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>Polteageist learns Shell Smash
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>SS Battle Tower has only single and double battles, no super single nor super double, no triple battles either
>SS Battle Tower doesn't have bosses, just regular trainers

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you're buying it, right anon? Don't you want to keep your bros forever?
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Sword/Shield Ending

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>Player beats baddies and catches cover legendary
>Hop catches the other cover legendary
>Battle with Hop
>Hop loses and decides to be a Pokemon Professor, it will be Sonia's new assistant
>Baddies appear and apologize, Champion does pose
>*pic related appears* No credits, no ending theme, just a black screen with THE END

Does this looks like a $60 game to you?
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shit aside, i think its safe to say these are some of the best shiny mons yet

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So, from people who played the game.

How hard is it, considering you have the exp share on at all times?
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Place your bets on how many units SwSh will sell by the end of 2020.
I expect it'll be the worst selling generation yet, but not by much. Betting 14.5M.
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ITT Post an image that encapsulates your reaction to this gen
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You're gonna buy the game for her right?
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