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You know how Suicune is the leader of the dogs, which bird is the leader and why?
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Diancie is crying.
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/vp/ redesigns the dex

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Claim a Pokemon from the gen1 dex and resdesign it! No artistic ability required

>dont claim an already claimed mon
>if the mon has a pre-evo you cannot claim it unless a redesign has already been completed for the pre-evo, and your redesign must take into consideration the pre-evo's redesign
>you cannot claim multiple mons at once, though you can claim another mon once youve submitted a finished redesign
>post your design as a reply to your claiming post

I will try and compile all the designs in an image to create /vp/'s version of gen 1
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Say hello to the new pokemon
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I wanted to try something different and decided to include this thing on my current BW playthrough, i just have no idea what to do with it. It's best offensive stat is ATK but it only has one decent physical STAB move, most of its movepool involves special attacks too. What should i do with it? Is there any fun moveset for it?

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he cute
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You finally work up the courage to ask out your waifu/husbando, either Human or Pokemon

But here's the catch, the last song you listened to is the song you have to serenade them with

How fucked are you?
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Pokejungle uploaded the Gyarados trailer... he just makes a 3 sec appearance though
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