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If this doesn't prove Pokémon is dead, I don't know what to tell you anymore.
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Latias didn't like the new Sinnoh "remakes". RIP 2002-2021.

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This is my first 4chan post ever. Roast me like ur mom's piss flaps on Chad's 145F degree c0ck.
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discount drawthread

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here's a drawthread to tide us over until the tourists fuck off. personally I'll drop some sketches until I fall asleep, but nothing fancy. hopefully other artists chime in.
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lana thread

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lana thread
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>overall one of the best national dexes in the series (and yes, the cross-gen evos are mostly good)
>comfiest region
>benefits from new technology and updated graphics without the nightmarishly soulless art style that's been in everything since Gen VI
>last mainline games that were somewhat challenging
>HGSS is the consensus GOAT mainline game, with Platinum not far behind
>absolutely stacked with kino spinoffs like PBR, Explorers, and TWO Ranger games
>only real flaws are minor pacing issues in DiaPer that Platinum fixed, and HGSS' level curve
How can any generation even hope to compete with IV? Hopefully the remakes don't ruin everything

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So we'll unofficially name her Dusk, right? Like we did with Chicken-chan?
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>just call it faithful lol
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Version vs Version thread

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Tell us which version of any gen game you prefer and why.
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