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I had some dreams about DLC

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First at all this is not meant to be a leak at all, just storytime.
So last two nights I dreamt about the DLC. In the first one I was browsing on here and there was several threads about new Home datamines showing new models for Galarian Mienshao and Mienfoo, Slakoth and evos and Slowbro. I dont remember mienshao apart for being greyish, Slakoth line was red and white and looked like a japanese demon with horns, a long red mane and a big grin, and Slowbro was pretty much what we're expecting, but yellow and purple, without pink anywhere.

In the second dream, last night, there was a new trailer where you could see the trainer riding a Sharpedo SM style, and there were correctly scaled Wailords in the overworld. Then it appeared one of the towers with the text "Your choices now matter" and the trailer showed several cutscenes of the trainer having dialogue options and supposedly changing aspects of the game with their choices, like the wild Pokemon appearing or the gyms' types.

So well, thats all, idk it was pretty cool and I woke up dissapointed both days, so I thought I might share it here, I know it's difficult to tell when someone is being ironic here, but I swear this is not meant to be a fake (or true) leak.

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Could a Minnesota like region work?
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>Opponent sends out pokemon
>Look at nickname

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>see ant walking on table holding some crumb
>"he's stealing my food" I thought
>slam closed fist like Hammer Arm animation while shouting the name of said move
>ant lives and flees
>remember bug types resist fighting moves
Now I see why
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>works like a slave 24/7
>wow it got sick
>please get medicine so I can continue this cruelty, if you don't then I won't give you a chance for the badge
There is not a more scumbag gym leader than Jasmine.
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How is this a professor?

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Post a shitmon, and post how you would buff it

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You can buff them as little or as much as you want, within reason

+25 Attack
+10 Speed
-10 Special Attack
Now gets Intimidate as an ability, replacing Keen Eye
Now gets Unnerve
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