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I just found out Registeel is a confirmed Nazi.

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Why has Game Freak been hiding this from us?
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oops i spilled mayo on oshawott any tips
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Pokécheck is back and live, /vp/

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Goodnight babies
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Cute as fuck Pokemon thread

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Post the cutest motherfucking first forms out there

Sandshrew has actually no flaws and I will murder you in cold blood if you disagree
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Quick mockup/Proof of concept of how I think Gen 8 is gonna go down.

Pokemon - Same models, but upscaled to HD and probably re textured similar to Pokemon Go

Backgrounds - Pretty big leap, like gens 3 to 4, and 5 to 6 before it. Expecting something that looks similar to Pokken, but probably with a more celshaded/anime-esque like gen 7

Battle System - Mostly the same as we're used to, maybe a few new gimmicks but nothing major.
There's an interview from GameInformer around last year where they asked Masuda if he'd ever be interested in drastically changing up the battle system for the Switch, and they said no, they like what they have going.
Expecting it to look similar to Colosseum/XD in terms of UI.
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Lillie releasing her stinky load!
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Why couldn't Incineroar be an inch taller? Whose idea was 5'11''?
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Which one from these 3?
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