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Post your favorite Pokémon and give it a theme.
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Free gts giveaway,
Deposit a ledyba
For an ash hat pikachu ask for a lvl 91-100 pikachu.
For a ditto ask for a lvl91-100 ditto The dittos are all 6iv and Japanese.
You can name the ditto the nature you would like.
If you add TR to the end of the nature you will get a 0iv version.
If you add 30 to the end you will get a version with all it's IVs at 30. (for breeding hidden power) The dittos are all 6iv and Japanese
You cannot use TR and 30 at the same time.
April 21, 2017
Hoggu - 04/21/2017
For a Landorus, deposit ledyba. ask for level 91-100 Landorus
For a Tornadus, deposit ledyba. ask for level 91-100 Tornadus
Hoggu - 04/21/2017
For shiny Toxapex, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 toxapex
For shiny azumarill, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 azumarill
For shiny Serperior, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 serperior
For shiny Thundurus, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Thundurus
April 22, 2017
Hoggu - 04/22/2017
For shiny Porygon2, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Porygon2
Hoggu - 04/22/2017
For shiny Zekrom, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Zekrom
For shiny Reshiram, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Reshiram
For shiny Latios, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Latios
For shiny Latias, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Latias(edited)
April 26, 2017
Hoggu - Last Wednesday at 5:27 PM
For Necrozma, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Necrozma(edited)
For shiny Eevee (lvl99), deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Eevee(edited)
For shiny Hitmontop, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Hitmontop
For shiny Hitmonlee, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Hitmonlee
For shiny Hitmonchan, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Hitmonchan
Hoggu - Last Wednesday at 9:50 PM
For shiny Groudon, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Groudon
April 30, 2017
Hoggu - Today at 12:29 AM
For shiny Kyurem with ability capsule, deposit ledyba. ask for lvl 91-100 Kyurem(edited)
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/pmdg/ - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon General

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HAAH WAAW Edition. Previous thread: >>32245326

PSMD and Gates download:

Check the guides at >>>/vg/hbg if you don't know how to install them. You won't lose any online features or anything doing so, don't worry. You'll be able to do everything that you'd normally be able to and much more!

MD Exploration Pack, which contains a DS emulator and roms, Wiiware .wads, and custom portraits:!gFlVkSLI!tXbyoO5rwfUYnb9jf7yVsQ

/vp/'s Mystery Dungeon guides:

PSMD Wondermail codes:

REMINDER: If you need a rescue, post your region. Due to a few things that make no sense, rescues are region locked. It's shitty, but be sure to mention if you're European or American.

Side Topic: There is none. /pmdg/ is kill.
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>Pokemon Showdown
>Attack misses opponent twice in a row
>Opponent then sets the timer
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>NSFW requests go here:


>Tumblr Tag:
>DA Group:
>Constructor's Room:

This thread is for the growth of artists and those who draw for fun. If you’re going to give critique, please do it constructively. Rude or blunt critiques won’t help anybody. Artists please feel free to post anything you have created and want to share, even it is isn't requested, we love to see what you are all working on!

Requesters are free to request what they wish, but avoid bumping your request every half hour as it’s only going to put people off; try giving it a few hours or more. Please provide references in ONE image, especially when requesting something outside of the Pokémon universe. And if you request something from the old Drawthread or a separate thread, COPY & PASTE the actual request instead of posting a link.

New artists are welcome to join in the fun! If you need any help, some artists are very keen to help, so don’t be afraid to ask.
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Gardevoir and friends!

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Post rare and cute Gardevoirs, Ralts, Kirlias and Gallades!
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A-Raichu w/ Surf event when?

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Can we get a guzma thread? I've been sad and could really use it.

Also, does anyone have any of the Guzma edits from the glory days of edit threads on here and /y/?
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>gen 2 Surf
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Has anyone else noticed that the Battle Tree uses pokemon from the previous team in the next team?

For instance if you battle a team with a Primarina in team 1 the next battle will also have a Primarina

It happens too often for it just to be a Coincidence