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Pokémon's online features will eventually be killed off because of Pajeet
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I had sex today with my gf
Let us celebrate with favorite starter thread
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Can we back Cory in the house for leak season of gen 8

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That was amazing for black and white
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Stop calling me a villain
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Does anyone have a no outlines patch for 1.1 USUM yet?
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why does /vp/ hate competitive pokémon so much?
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What's his team?
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Trainer Card thread
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Ideas/Hopes for Gen 8 on the Switch

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Ideas/Hopes for Gen 8 on the Switch

>Furfrou type changes based on hairstyle, base stats change too
>Furfrou evolves at level 30 to Furrocious. Furrocious type is static and is determined by the hairstyle of furfrou.
>Golden Fire version and Silver Water version
>Kanto and Johto are combined for this journey
>GF starts in Kanto with Gary as main rival
>SW starts in Johto with Silver as main rival
>Start with 6 choices for starter. all 3 kanto and johto. rival chooses starter that beats yours from the region you start in. gary only picks kanto and silver only picks johto
>Mon diversity prioritizes Kanto and Johto mons, but has others up to gen 7
>Regional variants for Kanto and Johto
>Fight Team Rocket throughout both regions.
>16 gyms
>2 remaining types compose the first 2 elite four members. one type repeated
>final elite four member is the rival from the other version. GF has Silver and SW has Gary
>main rival is champion
>champion status is treated like in Gen 7. meaning you can defend your title
>roll credits. pokemon are around level 60-70 by this time
>mt silver time
>lots of tough trainers who talk about the Pokemon Master at the summit
>Fight Red. the 3 starters he has are different. he has the one that's super effective to yours from the other region. meaning you pick bulbasaur and have to fight his typhlosion. the other 2 are replaced by 2 new mons like alolan ninetales or alolan sandslash based on version playing. pikachu lapras and snorlax remain.
>level by this point should be mid 70-85
>Defeat him and he tells you that you have what it takes, but to return home and rest
>when return you end up called to the professor's lab
>Final Challenge is Professor Motherfucking Oak
>all his mons are strong, with insane type coverage and max IV and EVs with sweepers, walls, etc.
>level by this point should be 80-100, and yes his scale with yours
>Defeat him to finally become a master
>Credits shows you a huge party where everyone celebrates you as a Master.
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