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>Ice types are lategame
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Pokegirl thread

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ITT: We act like newfags

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Worst Japanese/Foreign Name?

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My personal favorite is Laglarge (Swampert)
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So is GameFreak just gonna shoehorn him into every game for the rest of time?
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WiFi General - /wfg/ - Snakes Edition

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Breeding - Trading - Battling - Blogging - Shitposting - Autism

Injecting and other dubious ways of obtaining Pokémon not wanted. There are other threads for such things. If not, make one.

Dead pastebin for newfigs:

Old Thread: >>32828239

ToTT: Post perfect balltism.
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/shw/ - Shiny Hunt Weekend

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>What are you hunting?
>How far in are you?
>Last shiny?
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How the fuck do I solo SunMoon?

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Im using a EV-Trained Komala

The zmoves the kahunas use instakill it, i lost to hala 1st island 4 times until i was forced to use a yungoos death bait
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>favorite gen
>least favorite gen
>something you hate about your favorite gen
>something you love about your least favorite gen

for me:
>gen III (Emerald)
>gen IV (DP)
>The Battle Palace
>having 2 bikes in one, granted no tricks
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