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His game isn't even out yet and he's been culled.

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>Doesn't matter you'll buy 4 copies at launch ahaha xD
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What I wish we'd get (cool and natural)
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This is my theory about principals videogames timeline based in the events and connetions. Seems confuse, but I think has sense.
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>Why hasn't Pokemon ever incorporated a proper difficulty setting? They should
>I can turn off shift and not use any in battle items like other npc trainers, with no exp share? But that doesn't count!
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In the games the Galar League will be special in the sense it's gonna be a tournament for the guys who got the 8 badges (like the anime) and the winner gets the chance to battle the champion and take his title
In the anime the Galar League will be special in the sense it's gonna be the Champion tournament Cynthia mentioned and as most recent Champion Ash is gonna be requested to meet and recruit the champions of the other regions for the league in Galar
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>search for a Pokémon on google
>first results is "XXX pokemon Go"
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I haven't watched Pokemon since Max fucked his Gardevoire

When and why, in the absolute name of FUCK, did they make ash's face look like this? did they get charles schulz son to draw for them?