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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions

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15k vis later. Which actually isn’t bad considering drop rates. I hate this game.
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I have recently bought a new phone,
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 6/64GB and I'm looking for some good games which will use it's large screen, processing power and graphical capabilities to it's full potential.
I'm looking games that are:
- free
- NOT pay2win
and in case of 3D shooters:
- without autofire, because that shitty little thing makes every game with it a fuckin' unplayable mess.
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What are some of or the best game to play if i want to build an empire ? With strategy and multiplayer involved ?

All of the games i've played are just basically idle games that make you think you're building a kingdom, when you're just pressing buttons every so often, that also all have huge paywalls.

I just want something i can really sink my teeth into, that makes me have to trade and invade other players, build alliances etc. Shit like Tribal Wars back in the day
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Is there a single decent mobile picross?
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Deck Building Rogue Lites

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I've been hooked on pic-related for months. Great game that's going to have to hold me over until Slay the Spire isn't just on IOS anymore. What are other good deck building rogue lites? Preferably Android compatible.

7DS:Grand Cross x KoF

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It's coming bros. It's coming. Are you summoning?
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Play mahjong on your phone
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Mobile Legends

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Does anyone here play Mobile Legends? Let's discuss about the game here
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what other pixelated games exist on android, I only know please dont touch anything and the sandbox, could you please post more?
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Are there any MH-like games for mobile?