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>Becomes the most popular Pokemon of this generation
How did he do it?
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ruins the pokemon anime forever

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>probably buys the doublepack even though he'll only be playing one to support the franchise he loves
based :)
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>Route 11 roads look like a "96"
>Game came out in 1996

Do you have any idea how much I laugh at your face?

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You actually did it. You bought it any way.

God, how could I even hypothetically make you stop buying these games? I shit every year while do two other passion projects? Can't you fucking morons grow a spine and realize these games are only getting worse?

Do a single fucking mental exercise: how could Sword and Shield even be worse? Think about a way. You can bet we'll do it in the next title.

And you'll buy it any way.

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Greninja is Puerto Rican!

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Help me out bros, I've played prolly every rom hack ever and I've played a handful of fan games, give me fan game suggestions please. I've played Uranium, Sage, Insurgence, and Phoenix Rising. I refuse to play Reborn or the other made by Tranny Reborn dev. What are some good suggestions?
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>Victory Road
>no Defeat Street
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SwSh Raids General

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Bots are taking over Edition

Previous Thread: >>42516762

How to find the den you are looking for:
joe's shitty den list:

Finding and hosting shiny raids guide:

Useful links:

>Read the OP before posting
>Sharing is caring (Thank your host if you catch something, Thank them anyway even if you don't)
>Ask before double dipping
>If you can't find a Friend Code or Room Code, it's a sign you should find your raids on another site
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I want gothitelle to drain my pp, if you know what i mean
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