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You know you want it bavk in your life.
You know that it's never gonna come back.
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So Gamefreak decided to redesign Zoroark and Mawile after some complaints about their design. Here's their new look. What does /vp/ think?
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Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? I have spent HOURS just trying to view the damn things.
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Who did it better: Fakémon vs UBs

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Poison/Rock Fakémon
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What would his type be?
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3 more trailers.
October 29
New Alola forms in Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon
Alolan Jynx
Ability Liquid Voice
Shows it using Boomburst
Alolan Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, all Bug/Rock
Ability Battle Armor or Sturdy
Mimikyu new Z-Move, Chilling Creepy Crawl. Mimikyu goes up to the target, puts 6 claws out, and slashes it's cloth off. You see an explosion, and the Pokemon is in fear.
November 6 Alolan Farfetch'd, Steel/Flying. Ability Super Luck.
Shows new move, Metal Slash, Steel Type Leaf Blade/Slash/Psycho Cut/Night Slash.
UB Adhesive evolves to Ub Agglutinant. Poison/Psychic. Togedemaru Z-Move, Electric Eccentric Accelerate. Curls into a balls and spins rapidly to charge up. Rams into target and cause Electricity everywhere.
November 12 Alolan Doduo and Dodrio, Fighting/Flying. Ability Moxie. Shows Tri-Attack doing a lot of damage, implying it has higher special attack. Necrozma has it's own Z-Move, Prism Powered Pulse, which creates a triangle, shoots a white beam through it, and strikes with rainbow colors. Reveals Necrozma pure light form. Ability Light Speed, always goes first regardless of priority.
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Why do some Team Skull grunts use Fomantis?
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Why does this thing already have a baby when it hatches?
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Roserade is 100% male and you cannot convince me otherwise!
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This is Gladion now.