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This should be the fundamentals from which the Switch Pokemon game is developed.
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REMINDER: If you want a story in Pokemon, GO READ A FUCKING BOOK. There is no room for story in fucking Pokemon and every time it does one, it's garbage. Oh and please don't say Black and White's story was good. That shit sucked too.
"Oh, please stop forcing your Pokemon to battle..."
Challenges you to a fucking battle.
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Did Sun and Moon do anything right? I'm struggling to think of a single positive.
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lets settle this once and for all /vp/
is acerola really hundreds of years old?

is there really any sort of evidence towards this in in-game dialogue/writing that isn't her mentioning that she's kind of from the royalty?

does ghost have puss puss?
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Will game freak give her a lover?
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Give her a team, /vp/.
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name a worse character, pro tip: you can't
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Waifufagging is the reason why mons like Gardevoir, Lopunny, and Braixen got any amount of attention from Gamefreak and TPCi. Which waifumon will get shilled this gen?
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Favorites of each type

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Post 'em, rate 'em, hate 'em.

Template in next post.
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