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Fixed. Bring Sugimori back, I can't stand the newer artwork
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What Pokemon do you think are 10/10 designs? Curious to see what you guys think constitute a "good" design.

For me, its Snorlax.
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Midget Hilda

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Post pictures of short Hilda
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It's summer, post Pokegirls and Pokeboys in yukata

ITT: pokemon ruined by their evolution

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I never understood why the only thing ever affecting trainers on the battlefield is smoke caused from all the explosions
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What are some Pokemon with veritable weapons as part of their design, or that are designed after weapons? Don't @ me about all Pokemon being weapons, use some contextual awareness
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Cleffa is a small, pink creature that is vaguely star-shaped in appearance. Its ears are completely brown. It has two small black eyes, a small mouth, and it appears to have a small, permanent blush on its cheeks. It possesses stubby, digitless arms and legs, which come to a point. It has a curl on its forehead and a curled up tail.
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