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There's a mall in Hau'oli and nobody knows it exists.
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>the council is currently suspecting Torchic
>the council is currently suspecting Mega Slowbro
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can we get a zinnia thread going?
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>giving the alien hotglue dragon an hourglass figure
Why did they make it so damn effeminate? Why is Game Freak trying to turn me into a pokefucker?
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comfy thread

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kick back, relax, and enjoy some high quality fanart and tunes
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These games are a scam.
I know I'm late to the party and you probably already had a lot of threads about them, but fuck.
I'm seriously disappointed by these two games.
I liked sun/moon, but USUM are literally a copy/paste of them.
I was expecting something like B2W2, they even said that these would have a different story, new places and so on.
The plot is THE SAME.
I waited for the entire game some plot twist, but the dialogues were all the same as in sun/moon, with "necrozma" added here and there but not too much.
The game is still Lillie's Bizarre Adventure to help cosmog becoming solgaleo/lunala, with the minor twist at the end where you go through a corridor and fight necrozma.
I'm horribly disappointed, this is an all time low for gamefreak.
Not even platinum was this lazy.
And the "new" trials?
They are the same shit, only a couple of them tried something "different". And the new fairy type trial? GO FIGHT THE CAPTAINS AGAIN LOL.
They couldn't really bother with this fucking game.
Victory road? They improved it and OH LOL HERE'S YOUR NECROZMA. Moltres-tier of anti-climax. You just happen to find it on your path.
Yes I'm mad.
Now you can laugh at me for wasting 35 bucks on this shit.
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So what gen had the best spin-offs 3 or 4?

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gen 3 and gen 4 have the best spin-offs on the series.

i think gen 3 wins, ranger 1 and mystery dungeon 1 are the best
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These are the best starters. Prove me wrong. Pro tip: You cannot.
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Saturday Ralts line thread

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Dancing edition. Post rare and cute Ralts, Kirlias, Gardevoirs and Gallades.
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Absol is waiting for her turn in Pokken. Please keep her company until then.
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