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Now that the dust has settled, what did they mean by this?

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Why wasn't geimufreakus hq burned instead?
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To stay relevant gamefreak is trying to kill main series pokemon games on the main console because main console development is more than their tiny incompetent development team who have had money thrown at them for so long for developing on weaker sub-par consoles can handle. They are sabotaging sword/shield intentionally so after it's rated poorly, gamefreak can be like "see we were right all along, mobile is the future of pokemon!", and then point to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Masters in the hopes that nintendo and creatures inc will agree with them and let them continue developing pokemon for subpar systems like mobile which is way more in line to what their incompetent shitty team is used to. When the switch came out, gamefreak even said they thought it would fail because mobile is the future or something along those lines. It's a conspiracy I tell you. They hate home console development.
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To All Dexers

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Why not make your own creative IP instead of hoping that a multi-billion dollar corporation will listen to a vietnamese picture website?
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If your favorite pokemon is WATER TYPE then you are NOT ALLOWED to post in this thread. This is a thread for everyone's favorite Pokemon EXCEPT dirty waterfags.
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Who remembers this guy?

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What went wrong?
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Why are they shilling Cynthia so much in Pokemon Masters?

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Is it because of her general popularity/appeal or is it because of Sinnoh remakes being on the horizon?
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