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Shuckle worship thread

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The church of shuckle is now in session. It is time to post images and walls of text proclaiming your love for the strongest Pokémon in the game and also the cutest looking Pokémon.
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Claim your pokéwaifu

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I’m back you sick fucks, also Marley is mine again
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Favourite Pokemon thread

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Y’know, despite the countless hours on here of people bickering over designs they dislike, Ive come to realise that even if any design is widely disliked, there’s at least one person for whom it is their favourite, and I find that sweet. So to celebrate or whatever, post your favourite Pokemon and specifically why it’s your favoured

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Are pikaclones doomed to failure? Of all the shitmon archetypes, they're the only ones who still haven't gotten anything good:

>Early game rodent
Diggersby is UUBL at least

>Early game bird
Corviknight and Talonflame

>Early game bug
Scolipede has been usable in OU

Assuming a BST of no more than ~450 (the highest is Togedemaru with 435), they'd have to have some gnarly minmaxing or otherwise some really good, irreplaceable niche. What can they do?

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Name your sex life after a Pokemon ability.
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Which area in pokemon has the best pokemon distribution? (As in which area has the greatest amount of great pokemon)
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Who's your favorite frogmon?
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Classic Pokemon Art Thread

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ITT: Post classic art or unique art from Pokémon
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weird poke merch

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Do people actually buy these?
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