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best legendary bird from bird trio

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let's settle this once and for all.

The best legendary bird is...?
And why?
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Name a more iconic band. I will wait.
Protip: You can't.
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husbando thread
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Showderp: Starbucks Edition

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Welcome to Showderp, where a person dubbed "champ" is put in charge of 6 orders! Will he write any of their names right for once? Will his stroke signs show as he prepare their coffee? Come find out!
>Coffee options
>Hipster shit
>Previous orders
>Current champ
thedust !E/U5yoW7vc
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/shw/ Shiny Hunt Week thread

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>What are you huntan
>What game
>Last Shiny and how long ago was it
>Success stories?

Type: Nullfag here. still on him, but laughed that i got Cyndaquil before it, after a 3 month long drought its a relief, can finally play crystal.
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Folks, I simply cannot bring myself to finish a playthrough

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This has happened to pretty much every pokemon game I tried lately:

>Hyped Up. Start it.
> first 20% of it: Best shit ever.
> Get near halfway point. Burning out.
> Take a break and never feel like opening file again.

Lately I've tried nuzlocking and/or randomizing main games;
Tried some new story ROM hacks I consider masterpieces (Clover, Prism) and other OK ones like Sweet.
Even some revamp hacks like Polished Crystal and Pure White, as much as I think are great, don't drive me to finish it.

How do I fix myself, /vp/?
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Post your favorite trainer encounter theme.
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Post only the BEST of bugs.
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Why are nearly all of the adult women in the Sun and Moon anime flat chested?

Lusamine is flat chested
They made Olivia flat chested.
Nearly all of the characters of the day are flat chested?

The only female characters who aren't flat chested are the parents.

XY had a lot of hot and busty characters like Viola, Alexa, the furasode girls and Aria.

We need more Wicke
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Jokes Thread

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What does a Fennekin and an arsonist have in common?
They're both FIRE STARTERS!
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