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it feels like gen 7 was gamefreaks first time testing the waters to see just how much waifu pandering they could get away with. With gen 8 around the corner do you think that they are going to push it more, and how far are they willing to go?
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Pokémon GO Community Day on Sunday is much better than on Saturday

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>be me
>live in Olivine
>get call from mother
>tells me that my sister that lives in Blackthorn is very sick and that i should go visit her
>also tells me that she took money from my bank account to use on repels
>decide to go visit her
>have to walk because own no flying pokemon and also fuck no
>decide to go through Mahogany
>i don’t mind going through ice path
>enter Mahogany
>visit Pokémon Center for a quick bite to eat
>about to leave Mahogany
>on the path to the exit, a man approaches me
>tells me that i haven’t done enough sightseeing in Mahogany and that I should go to the Lake of Rage
>tell him that my sister is very sick and I have no time to sightsee
>ignores me
>turns me around and tells me to sight see
>decide to go to Lake of Rage because it appears there’s no reasoning with this asshole
>pass through multiple team rocket members who attempt to mug me
>arrive at Lake of Rage
>get brutally murdered by rampaging red Gyarados

I should have moved to Unova
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I had a dream where Misty's parents force her to marry me.

Then we live together in a mansion, we had a traditional nupcial dinner and then i woke up.
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Who is the superior professors assistant?
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Is thier a better trio in pokemon?
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Which mons did you bring with you?
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Gen 4 remake speculation

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Will these give dialga and palkia special forms like giratina's orb? What would they be? What would the stat and ability changes be?
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