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>pokémon has a high attack stat
>its exclusive move is special
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Hey guys Im trying to complete my Moon Pokedex and I only need Sogaleo, Buzzwole and Kartana to complete it, can anyone help me by trading back and forth. I will trade the Moon equivalents for insurance. (but we trade back fully, I just need the Dex Entry)

My friend code is: 0259 0326 2062

Really need someone to help me out. Thanks.
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Remindert that Primarina isn't involved in this starter war

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Primarina is friends with Decidueye and Incineroar!
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I want a game that has Kanto, Johto and the Sevii Islands all in it.

But I don't want them to just pull the same layout and slap some fancier graphics on it, I want these regions to be reworked from the ground up and expanded to realize their true potential.
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Post Echinoderm pokemon you nerds.

Cradily and Lileep are obviously acceptable as well.
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What kind of plot would make a good Sinnoh sequel?
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Anyone got a toothbrush I can borrow?
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What if Gamefreak are the ones behind the leaks to generate hype?
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Set nostalgia to maximum, what's your go-to team for the OG 150?

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Bird thread

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post big birds
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