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No matter if the game's balance is finally up to par
No matter if the game has an amazing battle frontier
No matter if the game has rematch systems
No matter if the game has DLC and adds new stuff by the way of updates and not a new game
You all will bitch and moan til the cows come home because Your Pokemon don't follow you
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Phox Phriday

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Pokken Edition
We post phoxes here
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>go to
>turn on natures and generate one (1) pokemon
>congratulations on your marriage!
How literally fucked are you?
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What in the fuck...
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Buy Kaijuchu
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Which Pokemon have the best Japanese names?
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fakemon thread?
fakemon thread
ib4: water/fighting sea lion with wings, a real pokemon you don't like, clover, etc.
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