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>”catching pokemon is bad”
>”the only way pokemon can truly be happy is to be free”
“I am going to catch the strongest pokemon to force everyone to agree with my ideals by stripping them of their freedom!”
Worst. Fucking. Character.
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I see this on 5channel the other night. Post by translator with details and pictures from the studio. Not a lot of information. It is real or false?
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Charizard has the best butt, fight me
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How would you write the ending of the anime?

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and how would you rebooted to keep the franchise going?
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ITT: Things that annoy you about Pokemon fans

>when someone implies postgame is unimportant
>when someone says Battle Frontier is overrated
>when someone puts Gen 3 below Gen 6/7 in terms of quality
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See that hill? You can't climb it.
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/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development General

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Dark Magician Girl Edition

/rheg/ Discord:

ROM Hacking:
>Notable ROM hacks:
>Making a ROM hack:
>Gen 4-7 tools:

RPG Maker XP
>Pokémon Software Development Kit (PSDK)
>Ruby Host

>Pokémon Essentials

>WIP Gen 5 tiles:
>FireRed in RPG Maker:

Notable fan game communities:

This isn't the thread for hacking your 3DS. That's >>>/vg/hbg/
This isn't the thread for injecting, either. That's >>>/vp/injection
Injecting is piss easy to do at this point. Just learn how to do it yourself you lazy fuck.
If you're looking for a specific ROM, consult the gametech wiki before asking us.

Previous Thread
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Are you desesperate for news? be honest.

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>/vp/ actually thinks that this is a lot better than the manga
sometimes I feel that this board is full of children and not adults.
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