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Pokémon Sage Thread

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Looking forward to the game?

What is your favorite mon?

What do you expect from the next demo?
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Fancyfashionshipping - Dawn x Serena

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They are super cute together <3 post all art of dawn and serena together!
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Dex Generator

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I jimmied up a Pokedex Generator based on the frequency of type match-ups and the odds of a Pokemon family being 2 or 3 stage.

I'll post some examples. Lemme know if you want one generated especially for you or something.
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Do you want your body and mind to be fused with your waifumon? Pic related.
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Comedy doesn't belong in Pokémon.
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Why is it so good?
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Did you like that bitch?
I shopped my dick just for you
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Phox friday
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