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ITT we come up with strats before Verlisify does it first

[email protected] Orb
Brave nature
252 atk 252 spa 4 hp
Drain Punch
Power-Up Punch
Shadow Ball

You can't be walled by Chansey anymore. :)
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or not
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The tragic future of Pokémon

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December 2017: “Junichi Masuda, founder of Game Freak and director of the Pokémon video game series, has passed away due to prostate cancer. Fans all over the world are mourning the death of the man who brought us the second best-selling video game series of all time, beloved by young and old. Stepping up to take his place will be Kunihiko Yuyama, director of the Pokémon anime series. Development on the upcoming Pokémon α and Pokémon β has not been delayed. Yuyama’s upcoming Pokémon movie, ‘Revenge of Volcanion’, is scheduled for July 2018 as originally planned.”
January 2018: “The first full-length trailer for Pokémon α and Pokémon β has been released, to lukewarm reception. The characters are fully voice-acted, and while opinions on the voice acting vary wildly, the general consensus seems to be that the voices are a breath of fresh air, but nothing too spectacular. More notable are the Pokémon’s cries consisting of them saying their own name (‘Hornsby! Hornsby!’), as in the anime series. This has been universally reviled and mocked, with various fans making parody remix videos of the new cries. In the trailer, Pikachu has made a total of 10 cameos as graffiti, balloons, billboards and such, along with its actual appearance as a wild Pokémon in battle.”
February 2018: “‘Revenge of Volcanion’ has been retitled to ‘Mewtwo and the Revenge of Volcanion’. Mewtwo is confirmed to appear in the movie. Fan reactions are cautiously optimistic, due to fans being unsure whether the Mewtwo appearing will be the one from the original movies or the one from the unpopular ‘Genesect and the Legend Awakened’.”
March 2018: “CoroCoro Magazine has recently leaked info on Pokémon α and Pokémon β. The regional professor, Hickory, has been revealed, along with several other characters. These characters have been confirmed to appear in the anime.”
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Gijinka thread?
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Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread

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Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming episodes, anime Pokégirls, sub releases, discuss, speculate, bitch and moan, etc., etc.


>Citronic Gear On's music rips:

>Newfag Airing/viewing order guide:

>New trailer for upcoming events, now in HD:

>Movie 19: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna [Jul 16th]


Next episode:
>XY&Z38: Kalos League Victory! Ash's Ultimate Match!! [Aug 18th]

Upcoming episodes:
>XY&Z39: Team Flare Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!! [Aug 25th]
>XY&Z40: The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!! [Sep 1st]
>XY&Z41: Attack on Lumiose Gym! The Citroid Forever!! [Sep 8th]
>XY&Z42&43 1 Hour Special [Sep 15th]

Shit people will ask:
>Is this season good? I haven't watched the anime in [x] years and-
Yes, it's fucking good, just start watching it already.

>Will Serena win da Ash?
It sure looks that way.

>Muh subs when?
[PM] is subbing XY&Z. Their releases can happen any time of the week.

Old thread:
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>Starter wars

Can't we all just agree the Alola starters are all shit and these are the ones we should have gotten?
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This is how you train your Gardevoir.

Fill her pussy up and watch her sweep the other team
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I know it's a bit early, but fuck it

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Ash celebration thread.

He's finally done it, folks.
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ITT: Pokemon that are also words/phrases.
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Hey, the first six posts will choose the pokémon I'll make a team for on Showdown.
There's only one rule: you can give me only one pokémon that can't learn TMs. This is so I won't have a team of 6 metapods. Otherwise, feel free to propose.

I'll then upload a replay of my battle.

pic unrelated
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