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What's your Pokesona?
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Let's talk about how awesome Golurk is.
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Only about 30 hours in and I think I'm in love, dudes. I've never felt this magnitude of amorous inclination toward a Pokegirl before... I just wanna cuddle the shit out of Ayumi-chan and protect that smile at all costs. Has anyone else experienced this before? I'm normally not one to frequent /vp/ so I am relatively unaware of the level of waifufagging degeneracy around these parts (/v/-tard here).

Now, don't get me wrong, I love some other Pokegirls as well; Lillie & Chicken-chan from the terrible Alola games, Hikari from Platinum (mostly due to her God-tier outfit), Jasmine from G/S/C, and Erika from R/B/Y all come to mind. But the difference there is that those girls took me several YEARS to develop a proper appreciation and lustful fixation for. Whereas, I literally just purchased Let's Go Eevee a week ago and I already developed far stronger feelings for Ayumi than any of the aforementioned characters.
On a related note, Ayumi is also the first Pokegirl whom I desperately want to be dommed by. I don't generally consider myself a masochist, but she seems to be awakening these urges in me for some untoward reason. The bitch is just so damn capable taking down Team Rocket members and biker gang faggots; I honestly wish I was one of those dudes just to experience her defeating me in battle so I could grovel at her (potentially stinky, non-sock wearing) feet. Goddamn.... should I seek help or something? Or is this perfectly natural for a 22 year old Genwunner?
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*inserts disk* Ahh, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, now THAT'S a Pokémon game. Really got into the classics lately, remember Pokémon Channel? They really don't make them like they used to. *turns on gamecube console*
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Searched fakemon on google
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>Lions and tigers are related animals irl.
>Pyroar and Incineroar are both fire-type and have ROAR in their names.
Why is masuda so based in this type of details?
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Anyone else getting tired of all the Kanto pandering lately?
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>Still no fat Claire art
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