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GF should just make a daughter raising sim since they're better at making cute little girls than making pokemon.
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Why are these Fire/Normal? Why are Helioptile and Heliolisk Electric/Normal? What's the point of these type combinations?
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Continued thread
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Ultra Amourshipping Thread

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Everything AshxKiawe related.

Post amour.
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Make a Pokémon Region

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Old thread:
Poll for the name of the game:
Join the discord:
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Seal Saturday

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Late start, but let's post anything that has to do with the Seel, Spheal, and Popplio lines
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What's Necrozma's endgame?
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Dear dairy i found out im having a baby on the way i just dont know how to tell ash that it kiawe's
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>134 more days until the Gen 8 denialfags get blown out of existence