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Poke Transporter

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Please tell me someone has reverse engineered this so we can still use it after (((Nintendo))) kills it by the end of the decade
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ITT: post a pokemon without actually posting it

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Pic related
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How do you prevent your circlepad from breaking?
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I love Kris!
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Do you really think we're gonna get the new switch games in 2018?
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Living Dex Thread

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How do you organize your living dex? Numerical? Alphabetical? Species?

I'm doing mine in NatDex order but anytime a species has a baby or mature form I'm putting them together rather than separate them. Also I'm putting the Alola forms next to the regular ones.
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Only Good Fakemon Allowed ITT

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/shuffle/ General: Hoping For M-Bee Ebeetion

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Previous bee: >>32805964

>Oranguru Try'ems
>Daily Pokémon #8 (Alolan Grimer, Dewpider, Alolan Sandshrew, Brionne, Oricorio (Pa'u))
>Arceus Special Stage (2 hearts) [PSBs]
>Thundurus-T Special Stage (400 coins) [PSBs]
>Tornadus-T Special Stage (400 coins) [PSBs]
>Landorus-T Special Stage (400 coins) [PSBs]
>Pikachu (Sinnoh Cap) Special Stage
>Pikachu (Shiny Gyarados Costume) Special Stage
>Gyarados Special Stage [PSBs]
>Shiny Gyarados Safari

Safari rates:
>Shellder: 14.3%
>Cloyster: 11.43%
>Pidove: 31.43%
>Tranquill: 21.43%
>Unfezant: 11.43%
>Pikachu (Magikarp Costume): 2.85%
>Pikachu (Gyarados Costume): 2.85%
>Shiny Gyarados: 2.85%
>Shiny Magikarp: 1.42%

What to grind?:
>Landorus-T to SL5 (priority)
>Tornadus-T and Tornadus-T to SL5 if you like memes

Coming soon:
>Probably a Gyarados competition

Compilation of useful links:

Guide to clear and S-Rank stages:

Up-to-date list of skills:
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Grimsley Thread

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Post gambling addict uncle.
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post rare pairs
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