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Do you think Brendan asked or out or did it happen the other way around?
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/3vp/ - Pokémon Masters model ripping/datamining project

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Picking up from the last thread >>39826177

>Is this the Pokémon Masters General?
No, go here >>39853701

>Where are the files?
Beta raw files:
Model files:!pkFEyArS!YCvzwZwnjKNDFnjfAWOxSQ
Sprites/texture files:!YxshFSxR!iJJSdxe0Fkp3oouU6vdTCA

Decrypting tool (thanks SciresM & Kaphotics):

Importing script for Blender 2.79 by Turk (v1)
To install place the "" file into your "Blender\2.79\scripts\addons" folder, from there you open Blender >File >User Preferences >Import-Export and look for the script and enable. Don't forget to save your preferences.

>Why are you doing this?
Pokémon Masters will include 3D models for virtually every single character in the franchise. These models can be used for a variety of things, like Blender, Garry's Mod, Source Filmmaker, VRChat and MikuMikuDance.
Additionally there are a variety of assets like the sprites, music and voice clips.

>Sygna Suits for Red, Cheren, Blue, Cynthia Siebold, Brock and Misty.
>At least 21 chapters. Christmas event planned.
>A cutie rival known as Camilla.
>A bunch of characters to come, including N and the female protagonist from FRLG, named "Leaf" in the game files. (
>Christmas event planned
>Ash's Greninja

The full version of Pokémon Masters is just around the corner. First of many content updates. If you can provide a dump of the files, it will be much appreciated.

(Music and sound effects are still encrypted, please be pacient)
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hello yes i'm making a chart for pure evil assholes, gimme someone here to represent /vp/
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Back before 3rd gen was released, a fakemon project was being created. This project's region was named Neuto. Commencing dump.

You will notice that some of these Pokemon have strong similarities to existing Pokemon.

Remember that all of these were created BEFORE Ruby/Sapphire were revealed. That means only the first 251 were known at the time these fakemon's concepts were created.

Don't forget that.

Terrantula: Bug/Electric
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what do you think of this pairimg vp?

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canon or not?
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when did you realize that platinum is the best game in the series?
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What is a good nickname for a female Arbok?
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When will we get a villain as the final boss again?
Ghetsis was fucking amazing for a final boss. His team actually fucking challenged you, plus unlike every other villain he actually had a full fucking team. He actually felt climactic, and served a purpose in the story.
Champions, mostly, don't serve much of that. They're just there to say "ok you're the big boy now" or something.
I just want something like that, a villain as the final boss (maybe they're the champion), would be entertaining.
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