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Pokken Thread

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Blastoise is out and he is fun.
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ITT: Post your favorite Pokemon and an anon will assume something about you
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The next switch games are going to be the worst ever arent they?
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How do we make Snorlax as good as he was in the good old days?
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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showderp: snuggle edition

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welcome to showderp, here we give a tripfriend 6 cuddly snugs as he battles on pokemon showdown

>>35169235 (last snug)
no one to snuggle with :(
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I don't watch the anime but why this nigga have so little gem things? How far are we from the next generation?
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Switch Datamine

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Shut the fuck up and post your favorite Pokemon!
>pic related

Also, fuck Pikachu!
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