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heres your leak

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the "kingdom" games are a sham and you all should know by now that faking being japanese doesn't make a leak real. Game Freak isn't gonna make a game with 7 near empty regions that all have near identical facilities like several battle frontiers, and no new pokemon. You should all know better

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Why is she so sexy?

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omg sinnohbros, verlisify got banned from twitter for leaking the remakes
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>Emergency Exit activates at the end of the turn
>First impression can still be used after the first turn, but it only gets priority during the first attacking turn

Am I OU now?
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Pokemon creepypasta/scary stories thread

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Share your spooky experiencies with pokemon or creepypastas you like.
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What if Gen 8 wont let you transfer your mons? They already know you'll inject them anyway