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/vp/ is the most autistic board on 4chan, prove me wrong
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Post your favorite gen 8 pokemon
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I cherish and worship the yin-yang cow.
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Good news everyone! He doesn't hate it
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Your thoughts? Does it mean anything? Will it be good? Will it be shit?
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>graphically a step down from the crisp sprites of the prior generation
>storyline considered 'deep' and 'thought-provoking' by children at a third-grade reading level at best
>wasn't good enough to merit a 'definitive edition' like crystal or ultra sun/moon but suckers still paid for the same game twice in the end
>introduced more uninspired and gimmick Pokémon than any generation before or after
>memorable NPCs few and far between, can anybody even name the gym leaders or elite four members?
>on the whole - a mediocre dumpster fire
pic unrelated because i'm not wasting precious hard drive space on a .jpg of the garbage that was Black & White. now i'm off to play the only good paired games Nintendo ever put out, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.
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It's a very good mechanic.
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I wish Blaziken had visible talons for its feet
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post the funniest vp moments
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