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or not
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Your favorite Pokemon
Your favorite flavor of ice cream
Your biggest fetish
And finally name a game you've been playing besides Pokemon.

chunky monkey
hypnosis/mind control
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Who's the best one?
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>Starter wars

Can't we all just agree the Alola starters are all shit and these are the ones we should have gotten?
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Rate them
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This is how you train your Gardevoir.

Fill her pussy up and watch her sweep the other team
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I know it's a bit early, but fuck it

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Ash celebration thread.

He's finally done it, folks.
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Pokemon Clover: Last Thread Actually Hit Bump Limit Edition

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-- Pokémon Clover: ---
>FireRed hack
>252 Fakemon, created by /vp/
>Fairy type and Physical/Special split added
>Some Gen 4-6 moves and abilities added
>Trainers will be made more challenging and edited to use the new Pokemon
>New region: Fochun, somewhat based on the Kanto model
>TMs and HMs are mostly the same, with a few changed for the better
>Uses MrDollSteak's decap/attack patch
>Battle Facility where you can rematch people and buy rare items.
- Maintained by Camerupt, Squeetz and NDC -
>Dex is LOCKED, no more mons needed!

--- Public Alpha (5/1/16) download ---

- Things to note: -
>Patch on a clean Firered 1.0 US ROM
>Intro text is unchanged from the 2-gym demo, ignore it
>The current Alpha goes up to Triport and the SS. Ayy aka the Ruse Cruise
>Expect bugs!

- How to patch -

--- Pokémon DubsClover ---
>Essentials(?) Game
>A completely new region, the Inavia region
>Some new characters, some old characters
>Completely new plot
>An additional set of 135 new Pokemon to go with the 252 from Clover
>Mega Evolution!
- Maintained by Dexanon -
>Not something we are focusing on atm


Pokémon Clover main doc:

Pokémon DubsClover main doc:

-Clover IRC-
#PokemonClover @

-DC Battle Tower Demo-

(Patch to Arkista's Ring (U) [!].nes)
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Pokémon Clover: MediaFIRED Edition

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Pokémon Clover is a QUALITY romhack featuring a brand new region called Fochun, as well as 386 fresh new fakemons that puts Quartz to shame! Clover has been an ongoing project for a team comprised together from anonymous posters on the /vp/ board. Started in 2015 as a janky FireRed rehash, it has since become a complete ROM overhaul featuring new maps, characters, story, and a completely original soundtrack.
Features include:
>386 original fakemon
>Enhanced audio sampling
>Brand new custom made music
>Physical/special split + fairy type
>Various updated mechanics
>GSC-style berry trees
>Wonder Trading
>Mugshots for important characters
>New custom Poké Balls
>Black/White 2 Repel system
>Gen 6 style capture-experience system
>New custom items
>Reusable TMs
>HM moves are forgettable

Apply to the "1636 - Pokemon Firered (U)(Squirrels)" base rom.

Pokémon Clover doc for Mon info:

Remember to report any bugs!
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