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Is nobody playing the REAL and MOST competitive game mode in Pokemon? BSS

I can't find battles at this tier where the fuck is everyone
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pmd thread
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What could have been....
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Is this the ultimate pokemon machine? With CFW setup you can play anything from Gen I to Gen VII all in a single device and without any third party device.
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lets mod shield and sword

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started to make some little lewd mods
anyone ever made a pokemon mod and has a bit know how?
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>2 gens take place in Europe
>they're both bad

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EVs are s dumb fan term

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Can you fucking morons stop using the term "EVs" please? They are called Base Points. Not EVs. The OFFICIAL term that GAMEFREAK used is BASE POINTS. Stop using fan terms when OFFICIAL terms exist. This fanbase is seriously retarded. Consider yourself educated.
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Only wimps fight Pokémon with Pokémon. REAL MEN fight Pokémon by themselves!
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Wifi General

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Battle Trade Breed Shitpost

This is not a thread for hacks

Old >>41377408
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