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Hex Thread

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/pdg/ - Pokémon Duel General

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Sun and Moon chapter 6

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Who's ready for more adventures with best character and mc Sun?
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Is it weird to want to fuck a Pokemon?
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/vpmd/- /VP/ mystery dungeon

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Topsy Turvy Edition
Previous Thread: >>32422698

Screencaps of previous threads(thanks to sceencap anon!):

Story so far: You are Ron, a human who one day turned into a Tepig. Along with your friend Oshawott, you started an exploration team, investigating a mystery of a captured Shaymin, a rogue Tapu Koko, and a dying world. Check the screencaps to catch up!
You set out on your next adventure, towards the Daisan Knoll in search of a mythical Wishing well. After defeating the tower guardian Tornadus, you entered the second part of the tower and were suddenly turned upside down and walking on the ceiling. You ascended(descended?) the tower, passing a number of seemingly ineffective traps and hazards, until you came upon a chest containing an Inkay, which turned the tower back right side up...
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>make god-tier pokegirls
>they never ever come back in future games
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Tapu Koko thread?
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This is Rokon

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Stop calling it Vulpix
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