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Easily the most embarrassing looking protagonist yet.

I honestly cannot believe this was green lit I have no idea what im even looking at.
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What Pokemon would you "faint" if you were given the choice? I'd definitely go for the Quagsires, but only the Unaware ones.

Dexit 1 year later - Was it really that bad?

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Do you guys think it was as big of a deal as it was made out to be? I think that them being able to have all Pokémon on a 3DS cartridge but not a Switch cartridge is a bit ridiculous, but I also recognize with the infinitely-growing number of Pokémon being introduced, setbacks are bound to happen. What do you think?
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>gets shoved up your ass
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showderp is dead
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motherfucking pikachu gifs

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pika pika-pi pika pika pika pika pika CHOO CHOO pika pika pika pika-pi pika CHOOOO CHOOOO

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You know Id probably give these a go if they would just lower the price.
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>your able to battle all the gym leaders and champions from past generations in BW2
>battle and capture all the legendaries from past generations in ORAS/USUM
>battle all evil Team leaders in USUM Rainbow Rocket episode

What's next? Let us battle all the protagonists from past generations in Gen 9? Or a tournament where you fight all the rivals? I think a Rival tournament has potential. You could have scenes where the Rivals interact with each other in the tournament lobby and say crazy shit to each other because of how jacked up their personalities are.