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Best (Core) Pokemon game?

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What's the best (Core) Pokemon game?
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filename thread
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Can we please have the return of crossgen evolutions, Gamefreak? They are the best part of Generation 4 and honestly something everyone looks forward to. Megaevolution was shit because nobody wants a battle only boost, they want to see their favourite shitmon getting an actual new form that makes them good and fresh.
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Hello /vp/

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You may not remember me very well.
But do know that i probably hit harder than your favorite Pokemon.
Let it be known, my Outrage will crush everything on its path.
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Would you do it?
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Make new/better shiny Pokèmon with this tool and post your creation.
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It's 5:42 in Japan. No announcement this week.

You lost again 2018cucks. Hahahahaha
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Something feels off with Red's design in Sun and Moon. You compare him with the thousands of fanarts of Red and there's a stark contrast. Fans typically view him as an experienced and intimidating looking guy who looks ready to wreck your entire team, but that's not really captured here. Not sure what GameFreak was thinking here, considering they nailed Blue, even with the increased age.

I don't dislike the design, but if Red does really appear in the rumored games hopefully he gets a more fitting design.
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