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Who's that Pokémon??
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The hotdog...
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>my face when you're so bored and high you're throwing together an Ubers team with random legit Pokemon you collected
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>Still not Kangaroo Pokemon
GF fuck you! I have been waiting so long for this!
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ooops spilled mayo on my plushie
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>hispanic-looking guy
>named pablo
>has a ludicolo
Come on now.
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The real Pokemon Switch leak

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Hello people of /vp/.

I have some information to share about the upcoming Pokemon game for the Switch, of which I have seen some actual (probably early alpha demo) gameplay.

I don't care if you believe what I'm going to tell you right now, since I'm just doing this because of the fact that I feel an annoying, undefeatable urge to inform the world about this.

My story might sound like a bad joke, but I don't even remember everything I saw in full detail, or at all, for the reason that I have been in an altered state of consciousness (let's just say I was "high") when I got to see Pokemon on the Switch (and I don't really feel like explaining this...).

Here's what I know / remember:

- You start out in an area in the middle of a really vast forest

- You get to choose 1 out of 2 primary starters, then 1 out of 2 secondary starters (4 starters in total) and then another one from a quite big list of older Pokemon, all 3 right at the beginning. One of the secondary starters looks like a mix between a plane turbine and a penguin.

- After obtaining your Pokemon, you walk around in the forest looking for other people to recruit for your team, which will help you on your long journey. You can recruit 1 or a few persons from every group of people you will encounter, depending on the size of the encountered group.

- Each character you recruit has a certain skill which helps you on your journey. One person you can ask to join you is a hiker; his skill is letting your team travel distances faster and not having to take breaks as often as you would normally have to.

- The reason why you get to start with 3 Pokemon and have other helpful travelers on your side (some of which can potentially heal your Pokemon) is because there is no Pokemon Center nearby in the beginning (or maybe anywhere in the game).

- Graphic style looks just like you'd expect, but really good at the same time

- I didn't get to see any Pokemon battles happen, so I have no clue what they are like...
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Starter Friends

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Post Starters being friends.
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/vp/ is slutty
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