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>See a pokemon and love it
>Look at it's competitive viability
>Don't like pokemon anymore

Why am I like this? Am I scum?
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Waifumon Thread

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Post your favorite waifumons!
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Your new life

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Wow anon, you are so lucky to get to enter a world of only pokemon, you even get to choose who you become based on your true wishes.

You still remember everything that happened in your previous life, all of the corruption and horrors of our world. In this world, Pokemon are pure, with the few rare exception of feral Pokemon and those who have become corrupted, but most Pokemon are good natured and live in a happy, loving community.

How do you live your new life? It would be easy for you to obtain whatever you want by ditching some morals, most Pokemon are overly trusting and naive. Do you become a degenerate who gets what he wants or do you live in peace with the others, can you even change your ways to live like they do or will you fall into depravity again.
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It should be illegal to dislike Iris.
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Why aren’t you playing the dragon quest 11 demo availabile for free on the Nintendo eshop?
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>You have been banned from /v/ for the following reason: Racism

Pokemon is for babies

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I am a megami tensei fag now
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What's with her eyes?

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>i hate trade evolution! i don't wanna buy a second console!
>i don't wanna have to breed to get competitive pokemon! i don't wanna sit through cutscenes! i hate patience!
>stop removing features! i want my meaningless bench sitting back!

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