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As someone who works in TPCi (not in any high ranking position but I still get informed of plans) we have not seen any plans for a Pokemon Direct any time in the next few weeks and certainly not Pokemon Day. As far as I know there will be a new Detective Pikachu trailer and the Mewtwo Striked Back Evolution trailer release (for Japan and International). That's really it as far as 'news' is concerned. Employees lower down in the company only get told of plans a month or so in advance, our next meeting is scheduled for the beginning of March which will cover from around March 18 onward. As I frequent /vp/ in my spare time and see all this stuff about Gen 8 countdowns and Pokemon Direct on the 27th I thought I should probably inform you guys to bring down the expectations. So there is no Gen 8 announcement coming for at the very least a couple more weeks. Sorry guys

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お誘い 「4 」
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I want to MM a shiny gen 6 poke

I have a shiny Mawile but I can't show it off on Battle Spot without people assuming it was hacked (and by extension assuming my entire part was hacked)

So what gen 6 pokes are actually viable in battle?
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Hey it's me! New reveal: a vast majority of the whole Pokédex is catchable in these games! Like 90% or more
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> One of the rarest pokemon, borderline legendary in Gen 5

> Almost zigzagoon tier in gen 7
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Can we agree this was the peak of the anime?
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Pokemon Special Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Chapter 28

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It's that time of the month for Pokespe SM/USUM spoiler coverage. Chapter 28, go!

Welcome to Ultra Megalopolis!
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Any questions?
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"Smogon thought they could kill BP chains!"

>Complex ban backfired, neo-BP chain teams are possibly stronger than copypasta BP
>Smeargle+Espeon+Scolipede core still intact
>lots of possibilities for the remaining 3 teamslots, making them unpredictable
>you still need obscure shit like Haze Quagsire to counter them
>Deniss has already reached the top of the ladder with a neo-BP chain team
>his team uses the standard core + dual screen Deo-S lead + 2 BP recipients with Stored Power

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