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Ever think to yourself what never being alone with your Pokemon would be like?
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/pgg/ - Pokémon Go General

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making this thread and going to bed edition

>Official Pokémon Go Updates

>Latest APK Update


>Pokéstop & Gym Maps

>Evolution Calculator

>Nest Atlas

>Battle Advisor

>Combat Simulator

>Best Moves & Movesets

>Best Attackers

>Nest Migration Countdown Clocks

>IV Checker Websites

>IV Checker Apps

>Trainer Level Speed Calculator

>Pokédex Progress Chart Template

>General Map Scanner

>City Map Scanners

>Spoofing Guide

>Master Decoding

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Movie Villains

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What's your favorite Villain from any of the pokemon movies?

Iron-Masked Marauder fanboy reporting in.
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what would her team be?
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Ok, /vp/, I know gen 6 and specifically XY are hated here, but were any of you hyped as all hell from this reveal trailer? I know we all talked about SM pre-release hype, but XY weren't too shabby in that department.
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Stepping up my game

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For some obscure reason, a friend of mine gave me Alpha Sapphire as a present. Which sort of surprised me since the last Pokemon game I played was Soulsilver about 6 years ago. I had afterwards fallen for the "kid's game" meme.

I'd like to take another shot at Pokemon, but I'd like to play it "seriously" rather than in the casual, no-bullshit beatdown way I used back then. What do I need to know and learn in order to play the game to it's fullest?

Also, I need to choose a game to play. My previous experience with the series (which is pretty far in the past at this point) is just Diamond, Platinum and Soulsilver, so I can go back to those instead of playing Alpha Sapphire. Note that my friend doesn't own a 3DS so I won't be playing AS with him.
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Why don't they just give every fully evolved pokemon useful stat levels and a worthwhile moveset? Surely they can afford to hire a few game balance specialists to accomplish this.
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/vp/, what if Pokemon Stars is actually a spin-off?
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/plg/ Pokémon Lore General

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It has been a looong time.

>Post theories, predictions, ideas, and trivia about Pokémon Lore.
>No flaming, only discussion.
>Try to have fun.
>Do NOT reply to Richard.
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Mommy Lusamine put on a swimsuit and got in a dunk tank just because she likes you and wants you to dunk her!

I want to dunk mommy!
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