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Decidueye Plush

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How hard do you think it would be to fix this stuck head pose on my own? (Not mine btw, still debating buying it)

I tried contacting the Pokemon Center website's livechat to see if there'd be any consideration to amend the design but they were unhelpful and clinical and sale-oriented as you'd expect.
More angles here so you can see how they just turned the head for no reason. They could've just put a wire in it.

Alternatively how hard hard would it be to reach out to someone competent about this in TPCi for them to make a change before it goes international?
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Whats your favorite smokemon?
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Charmander Thread

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Can we get a Charmander thread going?
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Previous thread: >>32381362

>Oranguru Try'ems
>30 new main stages (final boss: M-Gallade)
>New EX stage: Rapidash
>Daily Pokémon #7 (Wishiwashi, Komala, Fomantis, Torracat, Oricorio (Pom-Pom))
>Litten Special Stage
>Mimikyu Special Stage (300 coins) [PSBs & RMLs]
>Cosmog Special Stage (once per day) [PSBs, Skill Boosters S, Exp. Boosters L]
>Alola Golem Safari

Safari rates:
>Alolan Geodude: 36%
>Alolan Graveler: 18%
>Alolan Golem: 3%
>Salandit: 34%
>Togedemaru: 9%

What to grind:
>Mimikyu, if you feel like wasting coins

Important things:
>There's no Alola mons in the main stages
>M-Gallade has the jagged line ability (same as M-Manectric)
>Rapidash is Fire-Type, 70BP, Non-Stop+
>Decidueye is 70 BP, ability unknown
>Oranguru and Passimian will be replacing Wobbuffet and Carnivine
>Alolan Meowth will replace Weekend Meowth
>Magearna will replace Victini
>Collarfag still missing
>There's a free "no hearts needed" in the special shop, lasts 15 minutes. Use it for current safari
>Mobile users will get a free gift every day, for 3 weeks (a jewel on May 8th, my birthday!! :^)). Don't know about 3DS.

Coming soon:
>Incineroar Escalation
>Decidueye Competition
>Daily Pokémon #8 (Alolan Grimer, Dewpider, Alolan Sandshrew, Brionne, Oricorio (Pa'u))
>New Safari (Alolan Rattata & Raticate, Alolan Diglett & Dugtrio, Rockruff)
>Alolan Ninetales Special Stage
>Alolan Sandslash Special Stage
>Salazzle Special Stage
>Popplio Special Stage
>Lunala Special Stage
>Cosmoem Special Stage

Compilation of useful links:

Guide to clear and S-Rank stages:
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Pokewomen Thread

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Post the mature ladies of the Pokemon world
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holy shit
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ok, i've seen this image way too many times to not know where it's from, can i get sauce so i can flinch from reading it?
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Post some fakemon!
Alolan forms/Mega evos allowed.
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Can we get a excadrill thread?
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What the FUCK I hate showdown now, those lazy ass fucks.
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