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/vpmd/- /VP/ mystery dungeon

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Topsy Turvy Edition
Previous Thread: >>32422698

Screencaps of previous threads(thanks to sceencap anon!):

Story so far: You are Ron, a human who one day turned into a Tepig. Along with your friend Oshawott, you started an exploration team, investigating a mystery of a captured Shaymin, a rogue Tapu Koko, and a dying world. Check the screencaps to catch up!
You set out on your next adventure, towards the Daisan Knoll in search of a mythical Wishing well. After defeating the tower guardian Tornadus, you entered the second part of the tower and were suddenly turned upside down and walking on the ceiling. You ascended(descended?) the tower, passing a number of seemingly ineffective traps and hazards, until you came upon a chest containing an Inkay, which turned the tower back right side up...
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Which one /vp/?
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Showderp: Bullet Club Edition

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Bullet Club, we OWN the Pokemon world!
Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, The Young Bucks, Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, Tanga Roa, Yujiro Tanahashi, Cody, Chase Owens, and Hangman Page.
BELIEVE in the Bullet Club! Believe in Us! Everything we do is just too SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!
I killed a human, I shot em with my gun.I killed a human and I think I'm on the run


>Too Sweet me, brother

>Bone Soldier
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Daily reminder that Greninja started the starterwar
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Mizuki > Toko > Serena > Mei > Leaf > Hikari > Kotone
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What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide:


>A Showdown with Kasuga from Audrey, Who Has Turned into a Kiteruguma, in Games Such as Balloon Popping! / Abareru-kun has a Pokémon Battle Against a Pokénd!
Today's guests: Comedians Toshiaki Kasuga and Nagano and pro wrestler idol and model Reika Saiki

Stream at

Alternate, higher quality streams at

Starts in 2 hours 30 minutes. Are your bodies ready?


>Kasuga from Audrey turns into a Kiteruguma and rampages through Pokénchi. And a muscular idol show up as well. And Abareru-kun has an extremely tense and exciting Pokémon battle against a Pokénd!

>As Pokénchi is in a state of excitement thanks to a visit from the comedian Nagano, Kasuga from Audrey shows up, having turned into a Kiteruguma! Kasuga teams up with muscular idol Reika Saiki and, for some reason, Nagano, and challenges the Pokénchi residents to games! Passionate battles, including a game based around Z-Move poses and a balloon popping contest, then take place!
>Also, Abareru-kun has a Pokémon battle with a Pokénd! Which of them will win this intense battle where neither player will budge an inch?!
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Hey! /vp/

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What's a good nickname for her?
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ITT: Pokémon furries will never understand.
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Pokemon Edit Thread

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Since the old thread is almost dead, time to make this one I guess.

Post requests. Most of the old thread was recolors/proportion/older design edits, but if the request is interesting enough, I'll try it.

"No ball" Gastly
Fat Pikachu
GS Raikou
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Are these the most divisive starters?

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Well /vp/?
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