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Showderp: Darb Alzalaq Edition

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Here we have the hothead, Hussein Bin Acol, dubbed as a champ, who gets his old memes appraised by John Showderp, gets 6 new memes to try different projects in memeing, until his uncle conspires with his brother to get his widowed mother to marry their widowed neighbor who he hates his guts, all that behind his back, which results in him outraging after returning from champing to call new team, and that causes him emotional trauma, which leads him to be taken into a psychiatric hospital, where he hallucinates about his uncle laughing his ass off at him, and then, John Showderp calls new champ, and the cycle repeats itself.

>Appraised Memes

>Memeing Projects

>The Current Bin Acol
None. Please champ.
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