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Nidoran Sunday: The First One Edition

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Okay here's a new general I'm adding that will probably fail horribly.
Post cute and cool art of the Nidoran Family.
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Itt: we buff pokémon, cause it's better than starter wars and waifu threads

>give Aerodactyl head smash and brave bird
Make use of that rock head. Mega would hit very hard too

>auto weather for the Kanto birds, zapdos gets hurricane
Probably won't do wonders for articuno but the other two would definitely benefit.

>zoroark gets sheer force and fur coat
Illusion is too gimmicky and not that useful anyway. Sheer force is for all out offense, fur coat gives it more setup opportunity and makes it survive mach punch
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Is Pokémon GO our generation's Pokémon Red and Blue?
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>click shift gear
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actual leaks

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aegislash gets an alolan form
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Pokegirl armpit thread
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ITT: We post pokemon we gave cool/funny names. Hatched this from an egg
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I love Kris!
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/vp/ edits thread

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