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I can’t stop staring at my brand new Sonia figure

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You wouldn’t believe how good she looks irl despite being a prize figure. My photos don’t do her justice
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Come in and sketch something /vp/!
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>Shield: It can tell what people are thinking. Only Trainers who have justice in their hearts can earn this Pokémon's trust.

Are you a good enough dude to earn a Lucario's trust?

/nzg/ - Nuzlocke General

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You didn't forget us, right Anon? Edition

previous thread >>42408668

>Nuzlocke info (embed)

>Nuzlocke generator

>Links to official games (embed)

>Romhack links (embed) (embed)

>Emulator info (note that OpenEmu is the best option for Macfags period as RBY through B2W2 may all be played on it and all run smoothly)) (embed)

>Difficulty list (missing XY without EXP Share on) (embed)

>Pokémon Nuzlocke images

>Pokémon Bank sprites

>Additional templates

>Active Nuzlockes
Reply to OP with your Nuzlocke in the format of: Name of Nuzlocke - Game - MVP - Last Death - Last Badge. We'll start recording who is doing it actively. Also how many threads since the last update for the person so we can drop off people who go more than 5 or so threads without an update.
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/rheg/ - ROM Hacking & Essentials General

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1/21/2020 Edition

ROM Hacking:
>Notable ROM hacks: (embed) (embed)
>Making a ROM hack: (embed) (embed)
>Gen 4-7 tools: (embed) (embed)

RPG Maker XP
>Pokémon Software Development Kit (PSDK)
>Database Editor:

>Pokémon Essentials

>WIP Gen 5 tiles:
>FireRed in RPG Maker:

Notable fan game communities:

This isn't the thread for hacking your 3DS. That's >>>/vg/hbg/
This isn't the thread for injecting, either. That's
Injecting is piss easy to do at this point. Just learn how to do it yourself you lazy fuck.
If you're looking for a specific ROM, consult the gametech wiki before asking us.
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>Post a Pokemon team with a theme.
>Guess the theme and post your own teams!

Have fun & good luck!
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>The darkest day is the non mega timeline version of the AZ war both taking place 3000 years ago

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It's actually imposible to make a 3D pokemon game with many regions? I never thought pokemon maps were particularly big

Ignore the level cap problem, I know someone can find a way to fix that

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>just grinded for a Clefairy with a Mark
>absent minded mark
>Clefairy the Spacey
don't respond to this thread if you're going to show off obvious hacked shinies with marks and 31ivs