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anyone remember this book? and what the fuck is that mutant brown charizard?

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good lord
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What's your headcanon that connects Silvally to Arceus?

SwSh Raids General

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I guess we have to have one Edition

- Previous Thread: >>43698425

- How to find the den you are looking for:

- Some shitty den list:

- Maps of dens:

- Finding and hosting shiny raids guide:

- FAQ:

- Finding Friend and Room Code:

- Useful links:

>Read the OP before posting.
>Sharing is caring. (Thank your host if you catch something. Thank them anyway even if you don't.)
>Ask before double dipping. (Unless it's a baby den, then that's the point.)
>If you can't find a Friend Code or Room Code, it's a sign you should find your raids on another site.
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Who did it better?
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could a pikmin mon work
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>what is this?
This romhack aims to succeed clover, filled with crude and/or offensive fakemon, along some more tamer ones, memes, harsh difficulty, and 4chan humour
>this looks an awful lot like dark mode
we know. we are part of the dark mode devs and contributors (the active majority) who felt like the project was not developing towards the right direction
>why the drama?
Didn’t agree on pokedex limitations, we’re shooting for 360+ mons, basically the limit, while the original dev team wanted to remain at roughly 220 mons. They used too many forced memes like karen/spongebob that didn’t fit into 4chan’s taste and what we had in mind.
>what happened to the designs I submitted to the original dark mode threads/discord? If we liked them, we will use them. We have decided that everything posted in the threads was free game.
Join us on discord: zCpPkPx
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For me, it's Zossie
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What are your thoughts on the PTA main characters, Paige Down, and Professor Quentin Werty?
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