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What would liberals be like in the Pokemon world?
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Showderp: Good Edition

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A good champ will claim the title by posting 'champ', anons will then provide 6 pokemon to be his team. Once he becomes a bad champ he will post 'new champ'.

>Good pokemon
>Good art
>A good Guide to Showderp
>A good thread
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Johto Giga Starter

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Favorite Pokémon?
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Is anyone else scared that some crazy dexfag is gonna do something to Gamefreak's headquarters?
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Bros... I've just preordered two copies of Pokémon Swish-Swish.
One's for me, the other is just a copy to be counted as sold in order to compensate one of the anons who isn't buying it.
So even if you won't buy the game, statistically the numbers will say than one of you did.
You might as well buy it since it's being counted as sold, bro. Oh wait, that would be yet another buy.
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>Mr. Masuda, it's time to evolve the main series from portable to home consoles, we're going to need to make something bigger this time since console games cost %50 more and have higher standards
>oh I get it, put half of our team to make a new ip, then leave the rest to make pokemon and make it as unpolished and small as we can get away with
>but Mr. Masuda console games are supposed to be bigger, this is less content than our portable games had
what was he thinking?
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Joe "Donphan man" Merrick

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WTF? How could GF allow such nearly-NSFW design in a children's game? A girl wearing just a tubetop bra and a sarong and no panties... ridiculous! How could they get her without influencing the games' rating is still beyond me.
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Pokemon Masters

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