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The original sword and shield

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>terrible graphics that did not hold up against the competition at the time
>barely any post-game
>culled half the Pokédex and made bringing your bros from previous gens unnecessarily arduous
>terrible slow as shit engine
>uninspired story
>shitty Pokemon distribution (no fire types)
>no contests, two regions, battle frontier or other innovations from previous titles
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ITT: pokemon that,would not benefit from Huge Power, nor a theoritcal special equvalent.

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>pokémon battles still don't look like this
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PMD Remake

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How was this game? I wan't to play but I can't because I don't have a switch...
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I miss having my bro on my team

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Who do you miss, anon?
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inteleon is a well designed pokemon

Post a third party character and give them a type and ability

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Positive Thread

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There is too much complaining on this board. What do you like the most about the pokemon games?
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