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dynamax lore

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Can someone explain to me the lore of dynamax? I don't understand what it is, and none of the wiki's or serebii have any information about it. Where in the games does it say they're projections? What does that even mean, where are they being projected? How are wild raid pokemon being "projected"? What leads to them having increased power attacks?

I am so confused
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I want to protect her smile!
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Why is her hair so damn ugly? She looks like she never washes her hair, it's probably filled with lices and dandruff.
>inb4 someone faps to these thoughts

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What is the comfiest pokemon experience?
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Am i the only one that also lost to Leon on the first attempt
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>Mega Evolution is usable everywhere
>Z-Moves are usable everywhere
>Dynamax explicitly stated to be only be possible in Galar

It'll be gone in Gen 9
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ITT: We cull the dex

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You have been put in the position of cutting out a sizeable chunk of Pokemon for the next game, you are only allowed to keep 319 from Generations 1-7 in and can leave suggestions for 25 more to be included, who do you cut and who do you keep in, pic related for template.
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I have no mouth and I must scream

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M-Master... why can’t I eat...
W-why do I need these tubes to breathe...
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