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I wish Blaziken had visible talons for its feet
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>jobmon 1 is based, because it is old!
>jobmon 2 is cringe, because it has a job!

Why does this subreddit think like this?
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post the funniest vp moments
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it would be ok if it was quadrupedal and had a tail
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What is a hottie like Sonia doing in the cold mountains?
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What are some ideas you would like to see for different ways for pokemon to evolve or different lines than just 2 pokemon-3 pokemon lines? i wish there were more dual evo lines like wurmple or a four pokemon evolution line for once. And i'm fed up of all these items they add or that stupid runerigus gimmick.

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Do people genuinely like shillmons or they are just programmed to like them because of overexposure?
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Raboot is being suspect tested at NFE

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Let’s stop talking about Cinderace for a second and look at Raboot instead
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post your favorite fakemon

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its gotta be this godzilla one for me
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