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So... another stupid censorship ?

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The japenese trailer shows in the vulpix scene some pokemon in cages, while the english version of the trailer ,the same scene is showed but without the pokemon in the cages
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/heg/ - Hacking and Essentials General

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Thingken edition

IRC: #romhacking

Rom hacking
>Notable romhacks:
>Making a romhack:
>Gen 4-6 hack tools:
For Gen 1-2, use the disassembly

>WIP Gen 5 tiles:

Places to share fangames:

How do you plan on unnecessarily screwing up you game?
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When will it be our turn?
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USUM will not be the last games of gen 7. I foresee a 2018 release for DiaPer remakes to close out 7th gen. I have my reasons for saying this and here they are.
>Game Informer suggests that development on Switch game could take up t'ill 2019
>There are so few Sinnoh mons in the Alolan dex
>I Choose You has so many Sinnoh references
>Gen 4 had the release schedule of first versions, update version then remake to close it out
>Sinnoh games were the first to use a double screen and took advantage of that. It would be difficult to relieve the original experience without that

Screencap this. I know I am right.
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mallows brother does have GREEN HAIR and it should be addicted to COOCKING and its uses are GRASS TYPE POKEMON pls let me knoe who do you think mallows brother is well i think its cilan in pokemon black and white
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>Replaying Platinum
>In post game now
>Remember that Regiggas is level 1

Anyone ever use this one in game? Honestly considering transferring it up to use in game for USM.
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>Literally only 1 speed point away from being viable
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What are these five small canopy tents for?

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Strange to have them almost all secluded. Melemele has two tents, Akala just one, Ula'Ula has two.
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What did Mr Meme Man do to get copy righted?
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