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OH BOY IT'S 3AM Edition

Previous thread: >>37014107

Finish a game with your favorite funmon.
>What counts as a funmon? + List of funmon
>Roms + randomizer to change starter into funmon of choice

>Less Than Full Hall of Fame: (We seriously need someone active to make a new one)

New Hall of Famers from previous thread:
>Doduo (FireRed) (Technically thread before that one, oops)
>Makuhita (Emerald)
>Aipom (Emerald)
>Smeargle (FRLG)
>Plusle (Platinum)
>Marill (HGSS)

Ongoing runs from previous thread:
>Ekans (FRLG)
>Gligar (FRLG)
>Larvesta (Blaze Black 2)
>Patrat (Black)
>Yanma (GSC)
>Togepi (Vega Minus)
>Sneasel (FRLG)
>Roselia (FRLG)
>Onix (RSE)
>Farfetch'd (Yellow)
>Magcargo (FRLG)
>Mawile (XY)
>Shedinja (FireRed Omega)
>Caterpie & Weedle (LGPE)
>Murkrow (FireRed)
>Snubbull (HGSS)
>Mightyena (HGSS)
>Farfetch'd (HeartGold - Golden)
>Qwilfish (GSC)
>Farfetch'd (Black 2)
>Venonat (GSC)
>Shieldon (Platinum)
>Dunsparce (SoulSilver)
>Anorith (Emerald)
>Tentacool (Platinum)
>Porygon2 (SoulSilver)
>Feebas (Platinum)
>Rattata (LeafGreen)

Remember to have fun! May all your runs be blessed with happy times and good RNG!
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Every franchise broke records on switch...

- Best opening and best selling 3D Mario game (Odyssey)
- Best opening and best selling zelda game (BOTW)
- Biggest opening on switch and doubled the previous game (Splatoon 2)
- Best selling game in the series (Xenoblade 2)
- Ports outselling original titles (Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong etc)

Smash is tracking to break sales record as well..

Why hasn’t Pokemon?
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LGPE sold 664,198 units in 3 days in Japan

For comparison, Mario Odyssey sold 511,625 in 3 days. So this is second only to Splatoon 2. People who wanted this game to fail are going to be btfo.
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Saturday Ralts line thread

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Gardening edition. Post rare and cute Ralts, Kirlias, Gardevoirs and Gallades.
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she spends 1,600 dollars buying the 151 pokemon


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The new games are called Sandstorm and Blizzard.

Dunasir is the Dust Wing Pokemon, rock/flying, and the mascot of Sandstorm. It has a stony beak and claws, its wings look like dust. Hard to describe, but they're kinda like Moltres's but with sand instead of fire. It's mostly light brown with red accents (kinda like Regirock, but the orange/reddish hue is stronger).

Volkald is the Frost Bite Pokemon, ice/ground, and the mascot of Blizzard. It has a frozen jaw, its fangs and claws look like icicles, it has a pointy, frozen-like mane, very bulky looking. It's mostly light gray with blue accents (the closest color palette I can think of is Kyurem, but still not quite).

The games are about climate change. The region doesn't look like any specific country to me, it seems to draw inspiration from most of Asia.

You heard it here first, folks
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ITT: Your favorite Hoenn mon

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Why did they give Touko such a disgusting english name?
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Was gen five really that bad?

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Completely new dex filled with 156 Pokemon, that are the only ones you can recreating the feel of the originals, of only having 151 monsters, but doesn't make it so you unable to use any old Pokemon like FRLG, by allowing you to trade any of them over if you have two DS and two cartridges of BW/B2W2, in my case on 3DS and DS W and W2. Good Maps that are fun to explore though like Pinwheel Forest, or Village Bridge.
It's not as handholding as people make it out to be, like the first gym, I didn't even know I could get the elemental monkey their and I was still able win.
Only real problems I have would be that it's more linear, but that is due to the story, so that's really depends on how you feel about it.
And some Pokemon Designs are really hit or miss, I find some of the hit to really hit hard but I can understand not liking all the new monsters introduced.

But some Really good one's I will list here:

and some of the more note worthy bad ones:
The monkeys
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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