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Why is Ganyu so heavily regarded? Every time they've announced a new banner since launch everyone seems to say "I'm saving for Ganyu." And now her banner is coming up so the moment of truth has arrived. Is she supposed to be the next broken OP character or what? Or do people just want her because they like the character? I didn't play the beta so I don't know anything about the gameplay of the unreleased characters.

But I was looking at my gems and realized that I'll easily have enough for a 5 star by the time her banner starts, so I was thinking of trying for her. If I don't get her I still end up with one of the other available 5 stars, all of whom I want, so I figure the only reason not to try is if Ganyu herself isn't worth it. Keeping in mind I have no intention of getting any constellations, what's the verdict?