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Hello, I'm the only Kahili fan on /vp/
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>G-g-g-gen 2 did the cartoon aesthetic too!!!
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If the spin-off games had the ability to connect to the main ones, id have more incentive to play them

/nuz/ - Nuzlocke General

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smug 2: electric boogaloo edition

Last thread: >>44051094

>Nuzlocke info

>Nuzlocke generator

>Guide to running the generator locally

>Links to official games (Need to find a new one)

>Romhack links

>Emulator info (note that OpenEmu is the best option for Macfags period as RBY through B2W2 may all be played on it and all run smoothly))

>Difficulty list (missing XY without EXP Share on)
>Pokémon Nuzlocke images

>Pokémon Bank sprites

>Additional templates
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Respect middle evos

Redesign Thread

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can we have a redesign thread really quick? i’m trying to find a specific togekiss one but also these threads are fun so.
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/wfg/ - WiFi General

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>Day 21: Still no sign of a reliable Cinderace counter for BSS
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If they no plans on making another LGPE type game why did they make it in the first place?They could use that time on SWSH
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