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Okay...NOW /vp/'s images should be restored, an interrupt to the copy left a lot out that should now be there.

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Hey, vp, what is Gardevoir saying to Gallade?
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Post ya bois (and babes) /vp/. Other thread is shit
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Pokémon showdown

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What does /vp/ think of Pokémon Showdown?
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GS Virtual console -SHINY?

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Hey buyers! I was just wondering if anyone has found a shiny yet in their GS re-run. Good ones? Bad? Show off!
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ITT: We post our favorite Pokemon
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G/S Current Team Thread?

I just beat Whitney, chilling in Goldenrod City, on my way to get the radio card.
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>anything below base 130 speed is considered slow
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Comfy thread

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>No comfy thread
I'll start
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What was your favorite Pokemon when you were a kid? What's your favorite Pokemon now?
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I want to date a /vp/er
You guys are so cute
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