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Find a flaw
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why did they make her a whore in the manga? she's supposed to be 12
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So is LGP's Pikachu always female or do I just have bad luck? Is it decided when you start the game? Save scumming doesn't seem to be working.
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Can't wait to play as a blond fuccboi desu
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>advertise a feature
>dont really exists

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How would a crossover game Work? I feel like you'd start off with a Digimon V-pet and raise it like you would in the Digimon world games and that's how it would evolve meanwhile you get your starter pokemon like normal. Your Digimon doesn't take a slot so you have 7 monsters this time around. It'll die of old age too. The 7 demon lords would work as boss battles they'll have their own pokemon but once you defeat them you face the actual Digimon?