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>captures legendary pokemon turn 1
who needs master ball? quick ball master race
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What if:

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new pair of games set in Kanto and Johto. Not remakes, but Team Rocket are the bad guys again.

One of the version differences is that the first game starts you off in Kanto and the other starts you off in Johto. You fight and push back Team Rocket in your starting region. But when you make it to the other region in the second half of the game, it's been completely taken over by Team Rocket because you weren't there to stop them, and now you have to take back the region from them.
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Would have they been better if they've been real sequels like B2W2?
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Ok so first it was Mega Evolution
Then it was Z-Moves and Special based Z-Moves

what kind of stupid concept will we see in Gen 8?
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I've seen a ton of threads about wanting an Australian region, but what about the Mediterranean? It's ripe with inspiration with Greek mythology etc.

Pic related, preddy gud starters for a Greek themed region I found on Instagram. IG honestly has a pretty good fakemon community if you can tolerate the normie memes
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Serena Sunday

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Everyone's favorite day of the week has returned. Post pictures of Serena and Y and enjoy the day.
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You guys may shit on these games, but yall are underage enough to the point you dont know that these games are responsible for /vp/ existing, so if you dont like these games, /v/ is a door down hypocrite
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Hi. I am searching a totem ribombee

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Hi^^ i am searching a totem ribombee for trade. I can offer modest shiny naganadel, shiny celeestela or totems of UM and other competitives. i dont care his nature.
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Excuse me, but have you seen Nebby?
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What an ugly abomination. Can't even form a proper heart with its shitty flames. Name one worse Pokemon design.