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What do you do even do here?

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What is your contribution to /vp/? What kind of threads do you usually make on here?
I always try and start playthrough threads or something that people can have fun doing, but they usually get lost in the catalog under all of the sword and shield hate/shill threads.
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He is big and cute. Would you hug him?
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Greninja says 41%


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At least he got a medal, right?

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The soundtrack is a banger

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Pokémon chile (and Pinochet) fan art
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Does every Ben 10 alien have a Pokemon equivalent? The Omnitrix is basically a matter of accessing HMs/Poke Ride, and the roster of 10 revolves like a team of 6 between series.

Four Arms is easily Machamp and Stinkfly is basically Yanmega.
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i got a shiny rolycoly
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Team rate thread
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