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ITT: Mons only YOU like
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Latias is the cutest Dragon type Pokémon. Prove me wrong.
Protip you can't

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Just a reminder :)
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Which Gen has the hardest games?
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Fusion Dex

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Let's play a game, /vp/! We'll fill out a dex with roughly 150 mons (probably a few more). Fuse two evolutionary lines together at a time, and once they've been used they're off limits as we fill out the rest of the dex. If there are more than 2 types in play you can pick which to keep. And maybe if we're lucky some kindly drawfriend will grace us with some doodles.

I'll start with the grass starter, now somebody gimme a fire starter!
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Sheet Thread?

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Sheeeeet, it's been a while since we've had one of these. Rate, hate, judge, assume shit about other people's shit taste. Will rate others after there's a good amount of sheets posted.
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You don't actually think Galarian Forms will be a thing, right? Everyone knows that GF forgets about every gimmick as soon as the next generation hits, right?
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Anyone has Mudkips?

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Anyone have a Mudkip to spare? I would be very grateful, wanted one since long ago

Also post cute mudkips

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what the FUCK was their problem?
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