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Hopes and dreams for Underground in the Sinnoh remakes?
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Gen 8 pipe dreams

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Since we don't have any confirmation on the next direct, why don't we throw some ideas at each other and see what we would like to see in the upcoming gen 8

I think that while mega evolution could've been an interesting and balanced mechanic, game freaks use of it on already powerful pokemon had ruined the game as playing without one on your team is nothing but shooting yourself in the foot.

Would asking for them to not be transferable be wrong? Since removing some but keeping others would just leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
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Cringe thread
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Weird website mistake.

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So I was using Archive too look and see what the pokemon website used to look like. I went to the games tab that showed pokemon games with small descriptions. this included smash 64 which mentions Jiggly puff being a fighter even though he wasn't added until melee (this archive of the page was 2000 and melee came out 2001). was this a weird mistake by the people running the website? I'm curious what you guys think
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Team Thread

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Post your current teams and have people rate them. Playing White 2 and about to face the Nimbasa City Gym(s). I'm thinking of getting a Skarmory when I get to Reversal Mountain.
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PTCG/O General - dude charizard lmao

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Old >>37394095

New Player?

>Complete all Trainer Challenges to get free packs and unlock basic decks (use Cheat Engine to speed up AI games).
>Farm Versus Mode theme ladder for Tokens and Tournament Tickets.
>Enter tournaments to get tradeable chests and packs.
>It's advised not to open them.
>Trade them for the cards you actually want for a deck you want to build directly, or flip your way up to them.
>Public trade is like the GTS, if you want proper results, put up your own offers.

What theme deck should I buy?
>Anything after Ultra Prism is fair game. Garchomp, Swampert, Sceptile and Entei are probably the best ones.

> (budget deck pastebin)
> (trading tips pastebin)
> (play testing decks for free)

Trading companies overprice cards, aim lower. Keep pack value in mind when trading. Always check other public trades, even when using a guide.

Topic of the thread: prerelease pulls, experience, etc.
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/ef/ Eevee Friday: Improved Edition

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Welcome to Eevee Friday! It's same thing as every friday post those cute little Eevees we all know and love.
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You now realize that Sakurai threw away millions of dollars by adding Shitcineroar instead of Decedueye. Decedueye is literally the most marketable Pokemon we have had in the last 6 years of Pokemon, it has almost universal appeal and an astoudingly crafted aesthetic. Not only that but it is also widely beloved and would be a really unique character. Realize that Shitcineroar is none of that. Gamefreak and Sakurai both lost millions with this decision, because literally no one likes Shitcineroar but some of the furry barafaggots.
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