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Shame Gen 5 is the least popular. It had some of my favorite designs
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Post a third party character and give them a type and ability

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Positive Thread

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There is too much complaining on this board. What do you like the most about the pokemon games?
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Is this game a better game than Pokémon Sword and Shield?

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I accidentally Drapion

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We're never getting this much soul ever again.
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I really love gen 4 bros

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Pokken Poke Fantasy
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Fakemon thread

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Let's post some Fakemons! Pic related is the starter trio for my Chugoku + Shikoku-based regions. Can one of you come up with a design for the Water starter? It's supposed to be based off of a newt and it's evolutionary line's theme is Kaiju (to go along with Beetwig's Mecha and Leburn's Sentai).
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