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What were they THINKING?
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r8 my wife
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It's a UB and Tapu thread
Do NOT let this become a fail thread REEEEEEEE
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I never wanted to punch someone so badly in my life

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and for some reason imagining it makes me hard
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I have quite the selection of schedule times for E3 which also includes Nintendo as well. But that’s another time to be leaked and for someone to find ... take a few good photos of these which I.... acquired which was strictly forbidden so... enjoy
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40 MINUTES, enjoy guys

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A Guide for all you stupid Nu-Genners.

Gen One is the only good Gen and all ya fags know it
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On the logic of Pokémon types

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So I had a thought. Some people wonder what's the logic behind Pokémon types, and maybe the lyrics for Pose (sun/moon ending 1) can provide us a hint about what TPC and GF think when it comes to types.

I took the translated lyrics from Bulbapedo because I cannot find them elsewhere.

>The burning, blazing flames are firing up
Fire type. Anything that deals with fire. Nothing noteworthy here.

>Shocking with a zing, electricity paralyzes with a zap
Same, anything that deals with electricity.

>The ghosts are cackling with a whooing gloom
In this case it's both literal ghosts and anything spoopy, but again nothing noteworthy.

>Fight like the world's top fighter with a smash, bash, and crash!
Fighting type is anything that focuses on punching and kicking. Why Mega Punch and Mega Kick are still Normal is beyond my knowledge, but consider that Karate Chop was also Normal during genwun. Anything that deals with brawling, fighting, kicking, punching or being a warrior though is Fighting (see the Swords of Justice).

>Shivering and shaking by the clinking and tinkling ice
This responds to the question about "why is Ice not just Water"? Ice is not literal Ice, it's also the cold type. Anything dealing with low temperatures is Ice.

>The gushing and rushing poison corrodes the body away
Anything chemical that may harm a body is Poison, I don't think people really wonder about this one.

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Weird things that you like about the UBs and why
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>Like Go's first release, only Kanto pokemon will be available in Let's GO.
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