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/wfg/ - Wi-Fi General - Multis Edition

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Multis - Multis - Multis - Death is for the Weak.

The time has come, /vp/. A new age of Wi-Fi communications has arisen. An age of glorious Multibattles held between the brothers of a now forsaken general has taken root upon this board. Do not fear this new state of affairs, as it was only a matter of time before Multis.
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Pokémon Fanfiction General and Writethread

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/vpwt/: It is already written Edition

>post fanfics you like
>share your own fics, ask for advice, post story updates
>discuss writerly struggles with fellow writefriends

Join us in IRC at [ #vpwritethread on ] to discuss your fics, hang out and chat, and be frightened by the regulars!

Previous Thread: >>35423497

Check out the catalog for a directory of fics from fellow writefags,

>Can I post NSFW fics?
Absolutely! There are no rules against NSFW text links.

>How should I post my fics?
Please, for the convenience of everyone involved, link to a host like, Pastebin or Google Docs rather than dumping your fics in text posts. This not only keeps the thread tidy (and keeps you from getting an infraction for spam), but it also provides a more permanent place to store your work.

>Can I add a fic I wrote to the catalog?
Sure! Check the catalog for the submission link. In there, you can find a link to a Google Form - fill out all the necessary information and it will be submitted for review automatically. Technology is incredible!

We're also looking to collect ideas for fanfics as a resource for stumped writers. Feel free to throw an idea out there; someone may choose to use it themselves!


TotT: Diseases and illnesses in the Pokemon World? How do you handle them? Do you make newer types of sickness that affects people or Pokemon or do you borrow from the ones that already exist in real life?
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>plain and boring colours
>its wings are just big and deformed hands
>has no mythological ispiration
>its tower gets destroyed and it fled leaving Ho-oh saving the Pokémon on the inside
>worst battle theme
>vorefag bait
>ugly shiny
>unoriginal typing
Should I go on?
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Fusion Fakemon Thread

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Post your best fusions.
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!VQKcu222PI (5 replies)

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This makes many great points. The GB/GBC games are the pinnacle of Pokémon and Nu-Gen is SJW, Commie, Anti-Fa /trash/.
Let’s support the new Kanto Games with only the True 151 and frickin Make Pokémon Great Again
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Rowlet is the new Charizard
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What is your spirit Pokemon? The one you associate with yourself the most or identify the most with?
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