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*gets banned by a fanfic meta*
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ITT you're Siebold

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Bonjour! Today you woke up and found yourself in Siebold's body/position/whatever you prefer. It is now your job to prepare the most exquisite dishes you can think of using your limitless talents as a Pokemon chef. You can use any Pokemon you deem edible enough (be it one or a combination of more) but have to explain the process, preparation, how it'll be presented and an approximation of its taste.
Show us your best artistic creations!

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What can GF do to redeem themselves?
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>1.5x SpAtt in sunlight
>loses hp in sunlight
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Which Pokemon attracts the most autism?
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*annihilates your meta team*

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for the mother of fucking god

buuf her gamefreakk
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Rank 'em

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Rank them based on their design.

inb4 nostalgiafags seething
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/mpg/- Modern Pokémon General

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#1 Dragapult Edition

>what is /mpg/?
/mpg/ is a general dedicated to discussing Pokémon gens 6-8 and any spinoff games that came out during that time
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Buff Existing Abilities to Good but not Broken

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>Torrent, Blaze, and Overgrow now boost all stats by one stage when falling below 1/3 HP
There, all starters are now viable