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Started playing on the Xbox One for almost two years cause I played COD Mobile tournaments and it is like you put a baby on a bicycle again. It literally is heavily retarded to play on any console and NOW I know why Fortnite withdrawl all games from the mobile stores. The game industry is scared for the mobile industry. Test it yourself. Add me on CODM and I will show you how a prof games. No keep in mind that every retard will defeat me on the Xbox. Bottom line: gaming on a glass (screen) will result in much higher accuracy etc. in months. A console is the most retarded invention ever.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

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Why dont i see this game discussed here?
Because its tied to a bad ip?
Because the gameplay is boring?
The best character is coming next week and there is a new free banner if you want to try the game out now would be the best time.
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mobile game

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I am a Korean.
Can I post about the mobile game I'm developing?
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Caved in and tried "playing" this crap because it's shutting down soon, why the fuck is it so grindy? How does this even qualify as a game? Everything seems geared towards making the player spend as much time as possible killing trash in auto mode and mindlessly clicking through menus. So far I've just been going through cycles of grind -> reach enemies who I can barely damage ->grind more -> kill enemies -> occassional brief story progress. I've had my phone on auto mode grinding for like 40 hours and I'm still in fucking early game. I know it's mobile trash but even by those standards this is completely ridiculous. I'm usually stubborn about playing through games myself but I'm actually considering just watching the cutscenes on YouTube.

among us

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I like playing among us, yes I do. Mhm. Yes I do. Mmmmhhmmmm. Yes, yes I do.
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Premium games

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I see too much gacha trash. Emulation is fine but a pain on touchscreen. So qhat are some premium games you play? I mean Fate ExtellaI, Last Remnant and even Disgea is available on mobile.

Tales of Rays / Crestoria

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For my 5 Raysbros. Coping Crestycucks can come in too.

Rays anniversary is soon.
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Goodbye Magireco NA, so when is Ashley coming to JP?
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Got myself an ipad
throw me some games to check out
or just talk about game you're playing or are checking out or are thinking about checking out
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assault lily last bullet

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Releases on the 20th of this month.Anyone else planning on getting into it?
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