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What was your first Lv.100 Pokémon, /vp/?
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/ef/ Eevee Friday: Running at Incredibly Fast Speed Edition

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It's Friday once again, post pictures of Eevees and Eeveelutions.
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/vp/ixelcanvas General

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/shw/ Shiny Hunt Weekend

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No new thread edition.

> What are you currently hunting?
> Last shiny?
> Favorite method?

And here's a juicy one:

> Do you "cheat" in any way to obtain your shinies?

Just hatched my second female Slakoth in 25 boxes. Not sure if I should try for a third, thoughts? I'm going for a Monsterverse team and I wanted to start with King Kong.
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Should we take the ride?

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so how is it that this game for 8-11yr olds has all of you grown ass half men so engaged (with the game, not a woman)?
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These are the holy trinity of Best starters in the franchise.

Say something nice to them.
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It now has Levitate as ability.
Is it better or worse?
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Magikarp jump general /mjg/

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>Previous thread >>32616985

>Event list
All safe except for berry jump, pokeball, science experiment, and fishing rod

>Worthy support pokemon
Charizard, Slowpoke, Litten

>Worthy decorations
Shaymin, Aegislash, Parasect puffy balls

>Remember that you can zoom out to look your whole pool by doing the standard zoom out gesture on your screen

>To rename your Magikarp go to your main screen, click on rank, scroll down and click on change

>you can force a magikarp into early retirement if you train seven times and you're level 15+

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M is for Machamp
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