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Is nobody playing the REAL and MOST competitive game mode in Pokemon? BSS

I can't find battles at this tier where the fuck is everyone
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I am already sick and tired of the gen 8 meta.
>Brainless Hyper Offense fucking eveywhere.
>Gyarados, Excadrill, G-Darmanitan, Ditto, and Hawlucha are all comfortably above 40% usage.
>Disgusting full stall plaguing the higher portions of the ladder.
Fuck this shitty fucking meta.
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>people want exp share off so they can waste time fighting wild pokemon to level their team
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I love Gardevoir.
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So we can all agree she's the best girl this gen and probably the only good thing to come out of it, right?
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I'm gonna start randomly giving away hacked Pokemon for all my SwSh bros. Not sure when or how often I'll do it so catch me when you can.

Today I'm giving away perfect IV Japanese language Ditto with Pokerus. I have 30 to give away, and 3 of them are shiny.

Reply with a link code and I'll give them away to the first 30 posts (shinies will be given to every 10th post). Good luck!
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>uses a sword
>does not get sacred sword.
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Can they fix this and make it a cool post game mode?

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SWSH is definitely getting another version, will they turn the champion cup rematch into an actually cool mode with extra trainers besides the Rivals and Gym Leaders? PWT was so cool in BW2 how did they not even bother adding ANY cameos from other Regions here. Vanilla SM did it with the battle tree

Modders are already adding cut Pokémon in Sword and Shield

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