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>Still no conformation of new Alola forms

Is it a possibility that Gamefreak would be retarded enough to only add new Z moves and not new Alola forms?
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This is Truly the Best Feature Sun and Moon Have to Offer

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With the power of Z-Moves you can get a legendary ground type that weighs 2,094.4lbs to fly into the sky without any wings or any form of levitation.
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How can you make pokemon better, /vp/?
A ton of pokemon in low lc, low pu, seven levels of BL hells and uber elo hell? Release them to lower tier makes them broken and they can't compete in higher tiers?
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What need this Pokémon for OU-tier? New moves or New form?

Also Heliolisk appreciation thread
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League of Power

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Let's say that all official regions have to participate. All losing regions and their Pokemon get erased from existence.
Each universe has a team of 6, just like the party size, except they're all out at the same time.
Meaning a all out battle royale between 42 Pokemon.

Arena: Tournament of Power

>No Legendary/Mythical Pokémon with 600 BST or above, including Legendary Megas.
>1 Mega Evolution per team allowed.
>Only Pokemon from that region, though you can use cross-gen evos (I.E. Johto can use Weavile)
>Killing not allowed.
>Pokemon have to be thrown out of the arena to lose.
>No items allowed, except for 1 Mega Stone of course
>Alolan forms count as Alolan Pokemon, not Kanto Pokemon. In return, Alola cannot use Ultra Beasts, as they are from a different space entirely.
>Move power and accuracy stays the same as in-game. PP doesn't matter.

Which region would win, and with what 6 Pokemon?
Doesn't have to be it's 6 strongest, since team work could be vitally important.
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Mewtwo would beat up Arceus in a fight
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Do you think they'll get anything new for USUM?
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What a waste.
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Molten Red Arctic Blue

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Exotic Rattata
Exotic Raticate
Exotic Raichu
Exotic Sandshrew
Exotic Sandslash
Exotic Vulpix
Exotic Ninetales
Exotic Diglett
Exotic Dugtrio
Exotic Meowth
Exotic Persian
Exotic Geodude
Exotic Graveler
Exotic Golem
Exotic Grimer
Exotic Muk
Exotic Exeggutor
Exotic Marowak

Exotic Vileplume
Exotic Paras
Exotic Parasect
Exotic Wigglytuff
Exotic Primeape
Exotic Ponyta
Exotic Rapidash
Exotic Onix
Exotic Hypno
Exotic Kingler
Exotic Voltorb
Exotic Electrode
Exotic Chansey
Exotic Snorlax

Exotic Hoothoot
Exotic Noctowl
Exotic Spinarak
Exotic Ariados
Exotic Crobat
Exotic Azumarill
Exotic Wooper
Exotic Quagsire
Exotic Steelix
Exotic Delibird
Exotic Blissey

Exotic Zigzagoon
Exotic Linoone
Exotic Baltoy
Exotic Claydol
Exotic Tropius
Exotic Relicanth

Exotic Shinx
Exotic Luxio
Exotic Luxray
Exotic Skuntank
Exotic Toxicroak
Exotic Weavile
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look at this prodigy. just look at it. such a wonderful design. a rock pokemon that doesn't care for ground, a psychic pokemon with good phyiscal attributes. such a unique design. a round pokemon without rapid spin. a rock pokemon that afraid of bugs.

its a sun themed pokemon with fire coverage and reliable healings. utility moves and power moves. it can wall, break walls, sweep, set up rooms and traps. How can anyone resist the temptation of putting this wonder on thier team? I ask you /vp/.

Lunatone is nice to, I guess.
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