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What should we expect from new Smogon?
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I let a Totem boost just for fun... i regret it
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What a disgusting, uncultured country to make a region out of. As someone who is well into world history in college, there is nothing interesting about Spain. I can't think of a single person who would tell you that Spain is more interesting than Australia, Italy, Greece, China, Egypt, or Scandinavia, to name a few. Seriously, what comes to mind when you think of Spain? Acoustic guitars? Bulls? Mustaches? Fuck off.
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Ground-type has the cutest Pokémon.
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I can't be the only weirdo/autist freak who has OTPs for Pokemon, right? I mean the concept alone is super weird but maybe not since I see art of it all the time. If you're weird like me and have one, what is it?

mine is Froslass x Raichu idk, I never liked Froslass x Glalie and both Raichu and Froslass are in the same egg group at least

If this is wrong, how do I stop being freak?
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>shitty character design
>bootleg Lillie
The only thing could save this shitty excuse of a movie would be Zeraora
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dumb ass thread died while people were suggesting

champ: me (in doubles ou)

current team: clefairy, muk-alola, aero and mudkip

you know the rules

meme archive: dogars.ml
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Oranguru and Wishiwashi are literally the only good Pokémon to come out of the seventh generation.
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Gen 4 was Hokkaido, Japan
Gen 5 was the US
Gen 6 was France
Gen 7 was Hawaii

Where will Gen 8 be?
I'm leaning towards Latin America/Mexico and so.
Or maybe the UK.
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