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Dominant Pokegirls

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Who is the pokegirl you want to worship most?
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What happens when you get the mandatory giftmons (latio/as, lucario, solgalunala) but your party and pc are 100% full. Do they make you release a pokemon? Is there dialog preventing you from advancing to that point?
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This is the absolute peak of Pokemon design. It cannot be surpassed. Never will Pokemon reach such quality ever again. Prove me wrong, hint: you can't.
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ITT: make up new moves

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that you think would be fun/different in the meta, i'll start

rabble rouser: dark status
at the end of the next turn after using this move the pokemon in this position gets +1 atk/spa (essentially work up but with wish mechanics)
fortify: rock status, same as above but defence and spdef
scout terrain: as above but with accuracy and speed
thoughts? since bp was banned this could be a sort of bp-lite, passing stats without being too broken
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Chances of GEN VIII looking like this?

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>sleep powder
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If you could (or had to) bring back one gen 1 mechanic, what would it be?
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Post some H I G H Q U A L I T Y Pokemon sets
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ITT we discuss how Kanto will be shoehorned into Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

>Kanto starters are given to you before the first trial, no battle required
>Like how Charizard was part of the Glide PokeRide, Blastoise now replaces Sharpedo, and Venusaur replaces Mudsdale
>Red and Blue suddenly have darker skinned twins named Rojo and Azul, who give you free revives when you talk to them