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I'm so fucked up...
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Remember that time they snuck a gen 1 design into gen 6

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>thick milf
>ahegao eyes
Pokemon SnS was heading for a different direction
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Rate my team

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Hey guys, I got a female Toxtricity, what should I name her?
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Where to buy old pokemon games?
Amazon has them for hundreds of dollars
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>Gen 8 is apparently out
>Try to rebuild my Showdown team Gen 8
>Two of my bros don't exist anymore

They really massacred my boy this time... Can't even skip the bullshit in the games now, it follows me to Showdown.

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>we finally get a Dark type gym
>it's in the worst game
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>sword and shield is on pace to sell much less than R/B/Y

Kanto bros, get in here and celebrate! We're still on top, baby. Now and forever.