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It looks like we'll get a look at the first Gen 8 merchandise soon. What do you think it is?

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plz no bully =)

Are you gonna buy it’s game in November

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I will
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Oh no Bros. I thought you said japan was on our side

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Seems like japan is still very much hyped
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Working on an Uber team and despite how grindy it is I still feel rewarded somehow.
As of current, I'm EV training pic related. After that I'll need to borrow a friend's copy of Ultra Sun to get the two remaining mons I need.
You guys working on any teams right now?

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>GF holds contests every new generation
>up to 15 winners will see their fakemon included in the dex
Would you drop the series?
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>we're in a timeline where a fire emblem gsme is a month away from release with zero major controversies while the pokemon community is on fucking fire
Where'd everything go so wrong?
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What are your thoughts on human-like Pokemon?

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Do you mind them?
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Post rekt
I believe in you /vp