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new update, do you have enough to buy this fine lass?
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Ok bros, I played this mobile game like a year ago thats story was about some chick who was found by a dude and she lost her memories and it had monthly events and what not. Can anyone help me find out what it is? I deleted all games last year trying to save money. I remember it's icon being some waifu

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Hello fellow gamers

Can anyone shed some light on which tablets are best suited for eve echoes/in general, are good ?

I enjoy using bluestacks for it, but until it's optimized/runs well, i'm looking into a tablet.

ITT: Console games ported to phones

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Post games that was ported from consoles to mobile phones. I'll start

>Jet Set Radio
>Crazy Taxi
>Soul Calibur
>ChuChu Rocket
>Re-Volt (RVGL)
>Ikaruga (now lost media, since it required GGee to run)

>Tomb Raider

Gacha Games that can be played onpc

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Hello guys, what games do you know that can be played simultaneously on pc and crossplay with android ? (no bluestacks please)
I play Girls x battle 2, its pretty chill, and waifus are cute. I tried honkai impact but it kind of bores me.
Can you recommend me some games that are like girls x battle?

Waifu Origin

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Who is your favorite waifu in Last Origin? Why?
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