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this is what you pathetic pokefuckers look like. please stop spamming the board with your fetish threads the coomjannies will never prune
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Rate my bed

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>Sooo.... what you're saying is Lopunny are hand-crafted to be perfect as a sexual partner, due to their extremely high sex drive and heat cycles and because any kind of human dick is so overwhelming to them they become addicted to their trainers' in short order?
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>I like Swsh! It makes me think swish swish swish! Like a sword in the air! Ha ha!

>I prefer swooosh! Like a big wave or a big yell! Hoo hoo, swoosh!

>Ah prafer SwoShi, swashy, like wishi washi!

>Daa I prefer SwSh, swuushi, like dAA slushy!

Sacred Fire is ugly

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Ugly blue fire that looks mismatched with both Ho-Oh and Entei, and flimsy, low-impact animation.
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A region set in the mediterranean would be kino
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Fat Lillie is better than thin Lillie

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>Prove me wrong.
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can you truly defend johto without the word "comfy"?
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I think its neat
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