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>baddies new merch
>disinclude Lusamine despite including Guzma who was an ally during RR
What did they mean by this?
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I've seen a ton of threads about wanting an Australian region, but what about the Mediterranean? It's ripe with inspiration with Greek mythology etc.

Pic related, preddy gud starters for a Greek themed region I found on Instagram. IG honestly has a pretty good fakemon community if you can tolerate the normie memes
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Which region's first route mons are your favorite?
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Why doesn't she have any fans?
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Did I fix it?

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Unown Alphabet form
A new hidden ability similar to schooling but activates once the pokemon learns Stored Power and remain throughout the remainder of the battle regardless of the HP amount.
Now learns Calm Mind, Stored Power, Dazzling Gleam and Psychic.
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Pokemon Crystal coming to 3DS VC Jan 26th

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Finally the best Pokemon game is getting a re-release
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Injection General

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Event Pokemon and Pokemon holding Mega Stones can't be traded over the GTS. You'll have to do a link trade if you want those done. Warning: Festival Plaza sucks when it comes to link trades if the person isn't already on your VIP List.

Gen. 7 TIDs are derived numbers and can't be edited directly. Many different variations of TID/SID can form the same Gen. 7 ID. Which is why if you want someone to edit your Pokemon to have your ID you will need to give us another Pokemon caught or bred in Gen. 7 first so we can determine the TID/SID.

Sources: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/39531-pkhex-for-sun-and-moon-trainer-id/

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WiFi General

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Trading, Breeding & Battling

This thread isn't for Hacks, Clones, or Injections. There are other threads for those.

A more in-depth explanation of how the thread works: https://pastebin.com/fZDHiCUZ

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>not updating your site since 1999 pays off
10/10 foresight.
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