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I only want D/P remakes for one reason and that's for more Maylene feet art.
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Why Zoomers hate him so much?
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Can we get a Grass Thread?

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Is this the easiest gym leader in the entire franchise? like, is there even a competition? not even the other xy leaders are this easy, and that's fucking saying something
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Looking for a spare Zamazenta to complete Dex and Living Dex, it's the only one missing. Can't trade Zacian in return obviously, is there an inject bro to help for this ? Thanks
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Stupid Bear and Bird disturb Carcoal's flaming hot BBQ party. Only Carcoal allowed, no guests!

Carcoal will cook you for dinner...

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victini is french
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Dragapult is german
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Tsareena's thiccness

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Rillaboom (Grookey's final evo) would certainly expand his dong
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