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Weekly Gardevoir thread

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Gardevoir thread!
Post good and wholesome images of Gardevoir, Ralts, Kirlia, and the other guy!

Thread topics:
>Where would you take your Gardevoir on a date?
>Do you prefer green Gardevoir or blue Gardevoir?
>Should Trainers be held responsible if their Gardevoir commits a crime?
>What kind of movies do Gardevoir like?
>How much does the rest of the Gardevoir cost?
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Say it with me
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i've never heard hilda's voice
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Without using google tell me their names.
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Protagonist Dawn

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It's time to discuss the masterpiece. You don't get to decide if it is that or not, the creator himself said so.
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Serena Sunday

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Once again it's the most beautiful day of the week! You know the drill, post your favorite serenas and help make /vp/ great again
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When are we getting Southern France Kalos?
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How are they going to do the Gen 5 remakes? It's the only Gen with sequel games in the same generation...
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