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League Discussion and Reactions Thread

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Now that the dust has settled, does /vp/ think Ash winning this league was a good thing overall? Would the result have been more positive had he won a previous league? Or should they have held on to loser Ash until the Pokemon franchise was in utter shambles (after SW/SH flops) in order to try to rekindle the hype with his 1st big win in 25 years or so?
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Nuzlocke general

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Who's journey was better, Odysseus or Ash?
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things i know

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i keep being told to post somewhere about what i know, im not a huge pokemon fan but have had input into this particular game before leaving on rather bad terms so fuck nintendo here's what i remember
-olena is the eternal pokemon, she isnt human she is its human embodiment- its like mewtwo with the psychic speaking stuff hence its psychic/dark typing
- theres a really cute cat pokemon based on a scottish fold and its a fairy type
- the new castform regional type is one of the coolest pokemon in the game
- the eevolutions are disappointing
- for some reason theres a regional giraffe like wtf this is england so random
- they have killed GTS its sad
- no pokemon in the wild like available to see but post game you can ride on some
- no elite 4- the new system should get announced pregame
- worst starter evos yet theyre so predictable
nothing else really stood out that you dont already know, dont get your hopes up lol
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>TPC announces Big Sword™ and Big Shield™
>Basically Sword™ and Shield™ with small changes, slightly different story, a few new pokémon and new forms
>It costs $60
>There are people who will defend this scam
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Tell me ow you rank each gen in terms of design

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For me:
Gen 1
Gen 7
Gen 4
Gen 3
Gen 2
Gen 5

I love Pokemon from every gen and don't hate a particular gen just because it's ranked lower
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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>mfw I finally descend mount coronet and witness my people worshiping a golden tauros idol instead of Arceus

His game isn't even out yet and he's been culled.

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>Doesn't matter you'll buy 4 copies at launch ahaha xD
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