Stupid updates

Pokemon is for babies

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I am a megami tensei fag now
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You've been lied to

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Models are actually IN the game and are actually easy to get in
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Customization leaks?

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Is there already a complete list of customization options? It's the only reason why I still can't decide whether to choose the boy or the girl.
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Is it even worth pirating at this point?
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Ok guys this isn't funny anymore. You all are harassing hard working people with lives of their own. Stop sending death threats and making false accusations to HUMAN BEINGS. Leave them alone you fucking monsters.


Kinda dumb question...

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Has anyone discovered any way to get shinies in swsh so far? Just asking
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Big money, no whammies.

Brand new dump.
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Noob question about shinies

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Can shiny pokemon appear in the overworld like in lets go?
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If you speak Jap then be sure to show this shit to 2chan

Game volume settings now require an optional key item to be accessed.
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How does your team look so far?
thinking of replacing Centiskorch and Toxtricity with something else but right now i cant decide
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