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Aesthetic wallpaper thread

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I need a new wallpaper, post any cool pokemon wallpaper you have in here
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Some of you guys are alright.

Don't come to the Alola League tomorrow.
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Saturday Ralts line thread

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Pizza time edition. Post rare and cute Ralts, Kirlias, Gardevoirs and Gallades.
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What kind of name is Colress?
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Post Pokemon being pet.
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All signs are pointing to this being the comfiest new gen release ever.
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That's the worst community day so far.

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I'm totally not interested about the event tomorrow, this pokémon is so lame that's the most forgettable starter ex-æquo with the water one from gen 5 which I can't even recall the name!

shw - fishe edition

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>current hunt
>previous hunt
>shortest hunt
>longesy hunt
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Alola league champion!

Say something nice about him, this is his second league victory after Orange league!
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Only Obstagoon and Farfetch'd will be ruined, Gen 4 ruined way more old lines.

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