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I have been playing Pokemon for over two decades and i have never ever once used a buff or a debuff

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ITT: Gen 4+ Pokémon that would be better without the physical/special split.
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/lag/ - Legends Arceus General

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A thread for the greatest videogame of all time who changed Pokemon forever.

>official trailer
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(strawpoll) what do you like?

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Yo /vp/.
I'm a (novice) gamedev and an experienced artist, currently making prototypes in my spare time. Something in the back of my mind recently has been my disappointment with pokemon never really turning into something more than what it started as, despite how nice the world and designs are.

I also have been looking over all the pokemon ripoffs and thinking about why they have been failures, and how to avoid that if I was to make a game that takes the aspects I enjoy about pokemon and implements them into something that isnt a button masher.

But what about you? What aspect of pokemon do you find important? I made a strawpoll for you to vote in.

Eevee kid

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What do you think of this girl?
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Pick one protag girl to marry and impregnate.
BTW they're all 10.
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Hilda is flat!

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Buff all of the Eeveelutions to be OU

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See you in 2026

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I don't know if I'll ever be able to understand the hype for Legends. Not only because I can't really understand the desire for open world stuff, especially Pokemon, but because that and this is GF designing it.

As a concept, open world is often all flash and no substance. Very few games actually can pull off a even just a decent open world and what games do is a subject for debate.
People talk about the stuff that can benefit from it, but I just think. Things like exploration, the stuff people say they want doesn't necessitate and open world. GF already puts less than a bare minimum into route design, so why should I believe that they can put in the effort to make a good open area when they already failed 3 times in SwSh + DLC?

Other complaints about modern Pokemon though? Like too hand-holdy? I'm sorry, but do you really think that Legends isn't going to have lengthy tutorials? That the game isn't going to ensure that you're at full strength at regular intervals? Theres no reason to think that GF is going to radically change its game philosophies.
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