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How successful would a Pokemon anime targeted at a more mature audience be?

I seem to recall the first half-a-season or so being more willing to step out of diapers, but I didn't watch much.
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/vpedits/ Edit Thread: Ya Boi Edition

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Post edits or make requests.

Previous Thread:

Gallery with some edits:
Shared folder that contains some more older edits:

Resources: Standard image wiki, has art for every character High-resolution image wiki, does not have art for every character
Some references which cannot be found in a high-resolution can be found in this imgur album, here: Image upscaler and jpg artifact/compression remover High-res card art, but cards suffer from bad compression; clean with waifu2x's highest setting

To do list;
>newer imgur album; it's outdated and lacking (in progress)
>revised OP with more shit, resources in a pastebin (in progress)
>get some guides, write some guides
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/heg/ - Hacking and Essentials General

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Thingken edition

IRC: #romhacking

Rom hacking
>Notable romhacks:
>Making a romhack:
>Gen 4-6 hack tools:
For Gen 1-2, use the disassembly

>WIP Gen 5 tiles:

Places to share fangames:

How do you plan on unnecessarily screwing up you game?
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Who's That Pokemon?: Minimalist Edition

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Starting with something easy
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/vp/ixel canvas general

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Duck Mural Edition
> where we create Pokemon art and keep hoping we don't get ducked.

The Duck mural project is getting started and we want everyone who can join to participate, located next to the quack mural,666

Everyone can submit their own duck so don't be shy

(all welcome! Join for quacks and duckies)

List of other quacking stuff:
>Decidueye to the north of pyukumuku,-95
>Rayquaza above Decidueye,-146
>Shiny Ursaring,407
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Why aren't you friends with the grass?
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So when USUM render these games obselete, will you finally admit that they're the worst Pokemon games?
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Will Conkeldurr ever be replaced as the best pure fighting type?
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Seal Saturday

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Seal Saturday: Post your favorite Pinniped/Seal from Seel Spheal and Popplio's line
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>the-o absolute-o state-o of-o kommo-o bro-os