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I have made the greatest Mobile Game ever

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See it in action for yourself here:
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Who are you supporting for the A Hero Rises VG? The winner will be given for free, and the top four will be on a banner
Who would be your ideal top four?
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Sad story with a game - an stressful and depressive game

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Well I started to play like before the pandemic. It was a good game to pass the time and meet some people. If you dont know the game it is like a port of age of empires but with in-app purchases and with a really big whole server where everyone has a city to upgrade and so on, It was fun until the whales take the control of the kingdom and put rules and take most of the rewards. so with friends I migrate to another kingdom and thi happened again. Yesterday, my city was burnt for whales because I get a reward that according to the council is fixed to another player. and I lost most of my troops (like 1.8 million troops). THe problem is that according to the rules I had to pay a punishment in resources, not being burnt. Im really upset because is more than a year trying to be freetoplay and be competitive anyway, but you know some people spent a lot of money and take the control of whole servers making shit the fun of everyone freetoplay player. So, well Im selling my account rightnow because is a advance account with a farm account if somebody wants to buy one (25 M power). I dont know what to do, I wanna revenge but I know that I cannot do anything so. This is my sad story

Housamo: 3rd Times' the Charm

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Setsubun reprint ends in 10 days, and we'll most likely either get a silhouette or the event itself for Valentine's next Friday. Last year's Valentime Slip will most likely also get a translation. Thoughts on who the new variants might be?

Personally Ophion could use some attention but >gamma
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AFK Arena

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Are you guys enjoying the pvp event?

Personally I like that a gacha game designed a balanced pvp mode where it literally doesn't matter if you're a whale or absolutely new. It's all skill. And luck.

Also remember to do the 20 battles for a free Talene copy.
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How about a Java/J2ME Thread?
Any games you remember playing a lot?
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Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

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Anyone else play this game? Thoughts on the new table? Favorite table? Best scores?

My best one is 20 000 000 on Wild West.

Worst table: Baseball

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Is this a low end phone? I can play Call of Duty Mobile on the low settings. What won't work with my Oppo A12?

Destiny Child

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