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Who else is not playing this game if really there arent following pokemon and this is just some random map rockruff, or worse, just some few shill mons are following you.
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remember when Pokemon fans thought Garchomp was overdesigned? Those were the days..
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Looking at the menu, we're totally getting a Trainer and Trainer photo shoot option.

Who're you gonna be taking pictures with, /vp/?

Dibs on Ya Boi
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left english, right japanese
what happend
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>nobody noticed that Moon's new design not only has Shauna's chipmunk teeth, but also her toeless sandals
Ultra Moon is the first protagonist that appeals to footfags
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which one are you picking, anon?
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Dialga/Palkia in Ultra Sun/Moon Map

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/vpedits/ Edit Thread: Ya Boi Edition

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Post edits or make requests.

Previous Thread:

Gallery with some edits:
Shared folder that contains some more older edits:

Resources: Standard image wiki, has art for every character High-resolution image wiki, does not have art for every character
Some references which cannot be found in a high-resolution can be found in this imgur album, here: Image upscaler and jpg artifact/compression remover High-res card art, but cards suffer from bad compression; clean with waifu2x's highest setting

To do list;
>newer imgur album; it's outdated and lacking (in progress)
>revised OP with more shit, resources in a pastebin (in progress)
>get some guides, write some guides
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