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I haven't played Pokemon since X and Y, but I was looking at the Gen 7 Pokemon recently.

Is it common opinion that the pokemon designs in Gen 7 went downhill?
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>owns a rockruff
>gives it to satoshit
>rockruff evolves into a super rare never before seen form
how badly do you think Kukui is SEETHING?
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im 19 and my dad just walked in on me doodling fakemon

tldr: had to explain to him the appeal of drawing fakemon and that I'm not childish

should i kill myself now?
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which miltank bro should I use for my hgss play
format: nature ability IVs (hp attack defense sp. atk sp. defense speed)
>impish thick fat 28 30 25 26 3 24
>impish thick fat 5 30 27 26 22 10
>impish scrappy 27 24 25 3 30 29
>adamant scrappy 27 29 27 26 31 10
>impish thick fat 7 31 24 21 3 28

>thick fat == resistance to ice and fire
>scrappy == can hit ghost with normal type

pls I'm stuck and don't know what to do
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i can't handle it anymore someone has to know, whos better nidoqueen or venomoth and why
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ITT: non pokemon creatures that would make good pokemon
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Am I the only one that doesn’t mind Sky Pillar trading the puzzle floor for lore regarding Mega Rayquaza and the meteor cutscene?
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Post a non-Pokemon character, other anons assign them a signature mon or team.
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Post-game thread

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Can some of us agree that while the post-game of ORAS isn't amazing like BW2, it's still decent? There's plenty to do after beating the game.
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