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Is anyone else getting promoted tweets from Pokemon Twitter account ?

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>Delivery bird
>Deli bird
Holy shit
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The legendary answer
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Post your signature Pokemon
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What are your hopes for USUM?

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-A third form for necrozma
-More alola forms
-Something equivalent to PWT
-More information on Fallers and Zygarde
-Hidden Abilities for UBs
-New moves for tutors
-Let landorus and cresselia not be catchable in this game
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>You will never get something like this in Your Dimension
>Instead you got a Ugly seal
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What does /vp/ think of Necrozma? And has Necrozmaposting affected this view in any way?
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What in the absolute fuck has happened to this board, and how do we fix it?
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Leave her alone anon >:(
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