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Find a flaw.
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Hack Roms Types?

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Any Good pokemon Hack roms to share? all i know is the mainstreams like Ash Grey, Light Platinum and Glazed, i want one with a good story and a real challenge
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The exit is like 30 steps away.
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Make Magcargo viable without changing his typing, giving him a mega, making up an ability for him, giving him an ability or attack that wouldn't make sense for a snail made of magma and rocks (so no speed boost or spore), and without adding more than 20 points to his BST.
Can you do it?

Bonus Round, don't buff his speed at all or give him water absorb.
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On Nintendo's Japanese website (Yes, I can read Japanese) as of March 31, 2017 X&Y has sold 16.11 million beating out the trash game known as Sun&Moon. Will GF ever recover from this disaster? Time for a reboot!!!
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What are the chances that we're getting a China based region someday? Considering this npc that is very Chinese-inspired exist.
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What's the best moveset for midnight lycanroc?

>Inb4 all your irrelevant bullshit
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variations confirmed
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What kind of eevee is this, /vp/?

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Also pokebootlegs thread, post em.
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