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/vp/ Watches is a weekly event where we watch episodes of the anime together.
The event occurs on every Saturday and Sunday.

Today we have the last episode of Johto League Champions, where Ash will
battle Chuck.
We'll then start Master Quest with
>the gang travelling around the Whirl Islands
>the Pidgey that flew to the moon and some other fat Pidgeys
>a group of Chinchou
>Misty catches a literal coral reef like the marine biologist she is

Tomorrow will be movie day featuring Pokemon 4ever!

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Posted this already in another thread but since this could be HUGE im doing new one

I think this IS Kartana's Ultra Space

Why? Look at that little Orange dot in the middle. Its slightly glowing when you watch the trailer closely. Kartana is a very small mon. Its a grass mon and the area is grassy and the leaves also look like Kartana

Why are people there? Possibly brainwashed fallers? Remember what happened to Lusamine and Guzma? For some short time they lived in that world (probably few days). These people could be Kartana's guardians

The route layout looks very similar to Nihilego Ultra Space, like a corridor with a wider area at the end

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USUM Main Characters

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Who the fuck said yes to these designs? What the hell are these two spergs doing jumping around like some fucking autistic Sonic fans. They look like Pachirisu with those buckteeth.

What the fuck did they do to chicken? She's fat as fuck.

Preorder cancelled.

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Worlds 2017 VGC thread

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twitch / pokemonvgc
twitch / pokemon

Old: >>33323040
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What a waste.
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Where is this? Because it doesnt look like anything in SM. And since when chinese people are in Alola?

Lets go though possible areas where it could be
>Verdant Cavern
The lightning reminds me Verdnat Cavern so maybe thats it. Maybe the place looks very different in USUM?
>Lush Jungle
Doubtful, doesnt look very tropical
>Battle Tree
Maybe its how it looks inside?
>Poni Canyon
A secret area? But the canyon looks very dry
>Malie Garden
The area on the map looks less watery and more greenery so maybe?

Somewhere else?

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Thoughts on Alolan Marowak? It's a new bro for me.
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Trace or Download?

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I just hatched this last night. It's going to be a Porygon2 because it has a Bold nature. Right now it has Trace, but should I change it to Download?
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>Pokemon USUM
>Alternative story to SM
>New Alola forms, of course
>They'll sell GS Virtual Console before USUM
>We exclude pokemons got: cross-gen evo, mega evolutions, Z moves
We can all agree these will be new possible alola forms, right?
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Charizard is sleeping
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