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>be me
>young aspiring trainer
>pretty unpopular with girls
>whatever, why would they want to be with a nth-rate trainer?
>Finally get around to training some proper Pokémon
>make sure to always have my partner, Pikachu with me
>get a few badges
>meet some cool friends along the way
>weeks later
>way better at this than I thought
>already have all 8 badges
>Pikachu is looking way stronger too
>saved Silph co from some thugs with shit fashion sense
>president practically blows me, gives me their super experimental one-of-a-kind pokéball
>save it for later, don't want to waste it on something retarded
>STILL no girls
>whatever, haven't even attempted the Indigo League yet
>navigate through the hellish maze known as "victory road"
>get to elite four
>get my shit kicked in
>train for months
>beat them
>team is tenderized, just finish KO-ing Lance's last Dragonite
>bastard has 3 of those fuckers
"Great job, but the Champion still awaits!"
"Oh, yes, someone else has already came through and swept through us: one last challenge remains!"
>use the last of my potions to recuperate my tenderized team
>Champion is hard as shit
>hold out for as long as I can
>I've come too far to lose now
>beat him with the skin off my teeth
>holy shit
>I'm the new Champion
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Where the hell red and the oak family lives.
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I hate this character, I hate N.

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Why is Chinchilla so hated?
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Favorite Pokemon Cry Thread

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Hard Mode: No Kricketune allowed
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SSB Echo Fighters

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Help a Pokélet out, /vp/.

Could the Pokemon reps in Smash Ultimate be cloned/Echo'd into other Pokemon reps? Would new sounds, taunts & other tweaks be enough for a reskin, or would that be sacrilege?

e.g. IMO all you'd need to do is make Incineroar heavier, fiddle with Lucario's Aura mechanic, & turn Greninja's blue/water attacks green/leafy to convincing make Emboar, Zoroark & Sceptile playable. Bam; all Gens now have a rep on the roster.
Is this plausible? Or am I being offensively ignorant to Sceptile/Emboar/Zoroark fans?
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>Plaid from the back
>Really short

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Master... the ball...

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Hapu's feet
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Its too late

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It was always too late
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