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Why did they ruin her character in every version other than SM?
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We need more tall Pokégirls.
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how excellent of a wife would Cynthia make?
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>we will never get a good remake again
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Dunsparce appreciation thread

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This absolute unit just saved my sorry ass in Hau's Ula'ula fight with the power of friendship and rng
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Ambush Encounter Shiny and Shiny Stories

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Today I was beating UsUm for the first time. On my way through the final trial, walking through Lush Jungle, I was ambushed by and Fast Balled a shiny Steenee. This was less than an hour after I encountered and caught a shiny Magcargo in Ultra Space. Two in an hour.

I know Ultra Space shinies are common (~3%) but are ambush encounters boosted too? Am I just a lucky guy today?

Also, tell me about your first time, ya hunks.
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Was Eusine the original pokephile?
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