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Your Legendary Starters
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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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/TCC/ Trading Card Collector's General

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I hope the PSA Boy's like my new card edition

Fuck scalpers, fuck bandwagoners, and fuck ""investors""

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As a Japanese /vp/ anon, I'm sorry for shitty qualities of new pokemon games
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>dare to criticize product
>get swarmed by Pokemon loyalists calling you entitled, toxic, etc.
Why are Pokemon fans like this?
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The Pokemon overworld characters were always chibi you zoomer idiots.
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discount drawthread

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here's a drawthread to tide us over until the tourists fuck off. personally I'll drop some sketches until I fall asleep, but nothing fancy. hopefully other artists chime in.
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>The symbol thing on their clothes looks like the galactic logo
What did they mean by this?
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Second Chances Starters?

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Also isn’t it strange they just showed the first forms? Maybe their evos look different in ancient Sinnoh?
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