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Favorite characters

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its a toss up between him and Volkner since both don’t give a fuck about much of anything
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Blue is not Gary
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Is it just me or does the D&P "remaster" look worse than the original?

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Look at the realistic shaded water next to the cartoony graphics. Look at the ugly lake shore. They pan the camera down in cutscenes when the chibis are really only designed to be seen from the top down (like the sprites). It's not even the fact that it looks the same it just looks bad. What were they thinking?
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Yeah, I think I'll pass this one....
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Whether the game sucks or not, mark my words it will be the best selling game on the switch, and perhaps there's a chance it will be one of the best selling pokemon games as well. This game is the ultimate normie bait.
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Abilities Thread

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Overpowered, balanced, shit, all welcome here. Suggestions to buff current abilities also welcome.
Ground type moves can hit flying and levitating Pokémon
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Let's be real, aesthetically and thematically speaking, Decidueye is just the best choice.
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Thé OG starters ?

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We’re thèse the original starters
Or was Unova,Alola and Johto further into development before Sinnoh?
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