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You HAVE hacked your 3DS right?

>Playing Gen 6/7 games without difficulty adjustments

When will you learn /vp/.
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Nintendo fell for it. Real gaming will die soon.

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>Paid online.
Literally for what fucking reason? Really, why? If you buy the damn system, and you own the games, oh, and, of course, you pay for internet, that should be it, right? Nope, we're gonna make you pay use to let you use our stuff on your internet, even though you already own or pay to use all the stuff already. Are they milking their idiocy, or what?
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Pokemon is for babies

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I am a megami tensei fag now
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Hilda thread~

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Its been a long gay ass time since we had a thread about the best girl
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GameFreak Creature

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Why has GF designed this weird fluffy monster? For what reason?

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Man this Mega Gengar ban is bullshit.

I mean look at this.

Seriously, just because you cant use your precious bulky ground doesn't mean Mega Gengar should be banned.

It just mean that Defensive teams are not part of this metagame.

My god you smogonfags make Smashfags look like SRKfags.
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Gen 8

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Friend is working on regional translation team. She was vague as to what she has seen so far but here’s what I got out of her.

Save these. Official announcement in February 2019.

> Next region is Honai region. Based on South East China.

> Starter theme is myths and fables. Lion, Snake, Buffalo.

> Story focuses on Tradition vs Innovation.

> Regional Prof. is an understudy of Oak. He will be central to series going forward with a passing of the torch between the two. Symbolic of series moving to The Switch.

> Gyms return with some familiar faces.

> 30% of story takes place in Johto. Not including post game.

> Regional forms are back including Hoothoot/Noctowl, Wooper/Quagsire, Phanpy/Donphan, & Dunsparce.

> 87 new Pokémon introduced.

> New Pokémon include a Ground/Fairy Armadillo, Ground type Kakapo, Dark Fighting Howler Monkey and Rock Grass Avocado.

> Box legendaries represent innovation and share a connection to Ho-Oh and Lugia.

> Ho-Oh and Lugia have new "Heritage" forms with a type swap.

> Apex Rings are the The Gen 8 Gimmick. Effect varies by mon which can grant stat boost, new abilities, and even change typing for certain mon.

> Apex Ring developed by Regional Prof. Antagonist Team uses tech to upgrade Honai Legendaries.
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Favorite Poketubers thread

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Candyevie is cute! CUTE!
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>Objectively best definitive version of a mainline game
>objectively best remakes
>objectively best spin-off games

Seriously asking, why does /vp/ hate gen 4, is it literally only because D/P are slow as fuck?
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Fuck this thing. Breloom hate thread
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