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>enemy pokemon uses this move
>you start yawning yourself
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Looking back bulba was the best kanto starter before megas.

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TThinking back on it and watching many compedetive play vids. Bulba was actually the best starter of it's gen.

>starmie, lapras, slowbro, tentacruel,
and gyarados are leagues better than blastoise competitively

>fire was a shitty type in general in gen 1 not to mention that charizard had a 4x weakness to rock, ouch.

>vensaur was only outclassed by eggs, back then, but was faster than victreebel

Idk, looking back, this group of starters kinda sucked.
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Did sand teams make an impact during the Gen V weather wars?

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Itt: Give a Pokemon a thematically fitting exclusive move.

>Ore Breath
>Rock, Special
>120 BP, 90% Accuracy, 5 PP
>Spews energy and poisonous minerals at target. 30% chance to strongly poison it.

>Gravity Beam
>Dark, Special
>100 BP, 100% Accuracy, 10 PP
>Attacks with a beam of gravitational energy. Gravity is intensified for five turns.

>Blinding Ray
>Bug, Special
>100 BP, 95% Accuracy, 5 PP
>Fires a bioluminescent laser at target. 50% chance to burn it.
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Which country do you think will get picked for gen 8?
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This is Bruno! Say hi, guys!
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Most popular pokemon of gen 6 comin thru

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say something nice about her
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What was your first Pokemon card /vp/?
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it feels like gen 7 was gamefreaks first time testing the waters to see just how much waifu pandering they could get away with. With gen 8 around the corner do you think that they are going to push it more, and how far are they willing to go?
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