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apology for poor english

when were you when decidueye dies?

i was sat at home eating mayo when phone ring

‘decidueye is kill’

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Few but safe info

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Hi /vp/ friends. I hope you all are doing fine. Few weeks ago i shared with you some information regarding the scripts i was translating together with my team and I promised to come back here only in case i had few more details.

Surprisingly, the new scripts have been circulating slightly earlier than expected (I know for sure that one of the teams got their second document during the first week of March... while we had to wait a little bit longer).

Now, i'll be very honest with you: the amount of info i have is now quite big and i am not intended to attire attention with too many details. The only things i will share with you are the following:

> There is an airport
> Turbo mechanic (stats boost for weaker pokémon)
> Snakes brothers (1 bad, 1 good and vice versa)
> Evil team is building a huge town so to attract people from the villages and empty the island

More details in the attached image. They should be self-explanatory but sorry, for the moment i am not going to reply to questions.

I'll be back after the games announcement for more details related to what will be shown. Just remember the snakes and the big island and you'll know that these info are genuine.

Best Wishes guys.
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>only one spot left
I swear to god if it's another gen 1 Pokémon
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showderp: box edition

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welcome to showderp, here we give champ 6 cute boxes of pokemon as he uses his gifts in pokemon showdown!

>>35148079 (last bread)
cruelboyman !f14/dNnTkY (current champ)
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Poison type thread. Post Poison types.
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It's almost April bros.
What are my fellow 2018fags going to do? We're losing!
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ITT: post cool nicknames.

I just caught this guy, called him Ham as a reference to the Dr. Seuss book.
It showed up when I was grinding SOS Chanseys/Blisseys, so it has pretty great IVs (31 in HP, both defences and SpA), but sadly it is jolly, so it's not perfectly usable.
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Look what I can do!
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You must remove two types from existence. Which two and why?
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