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>Described as biting through trees; doesn't get any physical moves that are SE on Grass types, when even Stoutland learns Ice Fang
>Described as biting through trees; doesn't get Sap Sipper
>Described as building things out of mud; doesn't learn any mud-based moves
>Described as slow on land but a swift swimmer; doesn't get Swift Swim or even Storm Drain
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This is my wife! Say something nice to her!
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Is zhe and zher evolution line one of the best of Gen 5?
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Why nothing like this cool lizard?

Because he isn't from Unova?
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I'm still mad.
On my deathbed, I will be mad.
In the heavens, I will be mad.
People will ask why I was so angry and I will say, "Ohmori is a hack that thought it would be funny to toy with us."
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Choose one and ONLY one /vp/
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Daily reminder that Greninja started the starterwar
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Pokemon Pets

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Last Thread >>32412101

>What is Pokemon Pets?
It browser based game that we are playing because of nostalgia for Pokemon Crater and because the OC pokemon look stupid.

>Where can I play it?

>Can I have free stuff?
Ask nicely and someone further in the game could help you out.

We now have a guild you can join with the code DICKS. Guilds do nothing but provide you with a private chat room.
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Post game > main game

Actually post game is the main game if you know what I mean
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>he uses repels
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