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Showderp: Helmet Edition

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This is Showderp! In here, some big-brain guy takes the mantle of "champ", as we give them 6 different Pokémon with all sorts of wacky sets that are sure to confuse the brainless chumps that he will face in the Pokémon Showdown ladder. We will join champ as he kicks ass, and might as well avoid the jannies along the way.

If the current champ has had enough of their team, they can call for a "new team", and the 6 fastest people to suggest a new Pokémon can make the new no-brainer team. If champ himself cannot continue, then he can declare for "new champ", and this is when YOU can become champ! Use a tripcode and claim the role. Still don't understand something? Read and lurk more, scrub.

Be mindful that Pokémon Showdown is a bit more strict nowadays. If a room is "locked" on the start, simply type '/modjoin off' so that people can join in

>Anti-meta memes

>Assblasted meta

>Current Champ:

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