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feelin' it yet?
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I'm dying.

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I stopped myself from going to Gamestop and buy LGPE 2 hours ago on the way back from college, but I'm having these thoughts again now I'm home.
I know this might sounds dumb, but I want LGPE to battle online with other people I know are getting the games. I've been thinking all day about what kind of competitive team I'd train with the new candies feature, and it sounded as a fun thing regardless of how cancerous the battles would be. I also want to use Meltan in my team. I just love that motehrfucker and I can't see myself waiting until Gen 8 games release to use him when I can use him right away right now. There's also the faint hope that we might be able to transfer our mons to Gen 8 through the Bank. It's eating me up inside, but despite all of that, I'm still hesitant.
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Anyone who shills LGPE will just eat whatever Gamfreak shits out.

Original Red battle :
>True Legacy Fight
>Defeated Team Rocket and Giovanni
>Champion with the champion theme
>Not hidden behind stupid shit but by exploring the world
>pure kino and best ending to a Pokemon game
>Legend Ribbon

>regular trainer theme
>has no legacy besides being autistic
>not a champion anymore
>didnt defeat team rocket
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Is this who we are, /vp/? Is this how we want people seeing us?
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Is /vpwt/ really permaded? Anyways, I'm heading to the store and by the time I get back (say, probably 6PM EST) I want to see a thread filled with only the best goddamn Pokemon-related fanfics on the net. Ciao.

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>in pokemon let's go, the cubone master is called richter, meanwhile, the marowak master is called julius
Huh, cool i guess

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>They said the pink whale was a lie
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LGPE is shit

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LGPE is shit
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He looks so cute

I want one

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we at war now
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