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Spaceworld 97 Demo if it was a finished game

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>If you've ever wondered what a "finished" version of the Spaceworld 97 ROM would be like, check this out
>Apply patch to Pokemon Crystal ROM
>Game isn't finished, but it's a meaty demo, 4 badges and some other stuff, several hours long
>Shadow drop, spread this if you think it's cool
>Pic of best starter
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>go to
>select only one pokemon
>cover the sprite
>try to draw the pokemon you get from memory
>post results
I got Volcanion, I'm certain I forgot a ton of stuff.
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/ss/ Seal Saturday: Reckless Fish edition

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You know the deal post a Seal
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Alright retards, who is THE waifumon?
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Showderp: Circlejerk Edition

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Welcome to the most autistic circlejerk in the entire board--Welcome to Showderp! An anon claims the position of the champ and 6 other anons suggest 6 forced memes to him, and after taking 20 minutes to build the copy-paste team, he hop on a shitty Pokemon-battle simulator called Pokemon Showdown where he tries to win against underage faggots and retarded manchildren, while the pic related share their animes and cummies with each other.

>Forced Memes:

>Autism Draws

>Current Champ:
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/ef/ Eevee Friday: Pandoran Bandit edition

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Greetings Meat Puppets of Interweb Chan! This is a great and meet for the bestest of fur baby muffins known as Eevee's and their family of changing baby pastries!
What do we do in this gathering?
We talk about the fur baby muffins, we pet the fur baby muffins, we give them guns to help us find the meat, and consume the flesh so that we can become the greatest shiny bicycle frame and collect all the spa medals so we can become the League Champion!

Won't you join us in our sweet fur baby muffin time?
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The original series has no misses... 80 episodes of pure kino. I couldn't even tell you what episode is the worst, since they all have iconic moments. Maybe Make room for gloom? Couldn't even tell ya. The worldbuilding of the anime is the primary reason why pokemon reached the heights it did. They still had a good amount of bangers in Orange Islands and Johto but near the 3rd gen, they lost it all. It's hard to believe how much heart and soul they put in to the anime while being on the weekly schedule. They really don't make em like this anymore. I feel like if they want to make pokemon more popular they're gonna have to start with improving the anime.
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The human to pokemon change over day is slowly getting closer, what would you do on your first day?
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