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"This thread might as well last until the end of season 3" edition.

Resources, sets, videos, streamings, tournament results, etc.:

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Shaymin thread
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What would it take to make Chatot good.
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Lilligant thread

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Post alot of her pics
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Wigglytuff is better than Clefable, but only because of its role in PMD Explorers.
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It's that time again. Mark them red for wives, blue for husbands and green for hugs r8 and h8
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Hey! /vp/

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What's a Good Nickname for her?
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Tell me about Primarina

why did they give her a useless hidden ability?
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>People say Golisopod is crippled by Emergency Exit
>Just don't exit when the game tells you to

Did I just singlehandedly save Golisopod?
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>trainer bio says they are accepting battle requests anytime
>they turn down everyone's requests anyways
Fucking liars