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It it, dare I say, underrated?
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PokeMMO General /pmmog/

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Why arent you playing the only pokemon game worth playing anons?
>AI uses comp strats
>Level cap at every gym to ensure difficulty and that you train several mons
>Its an MMO, your autistic shiny hunting means something
>Its an MMO, IVs and EVs actually mean something and add value to a mon
>Runescape style Global Trade Link
>Tiers, automated matchmaking, near daily catching events
>Extreme level of character customization
>Holiday events with exclusive prizes

Literally every other pokemon mmo is fucking trash! This one has been going since 2012 and uses no copyrighted content (its a mod).

Its time to play anons, quick warning: you will forever know how trash vanilla pokemon is after you play this.
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>daaah fire type my fav type

Don't cry Cubone!

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Hey /vp/, Cubone is feeling particularly sad today. Could you say something to cheer him up?
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Why the fuck do Americans do this? Are they retarded?
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Big sleepy boi

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>Is fat
>Is lazy
>only eats and sleeps
>Still stronger than 80% of all pokemon

What is his secret?
And why is he one of the most comfiest bois?
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Literally who?
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Serious Galar Objectmon Discussion

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Seriously, if there's a "cup of tea" Pokémon, I'm gonna reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

What objectmon do you, for real, think they will probably make? Remember it doesn't have to be based on a UK thing.

I fear the tea.
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Pokemon that make autists seethe
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So would the RSE universe have just been fucked if Archie and Maxie hadn't gone full retard and given their Legendaries the opposite orb?