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What's worse? Your bro not getting in or your bro getting in and looking like shit?

Pic related is my bro, what the hell happened?
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Post Pokemon with cute fangs
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I would like to have this poster, someone can help me. Thank you.
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It releases in the middle of the gen 8 hype season
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The surprising intelligence in Let's Go

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You know what I just realized? And I may be late on this, but think about it Let's Go is essentially GF's reintroduction to pokemon. Think about, most of the features and mechanics that have existed all the way to Gen 7, have been stripped to the point it's at the state where the games began. And that's the thing, it's back to square 1, the point where we the fans were first introduced to the series. And this is essentially the new generation's version of said introduction starting them at the beginning like we did. And adding the Pokemon Go aspect to make a connection for them? That's a smart way to hit familiarity. Honestly the idea behind these games are actually rather smart in terms of bringing in more fans, And those new fans can even help boost gen8's sales even more than they would've with just us.
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Westernized uncanny valley Kimoi aberrations in generic hero's journey with lowest common denominator non-offensive bland jokes using
nostalgia pandering "netflix" copypaste narrative, and manufactured by business yes men for Bugmen and NPCs, basically soulless.

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Honestly this is the funniest shit to me. Why in fuck's name did they put Stealth Rocks in this dumpster fire game? I don't get why they're actively trying to make it as bad as possible.
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