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From daddy /v/ enjoy
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>Im glad an optional minigame is gone
>Im glad I can pussy out of trainer battles now
>Im glad I cant turn exp share off now
>Im glad theres no night in the game
>Im glad theres still loading screens
>Im glad auto repel is gone
>Im glad the bike is gone
>Im glad that not only was the majority of Pokemon removed, but also the moves
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new icons

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Enjoy it
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Who got it better?

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Why is she so cute?
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Seriously, what the fuck is this? I get Mr. Mime is one of the more questionable designs in the game, but he's wearing dodgeballs with injection mold seams.

What the fuck.
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put yo hands up whitey

gimme all them pokeballs and that lil yellow rat of yours too!
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Let’s talk about N.

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Post good realistic pokemon
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