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Can someone redpill me on Gen 1?
What do you find horrible about first generation games? What do you hate about it gameplay-wise?
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/GAD/- Gorilla Arm Dragons General: GADs Not Dead Edition

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Share in our wonderful gorilla arm dragons and they will share in you!
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Unova horoscope shows they have a zodiac, what would other region's horoscope, or a universal Pokemon zodiac look?
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fuk u lusamine
nebby is too cute to be a ub
she is a REAL pokemon
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What does /vp/ think of the diamond princess?
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ITT: Make a region with 150 of the existing Pokémon

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You can use whatever Pokémon, but here are some ground rules:

>Must include 3 Starter lines
>Must have a family of each type
>Must include Pokémon from all 7 generations
>Must include at least 1 Legendary and 1 Mythical
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Have you ever had a rough time battling or trying to catch a Pokémon?
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SO! /v/'s been rampant about games not aging. What's /vp/'s stance on this? If a game loses features, does that age it? If not, what is it called? I feel like I can never experience the complete BW2 game ever again because half the features of these games are gone.
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