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You are a good person :)
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Nintendo is releasing two new models of the Nintendo Switch

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Now that the poorfags will have their option for playing the new generation can we move on to some real console quality games after this Gamefreak? At least make it feel like 60 dollars worth. And stop asking for Sword and Shield on 3DS.

Just like the 2DS for X and Y Nintendo is always looking out for you pokemon fans with limited dough.
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Waifu thread

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post based waifus only
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>Freeze Shock now works like an Ice-type Bolt Strike, 130 BP 85% Accuracy
>Also gets Earthquake and Superpower

Don't know why would Game Freak make Kyurem's signature moves so shitty compared to the ones from Zekrom/Reshiram

Now, how good would it be in Ubers? Because Icicle Crash literally could push it already
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Fakemon ideas?

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Does anyone have any fakemon ideas they want sketched out? I have some time right now and want to draw some fakemon, pic related is some of my mollusk mons
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>you are a gym leader
>gym theme is your fetish
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Why is it still Ubers?
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People who think that Cross-Gen evos won't be back in Gen 8...why?

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Arceus Almighty...even gens always add cross-gen evos...why would this one be diferent?
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/vp/ makes a Dex Pt.2

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Continuing from the last thread, file is the dex so far, just post Pokemon you want added.
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