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Generate a random pokemon

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First generate a random animal:

Then generate a random thing:

Then describe what it's typing would be, what would it look like etc.

Mine would be a frog that lures its prey by appearing like a chocolate, only to poison it when its eaten. Poison/Fairy typing.
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ITT: Pokemon ruined by their evolution

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I'll start: Galarian Farfetch'd and Raboot
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Anyone knows how to change weather faster in wild area? Mine seems to be the same always

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Gloria is fucking tiny
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Full of Bugs: Subtle Tribute to the Series Roots

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and here I thought GameFreak had forgotten their roots
Genwunners can't complain now

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guh guh...nat....nat dex!
shadow...shadow look bad! no liek! masuda lie! guh!
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>2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield release to mixed response at best and sales lower than expected.
>2020, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes release without the underground maze and the post game island to the fans outrage.
>2021, no pokemon game is announced or released, Gamefreak releases Little Town Hero 2 instead
>2022, still no pokemon game, fans speculation on Gen 9 runs rampant. Anime goes into filler seasons.
>2023, still nothing. Anime filler continues. /vp/ proclaims the end of pokemon.
>E3 2024, Nintendo reveals "Pokemon: Are You" and "Pokemon: Happy Now?", an open world pokemon game with a map on the scale of BotW, countless side quests, a "secret underground" second pokemon league post game, and all pokemon available for capture in game. Available November 20-never
>Masuda and Ohmori commit honor suicide before revealing Pokemon Junk and Crud, with less than 300 pokemon total, graphics and animations on par with SwSh, no post game what so ever, and console breaking bugs.
>Still sells millions