite bote St. Louis!

I love her bros.
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Revue Starlight

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Yes still alive. How are you liking the crossover event with BangDream?

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How long do you all think Pokemon Masters will last? It is not really popular given the size of the mainstream Pokemon fanbase, and with Magia record shutting down it makes me wonder if this game will meet the same fate in the near future.
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new update, do you have enough to buy this fine lass?
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How's the Zero Rerun event going for you?
Saving for someone in special?
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Ok bros, I played this mobile game like a year ago thats story was about some chick who was found by a dude and she lost her memories and it had monthly events and what not. Can anyone help me find out what it is? I deleted all games last year trying to save money. I remember it's icon being some waifu

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Hello fellow gamers

Can anyone shed some light on which tablets are best suited for eve echoes/in general, are good ?

I enjoy using bluestacks for it, but until it's optimized/runs well, i'm looking into a tablet.

Kusoge ranking thread

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